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  1. Thanks for the assist. Problem was only resolved by moving to a new clan that has a dry dock. For others that are having this issue and were under the impression (as I was) that you can access Rail Jack without a clan dry dock, that is incorrect. Thanks again peeps.
  2. Activity at the dojo dropped drastically. The few of us that were left had a massive dojo with MIA leadership and members. Thus, no control to add and a monstrous cost to build a dry dock. I had other aspects of warframe to explore and didn't get around to finding a new clan. Not getting a new clan has caught up with me so I've joined a new clan and am currently building a dojo key.
  3. Having the same issue. You are not the only one.
  4. Went to the dry dock on my lunch break. That third platform has no console/podium to interact with. Looking in my codex Rising Tide has a prerequisite to "Research Cephalon Cy at Dry Dock research console". I believe this is what I have not been able to find. Sadly, this may not be a case of my ignorance and must be a bug.
  5. Was in an abandoned dojo without a dry dock. Currently clanless. I'll take another look at the various podiums at the relay dry dock. Work is getting in the way at the moment. Thanks.
  6. Yup. Completed all quests. I go up to the little podium in the dry dock at the relay and it does not allow me to interact with it. No little "press X to interact" message.
  7. Apologies, but I am unable to find how I can start building my own rail jack. I thought I could just go into a relay dry dock or start a quest but these don't seem to work. A little help here?
  8. Sorry I hope this is not a bug, but I'm unable to access the dry dock. I have not constructed a railjack. I can fast travel to the interface/podium, but their is no "press X to access" type of message when I approach the podium. I would provide a screenshot but too much activity at the relay dry dock right now. Thanks.
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