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  1. Ok, this isn't really a bug but it's incredibly frustrating. If you playing open world you'll sometimes get a message that you can't connect to the host and it will send you back to the lobby. The problem comes in when it treats it like you failed the mission. I've lost hours of farming because of this and I'm sure you can understand how annoying it is.
  2. Ok I'll have to build Obreon then. So far I've tried it with Rhino, Chroma, Excalibur, and Limbo.
  3. Ok so how do you kill Protea? I'm Mr8 and have everything fully modded (other than the Xoris because I'm not wasting a catalyst on it) but it seems impossible. I understand how to stop her from resetting herself but my main problem is I take so much damage. I always have like 10 specters shooting at me that I can't kill b/c I never have any energy for abilities and focusing on them lets Protea regen all her shields again. On the few times I've made it to the last health bar I'm always out of revives and out of ammo. Is there something I'm missing?
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