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  1. Please. I'm tired of going to arbitrations and seeing people macro spamming slide attacks, it kills my motivation to play when people can just press a button & steer a camera while I'm here shooting like a normal person. DE needs to kill some of these cheese tactics, even something simple like a cooldown would be fine. Anything!
  2. We all know the maiming strike, whip & slide combo that completely wrecks the majority of enemies, I don't want it nerfed to oblivion but all too often in arbitrations & high level content I'll see a person with a tank frame who only moves by sliding completely wrecking everything & there are few things in the game that can compete on that level. Not to mention sliding repeatedly is one of the fastest ways to move. My issue is; people using slide macros put in almost zero effort but they get better results and massively outpace a normal player! So why should anyone play normally when they can just spin2win? It's clearly unbalanced. Maiming strike as a mod is fine, I wouldn't touch it but I would suggest a cooldown/stagger after 5 consecutive slide attacks or something along those lines. This ties into difficulty, a hot topic among long term players - when the highest level content in the game can be trivialised by pressing a button and steering the camera something is very broken.
  3. Any updates on shield gating as a mechanic for all frames? Hildryn was said to be a test bed for the mechanic... Grenades that are barely audible above the rest of the game & nully snipers being the biggest offenders. Getting randomly killed in one shot isn't fun or difficulty - it annoys a great many people and ruins the fun of high level content.
  4. For such an important weapon (story-wise) it's a shame this little detail is there to put me right off admiring it's visual form. As you see in the screenshots there is a white glow emanating from inside the top corner of the circular portion of the handle, this doesn't make sense and should be from the centre of the ring instead. This light is also unaffected by energy colour which seems unintended as it hinders customisation
  5. Why are kuva disruption rewards so little compared to survival while requiring 100x the effort. People do this in survival all day, why do they deserve more rewards than people who actually play the game? It's so backwards.
  6. Did you mean to say 50%? because that's how your reasoning should work; if we're getting effectively double rewards, they should be reduced by half. 75% is too much.
  7. Gauss charging his battery while reviving is nice but it's kinda treating the symptoms rather than the cause! Looking forward to more feedback being implemented.
  8. Anyone else happen to agree? It's just that one track is a bit much, might just be my sensitive hearing... I don't have issues with any other new bits of corpus music that came with fortuna
  9. At the moment when I start the game the launcher has calm spacey tones, then I get to the login screen and my ears are assualted by a harsh electric track. I just wish it was a bit easier on my ears Obviously this is mostly up to taste but I hope the sound team consider it when they hopefully swap the music out at some point...
  10. Thanks for this clear visual and I can't emphasise it enough, the current UI and ability descriptions are unnecessarily confusing, it'd be nice if we could get the exact percentage that kinetic plating is reducing damage too and more importantly, why is the 50% armor strip from thermal sunder not mentioned? That's a pretty big selling point if you ask me - it should at least be in the tips.
  11. The arbitration mission reward screen is bugged if you leave the mission after you die. The prompt says you keep all rewards earned up to that point but the mission rewards screen is empty when you get to your orbiter. I can't say for certain but it does look like you keep some of your rotation rewards when this happens - this is a really confusing issue so I'm unsure which part is unintended.
  12. Just completed a bounty on the plains where Gauss' thermal sunder was not applying status effects e.g. freeze or burn, it might've been doing a bit of damage from the left over aoe but nothing from the initial cast. (The vfx and all was normal it just did nothing) I have logs if those help, no repro steps except enemies were stuttering about like a laggy host at points but ping was around 100, maybe they were running a toaster?
  13. I want to highlight that he's still extraordinarily fun, he just needs some tweaks to get him up to par
  14. Lots of great feedback so I'll just add his battery needs to decay slower. Especially with open world missions I find myself having to basically run away from the objective to keep my abilities up. Kinetic plating should also have a higher base percentage on empty, he's pretty flimsy anyway.
  15. I also want to say how much I love the idea of the Leverian, hope we see more expansion and it'd be cool to see the exhibits displayed more prominently like a physical location in relays!
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