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  1. Digital extremes developers i plead that you do something about freeloaders. since you are not doing anything the number of freeloaders are increasing day by day. They are getting on my nerves. You are forcing me to go to recruitment chat every time i want to do a bounty and that takes too much time. Please do something i am getting sick of it and it is very upsetting to see these kind of attitude.
  2. i have done 104 heist bounties and only 1 repeller system dropped and you guys said you increased the drop rate. so that was a lie? the message sent to me is that you dont want me to progress in the vox solaries reputation. why do you do this?????
  4. its been 10days since hotfix but there are still bugs like phase 1 of orb mother the part where we have to capture a base the enemies dont always drop datamass and please remove the voice line that eudico says when u meet them in the backroom its getting annoying.
  5. please give us the option to vote kick a player if they are freeloading. this has been an issue since fortuna release and you have not done anything about it yet.
  6. Devs what happened to "allowing new players to join the orb raid" when the orb itself already deal so much damage and you throw in a bunch of copus tanky units like the raknoid, jackal and corpus units using fluctus that can take away iron skin in 2 shots... please lower damage and health and actually let new players to join the orb raid.
  7. can you fix when the host leaves the arbitrations the mission is an instant fail to the others? this is annoying when we reach round 9 and the host dies and then leaves causing the mission to fail instantly it is wasting time
  8. did you know 1 bounty in fortuna had reward which was 30000 oxium?hmmmm is it was true i would spam that mission
  9. i have faced certain issues i hope that u can change and fix 1. The tiny green spiders in fortuna do way too much damage for a level 10 2. The tiny green spiders see me when i am in stealth 3. the corpus patrol rate is too high as it interferes with tracking 4. the ores are spawing in heights out of reach(this has been here since plains of eidolon) 5. the ores are inside the walls(you said you fixed this) 6. most enemies in temple of profit can see me despite stealth 7. hushed invisibility is not functioning properly
  10. DE, the game failed to update my account information so i relog, when they game got my items 1 of them was wrong. i chose a trinity prime blueprint but i got a helios prime blueprint. its a huge loss for me can you fix this please
  11. could you make some tilesets(specifically infested ones) more smooth bcuz there are many corners which i would get my warframe stuck on and have to type unstuck every now and then.
  12. can you guys make a new server for south east asia because the ping im playing on in asia is tragic
  13. is it a bug or is there a limit to the amount of ores/gems i can mine because there are no ore/gem deposits showing up on my focus nosam cutter
  14. where the #*!% are all the condrocs and why the dargyns can see me when im stealth??
  15. your bounty bugged. the enemies did not drop the resupply beacon can you fix this. also, the grineer ships get stuck in the sky unable to move.
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