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  1. The Orb boss fight is terrible. I spend most of my time standing around waiting for my damage types to pop up so I can actually do something (both solo and in a party). Then there's the glitchy archwing weapons that you need to wait 10 minutes to re-equip for some reason... so you can say bye to your archwing weapon for this fight if it gets unequipped (which you need to do to deal with the mobs and for different damage types on your other weapons). There is also no reliable way to restore ammo to your archwing gun. The battle progresses so slowly that time runs out before the thing dies and you auto fail. This isn't fun or challenging, its just frustrating. Please take another look at this DE. I'll revisit this content once it gets patched.
  2. Noticed two things since this hotfix went live: 1) The bounty mission to search for survivors (the 4 corpses) always instantly fails when I enter the search zone. This has happened 4 times so far. I was able to do this bounty fine before. 2) Vallis is very laggy. Had no lag at all before the hotfix.
  3. There is only one important question, and that is: Where are our Halloween ship decorations? I'm getting tired of all the snow and jingle bells. We need some tenn-o-lanterns and spider webs in a new theme!
  4. Rubico Prime! My favourite sniper! Please boost reload speed! 🙂
  5. This relay feels more Red Veil than it does Steel Meridian. Also, isn't Ember Saturn, not Earth? I don't know, this relay just feels out of place to me. I think in the future it should be moved to Saturn.
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