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  1. I deleted 2 day ago, and not installing again till minimum december, find interesting game "Dauntless". And From Ember and melee range nerf not buy no one plat. DE now don't deserve any support.
  2. The reward system for new mission type s*it, new warframe locked behind boss (f*ck it), new weapons maximum average, new mods s*hit. I grab the umbral forma (new mission s*hit). Deleted the game again, see you in november/december. This is not content, this s*it only for 500 hour rookies.
  3. Ropalolyst to earn our 40th Warframe. So ... no quest for new frame , only "kill that S#&$ 300 time" AGAIN. Thanks, but thanks NO.
  4. I think, time has come to delete the game for 4/6 months (again).
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