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  1. Varida suits and Koppra hood now are clipping together in a very ugly manner... the reason is because the Varida "chestpiece" was used to be part of the hood before, now is part of the suit. So if you use the suit with an opened Koppra hood (that's hanging in the front like a tie), now are clipping together. This completely destroyed my fashion-operator and switched from super cool to utterly ugly in just a single patch 😞 Also, if you wear Varida hood with anything else than a varida suit, the hood bone collar is hanging around suspendend on nothingness... that's super ugly too... Please fix it πŸ™‚
  2. Hi dunno if you still accept requests, but i was trying to do a filled melody with the theme of Profondo Rosso (deep red) [link], this is main OST of a 30 year old italian horror movie (or was it forty year?) and i remember i was able to play the opening sequence with an old school keyboard while i was veeeeeery young πŸ˜„ but today i failed miserably 😞 so i need to ask you if you can do it; filled melody from opening sequence could be appreciated (i'm only able to use metronome on filled melody) but every part and every bass/percussion/melody combination you can accomplish is really appreciated. very thank you and have a nice day πŸ™‚
  3. Yeah, that's exactly what i did. Dunno if i was very lucky, or if it's the right price atm but i bought it at less than 150 pl... less than what i normally sell other prime not vaulted set... less than how i spent on Nidus!! So i can't be mad for this πŸ™‚ it's just that seems to me weird i can't use platinum to buy prime set from market while i can use to buy everything else... and also a just-unvaulted very meta primed warframe was sold by players at way less than a standard vanilla warframe bought at market πŸ˜„
  4. wooooot i whanna Rhino Prime woooooot back to being serious: again i had the "update problem" issue: it start downloading really slow then "update problem, please restart warframe". i got this issue since Sanctuary, then every major update (and even minor) i get the issue again. Only solution is using a VPN to UK to and i can get a safe update. My friend are getting no problem so i guess is not something related to ISP or country... What can i check go see if something wrong with my installation? ps why i can't buy the Rhino with just platinum? i need to buy it only with money and i can buy pack Rhino+accessories or just accessories... but not just the Rhino... 😞 saaaaaaad now 😞
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