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  1. So the bug is like this the game is still running but my screen suddenly freeze to one frame. I can still interact but i cannot see what was happening.it happens so many time already and the only way for me to fix this is by closing the game entirely. If youre reading this DE pls fix this
  2. I never get this message untill Jovian Concord updates goes live Can someone or DE pls help me as I really want to play Jovian Concord Ive tried numerous method already and also pls dont say disable 64 bit mode as they already removed 32 bit mode
  3. Someone help me fix this issue Ive tried numerous amount of method that people have tried and yet it still is the same Ive already sent tickets to DE but im hoping someone can give me a solution to fix this issue
  4. Please fix moa AI as the precepts are actually very good but was made bad because of the moa AI itself
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