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  1. No I've made sure there isn't however after days of messaging the support that at least finally told me that DE is acknowledging the problem and are working to fix the twitch system so here's hoping
  2. Still not working for me on pc unfortunately I'm still getting with zero drops and despite how many times I ask DE for help they keep telling me to check my connection despite me sending screenshots of the process to prove I'm doing it correctly
  3. Still not getting drops (on pc) guess ill just give up on warframe since I only have 2 days left but I doubt they fix it at that point...( and yes I've tried everything in these forums)
  4. easily watched 30+ hours of streams and no drops and ive tried everything from relinking to using a new twitch account to clearing cash but nothing works so de please help with an actual solution that's more than just resetting the link (on pc btw)
  5. still no twitch drop and I've tried everything please fix this DE the event only lasts so long and many of us are missing it.
  6. Still no drop ive been watching for hours and warframe says I have a linked account any suggestions?
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