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  1. To replace the random match of scene, adjion whole map logically with every piece of scene, especially the mission in warship. I usually see teammates' ID floating in the space but they just actually move in normal scene. While random maps effectively and easily change our movements, unfortunatly this changed players into a mark chaser ,in addition, our navigation mission now the primary targe is far more important then other targes, if the guide AI broke down, seeking exit or targe will become an annoyed mess. If our scene combined into an almost warship or any other like colonys, wether our mission targes or our mission types become more varity?
  2. The + button seems disappeared after the latest update
  3. All of the protaling lancer in the Steel Watch(Steel Meridian's fortress on Earth)are invisible except their weapon, so i saw some grakata and sobek floating in the air.
  4. After, several hotfix to perfect the process to defeat the kuva lich. This mode isnt perfect enough yet. Its not a completely mess ever, its a breakthrough on our skills and power, but the reward is too simple. To kill a lich now , is a marathon, but the reward at the final is a bottle of water. As a long process and high diffculty mode, the reward should include long-term useful resouces,like kuva ,credits, , but not a simple weapon, weapons should be a by-product in this process. Only Long-term resouces can make players absorb in it. And, the way to the final is stubborn. What i want to say is a higher riskness and heavier rewarded additional mode. Let us actively approach the lich, to change now we can only wait for them. Add a lich ship navigation beacon ,every Kuva Thrall will drop navigation data. The lich's ship may at 150-170level as a high diffculty solo mission, there are no directly aim but annoy the lich, player can steal data mess which can increase the ? requiem process, or break the ship's energy center,etc. Give players some challenge and reward at the same time is a geart mode. this can give players the right to choose how they can kill the lich, easier but slower or harder but faster, we should own this option.
  5. Months ago, after the latest rework on ash, Ash's longest watching-video skill has been able to selective by user. Although the feeling now is fastened, it cause players forcus on his blade storm, the other skills are still doll and uneffective, this isnt a good inclination. Our ninja should be more variable on his skills. What I thought Ash can be First skill (combined teleport with a kunai) throw a tracking kunai on enemy then teleport to his back, use the kunai to give him a finish. If the finish didnt kill the aim ,it will improve its damage but strip off its armor or improve the damage deals to him. Compare with the skill shuriken, the shuriken now is strong on low level mission but when fight with high level tanks it has indistinct effect. Second skill (transfor the smoke screen to confuse smoky) throw a bomb to create an area of smoke, the enemy who breath in the smoke will not attack ash for a time. Third skill (perform the long prepare time for a ninja to compelet his mission) sharpen his weapon for a long time than incease his melee damage ,thrown weapon damage and bows damage for a number of hits. Fourth skill (just change its using type) hold the key to drain energy and create an area of Enemy Radar, every enemy will drain extra energy once they entered, release the key to attack for a blade storm. Whats more the Second skill may change to be a wheel for anothe skill like Ivara's Quiver. Suah as the skill ,like spiderman or ninja, let ash to walk on the floor. the skill throws a bigger shuriken like Glaive.
  6. After update26 ,whenever i want to enter the dojo .it will stuck at jioning the clan channle then throw me to the LOG-IN page. It seems appeared in many other players ,so i dont consider its my network's business,but some codes in game.
  7. requiem relics are too rare ,we need more ways to get them or higher chance to earn from kuva siphen mission. those requiem mods are consumables, the ways to gain requiem relics should be rebalanced. if this mades the riven pieces too easy to gain. It should be the gold level prize. the WEAPON EXILUS DESIGNATIONs only worth 75,000 credits ,it shouldn't be the gold level
  8. In operator form ,when we jump or any time our feet away from the ground we can't use viod explode. This really annoying us in the kuva siphen mission.
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