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  1. Let’s see where to start: 1. how about in some missions in the veil Proxima enemies tend to heal themselves after being hit. 2. Or how about too many moves on one button, you really need crouch, slide, roll on the same button as move down, dodge and blink? Why not give them their own assigned button or let us assign it for ourselves. 3. Door glitches, when you try to walk through a door on the rail jack, you can’t, you have to jump just to get through. 4. Arch wings expect the Amesha are useless, arch melees are useless. 5. Slingshot glitched to where you get stuck in mid shot and sometimes it corrects, sometimes it doesn’t. 6. sometimes the weapons glitch to where you have your primary secondary and melee while in arch wing in space or your archgun on your ship (without using the deployer. 7. you go into a rail jack match and one minute you’re killing everything in sight do massive damage and the next, you’re doing like 1 point a hit. y’all got some work to do, get on it.
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