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  1. The fortuna grind is vastly easier than poe… They added more with little duck but it's actually still quicker to rank than the quills, no clue why you're making such assumptions
  2. If someone drew up a good enough concept I reckon it could be accepted like Liger's Nidus Phryke with its kubrow skin. But full tennogen support is probably a bit much
  3. I like everything but the passive, I guess it's thematic bit it's not exciting and mag already has something very similar
  4. If anything it's a corpus weapon. Tenno stuff is more organic with curvy flowing lines while this is angular and looks very tech-y... I like it a lot though.
  5. I was pretty disappointed to not hear about new player experience changes. I think it important to the growth of this community that they come before railjack. Thanks for showing all the cool new stuff though.
  6. Please any progress updates on the new player experience update? I really want to recommend warframe to friends but those first few hours hardly suck people in
  7. Any update on lore (in any form) for the past 4 or so frames?
  8. lol didn't notice my username was in there, hardly important though... I will dump it in a support ticket anyway but last time I reported a bug it took about a month for response
  9. It's probably not helpful with animation issues but here's the EE.log anyway https://pastebin.com/Jm4Vu1gq
  10. Baruuk's arms were stuck by his sides and completely static. I could not switch weapons, use abilities/operator mode, use gear or anything else besides movement. Chat & menus did still work In my case it was caused by activating/de-activating desert wind, I was doing it kind of frequently - I hope this is re-producible because it is game breaking. Happened multiple times in the same match, at first I was able to fix by switching weapons then nothing except movement worked. You can see it here: When standing still I was stuck in a bizarre pose like half crouching Update: this occurred a couple more times in later matches, same cause. So I'd call this a pretty severe issue
  11. Yeah but chroma can't really do damage in a useful way
  12. I'd really suggest rethinking that sprint speed Lowest I'd go is 0.95 (same as frost iirc) and that still gets the same point across while maintaining usability. Power treads has no legitimate benefits, being unable to easily stop also means you'll be hitting walls as you turn to aim at things, I'd be fine with it restricting parkour if it gave a powerful advantage; massive armor increase/DR, damage multipliers, more potent crowd control, etc...
  13. If they released their archwing reworks then an event prior to railjack being fully released that would be epic.
  14. It's safe. They don't get stuck often or at all in my experience. Their position is also reset when you complete a mission/return to your orbiter.
  15. Yeah, I'd still like to shout into the abyss so DE realise that this is an extremely poor excuse for content
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