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  1. Hello Digital Extremes. Is there any news on railjack or a time frame we can look into? I honestly am starting to get quite impatient in terms of how long it's taking to get official news in the update. I understand it's a massive update and you don't wanna reveal too much but please give us an updated release window or something, is it a pre or post tennocon 19 update, is it still connected to the new war and will it be possible to protect the pilot while eating a bowl of chef boyardee's spaghetti and meatballs? (The last part is very important) Also will Umbra accessories be removable so I don't have to use a inferior variant for the sake of fashion? With all respect I thank you all for the wonderful three to four years I've experienced and I see this being a great year -Guynamedaftera#*!%ingcamera Edit: Solar rail conflicts are still in the codex despite them never returning
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