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  1. 20m? It's like 5 minutes long if you do literally any preparation at all.
  2. Question: Was there always a PoE scaling mechanic similar to the beacons on Fortuna? I've always felt like the moment you see a flare come from the seeker drones on PoE, any chance of fishing or mining peacefully is gone. It seemed like the enemies got harder too. Requests: Overhaul the "abilities" tab for frames. There are many abilities with functions that are just not clear from the explanation of them. On top of that, there are some abilities that are flat out missing explanations of some of their features. Up until recently, Nova's 1 was one of them. Maybe contract out some partners or fans that do VO work to create a video that players could watch when they enter the abilities tab, like in LoL. Add bounty boi outside of Cetus next to Door Prime. As an addendum to the previous request, allow selection of Tridolon bounty to respawn Teralyst in the same instance that they were killed in. This saves time for hunters, and mitigates all bugs associated with entering and exiting Cetus. Many times, I've been unable to get Door Prime to open again, and in one case, I got the good old "Client Mismatch" bug. That was yesterday. Bugs: Occastionally I'll hear other players using a Karak, or Karak Wraith, and they have a standard fire rate, but to me, the sound plays as if their fire rate is that of the Twin Grakatas. On more than one occasion, I've noticed that the Eidolon will teleport away even if the lures are charged and within feet of it.
  3. Stop. Asking. Kavats. Are. Immune. To. Infestation. Totally stoked on the idea of new Helminth room mechanics though. Nidus awakens the Helminth consciousness, and he says stuff to you occasionally when you enter the room that begs for more elaboration.
  4. Did you forget to read, or just choose not to?
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