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  1. Did you check your inventory? I know it's hard to compare for resources and the like but sometimes the rewards screen will be empty but you still keep everything. Rewards, notably avionics and stuff for your railjack don't appear in the dry dock console until returning to the orbiter and going back to the , that's how it seems to work for me anyway. Maybe you could rule out these possibilities?
  2. what about being able to drag to rotate on all dioramas/preview screens? Some of them already allow it so it's clearly possible...
  3. Any news on upcoming changes to the new player experience? I'd love that tennocon trailer to be in-game...
  4. Key issue with the end of mission reward screen, people like to read while loading that means as much info as possible available at first glance. Please use some of that wasted space.
  5. This is really great to read. Items labels should 100% be on by default though, imagine a new player entering their inventory looking for stuff like frame parts, they'd have no clue what they're looking at. At least until you guys get around to improving the icons which could be months - years being real. I'm actually liking the new end mission screen! more stats like healing are something I've been wanting for ages but I'd like it if more of the screen was filled with facts - maybe cut the image space at the top in half.
  6. Is there any news on reworking the new player experience? I can't wait to see that kickass trailer from tennocon in-game!
  7. Sometimes I wonder who TF puts the red shocked "woah" face reactions in response to these posts? What, at least 4 of you miserable buggers don't want the game to be fixed!?
  8. Issue: Unable to use context actions, fire weapons jump/roll during a railjack mission. I could still move/run & use the tactical menu - nothing else. Keybinds all defaults except numpad hotkeys for gear wheel Happened after using the tactical menu to transport to a different area of the ship or exiting a turret. Might be connected to another issue where I'll press X to exit a turret and I'll instantly get put back in requiring me to spam X to get out and stay out. I'm saving the logs incase you want them, email me or something.
  9. Please give us some info on new player experience reworks! Need I reiterate the game is so incredibly dense and misleading? Noobs are always complaining about getting obliterated in open worlds, they don't realise they need to progress elsewhere first. So many issues and the playerbase isn't growing (on steam at least). I'm concerned.
  10. Revolite limits are terrible and locking the ability to replenish during combat makes no sense. Add on that it's a large resource sink and you're just punishing players for no good reason. Me and my squadmates are spending most of the time putting out fires and playing defense, even on the lowest level mission where we can't do meaningful damage to a single crew ship!? Gameplay would be a lot more fun if you shifted the balance from defense to offense - enemies do just a bit too much damage, boarding is too frequent and a squadmate has to be on fire duty for most of a match (which is seriously boring for them).
  11. You can apparently access intrinsics through the escape menu > profile - you might have to be in your orbiter. DE you really need to signpost this stuff though!
  12. wreckage, as in upgrades you salvage within missions that will later be equipable - I think so you don't have to pay before taking your railjack out after failure. Maybe similar to foundry skip funcitonality? Seems icky though, gating out hard earned rewards behind time or plat.
  13. Wait. Does this mean you're selling us avionics AKA progression? Seriously scummy move if this is the case.
  14. What happened to work on the new player experience and integrating that absolutely fantastic trailer into the game!?
  15. I'm definitely a bit sour this new decoration is linked to a third party subscription, I'm happy to give you a bit of money but I'm not faffing around with amazon prime subs. Hope it doesn't stay exclusive for long.
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