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  1. No matter where you look on the internet (Warframe Forums, Reddit, Steam Community etc) you always see someone complaining about a particular efficient gameplay. Will it ever end? I wonder
  2. I suppose you mean the magnitude of bonus right? Since the type of element you get is dependent on your warframe. For example, you always get fire if you kill the larva with Inaros, electric with Volt, toxin with Saryn, etc. The thing pissed a lot of us off is still getting duplicates, it’s frustrating to see we need to grind the next 2 hours for nothing. It’s punishment.
  3. This happened to me as I refused to kill my lich when I was 90% on my 3rd murmur (If I killed it then the anger level of lich would be reverted back to "indifferent" and it would rank up). They argued if I don't kill then others would not have their liches shown up nor could they get murmur progress. I didn't want to refute that or create trouble on others so I managed to ditch that mission right away and grind my last progress solo. If warframe is deemed a co-op game, I would suggest DE to address this issue since the dilemma that you either have to sacrifice yourself or make other squad members enraged creates bad blood. And I don't want to do the majority of kuva lich mission solo because of this kind of hindrance. And I must say, thank you for your great post. We need to speak out of issues so that DE can be aware of them.
  4. I loathe auto block. As a full melee user, melee attacks frequently getting disrupted is disgusting. Inaros with 8k hp, good armor and full Arcane Graces rarely dies in missions below lvl 200, and in this case auto block is nothing but a damn hindrance. It forces you move backward around 2 meters and attacks are disabled during blocking. I went through all settings in the option panel and could not find the thing to obliterate auto block, so I am wondering if I can do that somewhere else and, if not, we should be given an option to eradicate this ugly thing.
  5. Thank you for the reply. I was not questioning that you were lying, not at all. I just wanted to share my discovery that my Kuva Lich spawns way more reliably when I do solo rather than in a squad. But any way I am done with this. The possibility of receiving the same weapon before acquiring all of them is the worst part. Let’s see if DE will make adjustments in the near future.
  6. For the “Whether your Kuva Lich spawns” part, every time I do a controlled node a Kuva Lich spawns. This is true for my 12 squad runs and 4 solo runs (and MY Kuva Lich spawned in all 4 solo runs). So I am wondering is it true that the appearance of a Kuva Lich is guaranteed? If so you could just do it solo so that every time a Kuva Lich spawns it is guaranteed to be YOURS. Inaros with a good weapon can solo it with no problem. Prove me wrong if you have experienced a game that no Lich spawned.
  7. It’s not nerf. From 100,000 to 80,000 is a nerf From 100,000 to 50,000 is a sharp nerf From 100,000 to 220 is _________ I don’t know what to call it, we probably need a new term for that. If maiming strike is deemed to be changed like that, at least I want the mechanics of CO back.
  8. Crit chance is overshadowed for sure. And there is another story with condition overload too since I can't really decide between Primed Pressure Point and CO while all of my 7 other mods are integral. The mechanics of those mods were against DE's expectation. They could have gradually modified things but they managed to do it in one action and thus making it difficult to accept. Every time they do this the community would flood with misery and anger. I had a Scoliac with decent stats but all my effort is now nullified just because their change in a function call or a parameter or whatever they did with their data. Now I'm down on another weapon but its riven disposition may take massive hit any time soon. If games are supposed to flow nicely then Warframe is Niagara Falls. Now it is proven that everything we bestow effort in are at risk of being torpedoed at some times. The risk is lower on subpar weapons, but few people focus on them and there is literally no incentive. I also look forward to what they may change on kuva lich since it is no fun but a thick combo of stacked RNGesus.
  9. Kuva Lich can be broken down to several layers of RNG: 0. requiem relics drop 30% of the time for kuva siphon (I call this layer zero because this is not really a big deal compared to the subsequent ones) 1. relic drop from pool I,II,III,IV 2. uncommon reward from relics 3. the desired combination of 3 parazon mods 4. kuva larvling spawns in random places in a node (Apparently it is a bug or intended that usually the target is not pinpointed in the radar map neither an icon shows up on screen, and since the red mark on their head is too dim you may accidentally kill it with a weapon and thus fail to let it follow you) Now you made a successful attempt to capture it. And you receive a random weapon with random augments, and: 5. the same lich can appear repetitively before you get all kuva weapons, if you want to collect all of them 5 layers of RNG? Not a problem! I acknowledge all of the above, now I start the grind. I don't have all the parazon mods yet and activate a lich by mistake. I realize I am missing a parazon mod to kill it so I grind relics. With heroic efforts I finally acquire that specific parazon mod. And that mod acquired by the lich upon extraction.
  10. Well sure, but whether a riven is perfect still depends on user right? I am that kind of person picky about riven. For example, for most primaries and secondaries (except explosive launchers) I consider +recoil strictly better than -zoom. And neg status chance on even a base 5% sc weapon is also bad. (Why neg status if you can get recoil?) And for scoliac, my view is that +melee damage, range and slide crit with negligible neg (such as finisher) is the only way to go. Not to mention that all the positive stats must be 0-5% less than the max value from riven calculator. If this leaves you unconvinced, you are more than welcome to private message me and I’ll give you the reason why the 3k riven is not perfect in my definition. I am defending my point, not trying to persuade. Your point that paying 6k on a riven is not smart is subjective and offensive to me and that’s all the reason I am responding.
  11. Thank you very much sir, That really helps because I use dual wielding detonation the majority of times, and that seems better than power throw+quick return. So I am considering a build of: Riven: +97.1 cc +203% melee dmg +110% cd -80% slide crit Primed Fever Strike, North Wind, Primed Pressure Point, Conditional Overload, Organ Shatter That leaves me 2 slots to choose. The area of explosion seems more than enough to me so I am not really considering Power Throw. True Steel adds only 60% cc and the riven already has cc so this mod does not add much value. Should I go for radiation then?
  12. First, thank you very much for your reply. I am still confused about how crit can be useful on it, could you explain more about it? The riven I have is +crit chance +crit damage +melee damage and - slide crit (this is why I worry about crits so much). And the other 7 mods: Primed Fever Strike, Primed Pressure Point, Power Throw, Voltaic Strike, Conditional Overload, Organ Shatter, Buzz Kill Would you give me any suggestion on improving my build if you have time? Thanks.
  13. When I play Glaive Prime I do one of: 1. direct throw attack 2. dual wield, throw and press E to detonate the glaive Both seem to guarantee a yellow number damage (like the normal crit) and Organ Shatter which increase crit dmg by 90% has no effect on those numbers at all. Even when I used Power Throw and Quick Return and hit a wall to let it explode there is no difference with and without Organ Shatter. So are Crit Chance and Crit Damage really useless on Glaives? But since detonation guarantees a status proc wouldn't status chance be useless also? And what could be an optimal build for Glaive (including riven)? Thank you for helping.
  14. You may laugh as much as you want. If my post can make other people laugh, then I'm more than glad to do that. 6000p is not even close to the definition of "ridiculous". There are people who pay 15k, 30k for their desired rivens for Rubico, Opticor, etc. Not only because those stats are perfect but also all magnitudes of stats are close to the max value. And there are people claiming "WTB [Primed Chamber] 100k" People may persue perfect, not just "good". Sure they have to be responsible for any loss caused by this rework. Others may think they are irrational buyers, and that's all. And I have no problem accepting this loss, the point is that the general picture is going to the wrong direction.
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