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  1. You are one of them why DE keeps Nerfing stuff. Crybabies like you!
  2. Still no better Vacuum for Railjack, no Buff, no Buff for Artillery... Railjack is Official DEAD! DE never make it fun again like it was at Day One. I really really loved this Gamemode but DE Killed it just Weeks after its Birth.
  3. I just lost my Zetki Hull Weave. Its just gone and NO i didnt Scrapped it. I dont Scrap Avionics. And i know the Winged Mods was not meant to be for the Railjack Stats but WHY should i use a Mod which just doesnt Buff my Railjack? Its not like we have enough Slots or too much Avionic Capacity.. totally waste of a Slot now! Dead Mods like Power Donation.
  4. Munitions Vortex is like Novas Animatter Drop. When you shoot inside the Vortex with Strong guns you make the Explosion extremly strong. You can onehit Fighter in a 150m Radius. You can also Trigger the Explosion from Munitions Vortex by pressing the Button again. Void Hole? The dmg is not high enough for Veil so you just pull them at one Spot .. WOW. You still have to kill them with the RJ Guns. Void Hole is Meta because like i said ALOT of Player didnt know how Munitions Vortex even works. Also .. people farmed Veil for the Vidar Reactor and Void Hole was a possible drop. Munitions Vortex was Saturn only and very very rare.
  5. Yeah but this is NOT the best way 😂... you clearly dont have Discovered it yet. Because Munitions Vortex is and not Void Hole. But its okay . alot of player STILL dont know how it works and DE is not gonna nerfing it.
  6. well first of .. you are not even the one i mean when you Play Solo. I talk about Archwing User in Squad Games where you are Suppose to play as a TEAM and help your fricking Team. And second .. i did Solo Gian Point in 4min before the Nerf. Now i need like 6-8min. Still no need to play the weak S#&$ty Archwing in a Railjack Mission even if you play SOLO. Railjacks are Suboptimal? Do you Rush Veil in 4min with your Archwing? No? Mhh yeah Railjacks are S... lmao. Git gud and learn to play Same counts for you. No need to use the weak Archwings even if you Play Solo.
  7. THIS IS CALLED RAILJACK. You are Supposed to Work as a TEAM in a Railjack and dont go for Archwing Solo stuff if you are in a Squad.. If you like Archwing that much go for Archwing Missions! Nobody liked Archwings at all and now you do? If you want to work as a Team inside the Railjack go for Railjack Missions otherwise go for Archwing Missions. I hate ppl like you both in Railjack Missions. You know ... 1 Pilot maybe 2 Gunner and an Engineer and MAYBE one Slingshot Boarder. DE Please make Archwings even weaker so ppl stop using them and dont waste my Time with using Archwings in a Railjack Mission. 1 Pilot can already kill faster as 3 Archwings Combined. You are ruining Void Hole and Munitions Vortex with your Archwing. PLEASE STAY INSIDE THE RAILJACK IN RAILJACK MISSIONS!
  8. Why do i have an Artillery in my Railjack? Its totally useless for Veil. It was a good Gun agains Crewships with Rhino Roar but now i cant even oneshot them with Zetki Forward Artillery. Back to Slingshot Boarder and never touch the Artillery. Good Job DE.
  9. So the Artillery still has no Punch Through? Such a BFG without Punch Through? I guess hitting the Crewships Engines is still a thing.
  10. Dont tell me that 😄 In Warframe it just doesnt work. That was a Reason why i changed from German to English Client.
  11. Is this a Bug? I cant Scrap that part and 0% of the Repair is Funded ... Sadly not ALL. I didnt got all the Parts back with Scraping the Old Mk1 Parts!
  12. This Update is a Big Kick in the Face for ppl with bad Internet Connections. You are not able to fly your Railjack because nobody joins your Session. I launched my Railjack like 20 times now and not one single Person joined my Crew. How do i get Random people into my Railjack mission? Why should i upgrade my Railjack when i never fly it with a Crew? All i can do is going for Missions in someone else's Railjack. Thanks for nothing i guess
  13. Yeah but you want to Change the Chat Server without Changing the Language right? If this is Possible its NOT only for the Italian Client. It would also work for the Russian or German Client and they have Translate the Mod Names. So you would read German, Russian and WHATEVER Languages in the Trading Chat. That would be a Mess PLEASE NEVER do this!
  14. You sure about that? I saw a Russian Mod 2 Days ago and i know for 100% there are German Mod Names! Condition Overload in German is "Zustandsüberladung" https://warframe.fandom.com/de/wiki/Zustandsüberladung If i Link "Zustandsüberladung" in an English Chat you wont be able to Click on it.
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