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  1. I make mistake and Convert Lich, is it possible to Vanquish him and take his weapon?
  2. Make interesting test, if you don't equip mele weapon. only way to leave arcwing - use bord, it can be leaved with quiсk mele buttom.
  3. I can't quit archwing in plains or valley with quick mele strike, nothing happens. I must change weapon on mele and make strike.
  4. Thank's but it can't be break, it is not Rhino skin. I think it was BUG.. When i met him next time, he turn his armor off in 5-10 sec, after i stop fire him, or he didn't se me. And don't on it when Ivara fire fron invis. 1st time i make breaks more than 10 sec to restore energy, and always was invisible, but he don't off his Carapace.
  5. It is not my first Kuva lich, i know how to fight with them. But this have skill Carapace (The Lich summons a layer of hardened skin, blunting incoming damage.), Like Rhino's iron skin. And he became immortal. I fire him with ivara bow for 20 minutes, always 0 damage. His HP was always grey. He iven not recast it, and it is just 1 level lich. I can't dispell it, i call specter, to fire him too, but no result. I just finish mision. How to fight with him if i iven can't reduce his HP?
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