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  1. These flaws born in the U22 The Plains of Eidolon, Im talking on the division of mission area. A part with a different rule ,its seem reasonalbe but in Wf it wont, we cant use the eidolon plain to replace the orb vallis, the Empyrean, the navigate, every part is so independent in the game. We have to work in every part for a long time, this will decrease our effecience . For example, today i want to break some relics to get parts, after U22, I perhaps need to add another hour to mine in plain. the work table prolonged so much for now, every unique parts needs more time, but the profit cannot fit with the time, De has already taken idea about this, so they change the Arcane outcome from Law_of_Retribution to the Eidolons. But this cant change the situation, unique parts cant reduce our navigation jods, they can only be the things of little value. Later in Orber vallis, the most powerfull kitgun bore ,the Catchmoon, now has been broken down by De. This come to the second flaw, always hinder Tenno to get faster slain method. They destroy our building time and again, the highest useing frequency weapons. Why? To annoy majority Tenno? Why weapon? Why not Saryn, or Ember or any other powerful warframe? This is the same as suicide. Destroy the old building, and no better building to replace but the worse. This is puzzling behavior, every time they take out the changes, then we should purchase extra formas to make a new building. What a wonderful retrieve Platinum plan, but not everyone take the bill, they will leave to other games. Another flaw, pain and gain. Such as kuva liches, the scarlt spear, the thermia tear, we paid time to get this weapon, not only for its master expience, 3000exp isnt attractive enough. Most outcome weapons cant match the T1 or T2 compare with the elder. But every weapon neads more process to get. This is imbalance.
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