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  1. As has been stated repeatedly, it takes a while. Run some missions. Do things to refresh the data in your Orbiter, like going to Cetus or literally anything that involves not being on it. Come back. It has taken me many hours to get certain drops. Your account is linked, as evidenced by the fact that you got the potato.
  2. You can claim the drop within 24 hours as long as you actually meet the 30 minute requirement. You don't have to do that part during the stream. If you earned the Umbra you can still claim that right now!
  3. Do you have drops that are still showing up 24 hours after that are giving the error? If they are, you're definitely in the clear, because you won't see them after 24h otherwise. The error is a known issue DE is working with Twitch on, and according to Megan either in this thread or elsewhere the drops should still be claimed on your actual account, there's just a discrepancy between Twitch and the game regarding the UI.
  4. The progress bar got stuck for very few people. The progress bar stopped because the campaign was set to run until 3PM EST, regardless of the length of the stream, so after 3PM if you didn't meet the requirements (like myself, at 93%) the campaign was over and the drop no longer available. I discovered this when I went to the campaign page and saw that it listed the campaign as being over while the DevStream audio was still playing in another tab.
  5. Does this mean we will randomly get all 4 sometime in the week, or we could potentially get duplicates and miss out on a different drop?
  6. Despite their PR push to claim it as such, the truth is there isn't an alternative that still utilizes Twitch (which is a different conversation). Drops 1.0 ended on the 21st and I think it's telling that DE held off on switching as long as it possibly could. Twitch Drops 2.0 is a Twitch change, and Twitch wants more engagement with its service. DE's community managers have to make that look like a good thing because DE is partnered with Twitch's service.
  7. What does your Twitch Drops inventory page say. Does it say claimed, or does it show up there at all? While you were watching did you see it hit 100% or have the option to claim it during the stream?
  8. Twitch didn't freeze. The campaign that DE has to set behind the scenes ran until 3PM. Even though they went over, Twitch doesn't count that. I got stuck at 96% for the same reason. I found out by going to the Drops section where it told me the campaign had ended while the stream was still running.
  9. Question for all of you: Did you watch for 30 minutes within the period the stream was supposed to run? I watched until 3:10 EST, but I didn't get started until 2:35 because work. Turns out the campaign is only set to run until 3:00 EST, so even though the DevStream went longer, I got stuck at 96% because I couldn't actually watch it for 30 minutes.
  10. Give it time. I've had to wait several hours. Specifically, try to do missions to update the mail data for your Orbiter. You could also go to a relay or Cetus or similar. Just leave your Orbiter to refresh it; it takes time, regardless. Definitely not as instantaneous as Twitch Drops 1.0
  11. Ah, so even though they went well past 3EST, the timer actually stops at 3EST. Therefore I futilely left the stream open once I could to find I was halted at a cool 93%. Gotta love it, Twitch. Excellent move.
  12. I don't think it's a script-blocker/ad-block problem. I have Twitch heavily locked down between the both of them (though I know what scripts I'm blocking) and I haven't actually had any problems obtaining drops on Twitch's end. Now in the game...I've often forgotten about the stream entirely some 4 hours after actively playing when Teshin interrupts my return to the Orbiter with his notification. I haven't had anything like 24 hours or 3 days though. I'm often at work when I run the streams, as well, and I too would love a surefire way to run the stream without having to actively refresh
  13. I've got a feeling you're about to see a significant increase in requests starting this week. Good luck!
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