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  1. hold on, you made ALL explosions/splash damage in the game have a knock back/knock down affect? WHY? you broke my nova game play now, you know that? so when i use molecular prime it makes enemies explode on death, i cant come close to ANY enemies now, getting knocked down 90% of the time, you seriously screwed this up, thanks for ruining my best warframe i enjoyed playing, if you gona make changes to things, think of ALL the aspects of the game that is in place already starting to really dislike the changes you make in this game, i stayed away from self damage weapons cause i REALLY disliked the idea of "accidentally" killing myself, no one, even in a game is stupid enough to shoot himself, so i did not mind the self damage cause i did not use it, the way you fixed this now was to remove self damage and put in knock down? remove this knock down and bring back the self damage, atleast my nova will be fun to play with again then oh and previously my warframe would self recover after a knock down, now if i dont press any button after a knock down i just lay there? this is making it worse not better, bring back the self recovering, the game was 80% perfect(excluding bugs) now its 40% good, not even perfect anymore
  2. Me: i finally got all arcane's and got them to rank 3, all max so now i can stop farming them, yes!!! DE: uhm nope, they go to rank 5 now, keep on farming fool!!! Me: FML!!! Please, can you make these arcane's drop from doing something else PLEASE, i can not and will not kill another eidolon, i wont, im tired of farming them, FTS, you talk about "variety" in this update, SO GIVE IT TO ME PLEASE
  3. interesting, i do have shred on it, never even noticed the punch-through on it, call me stupid lol, but i have the same mod on other "bows" and they cant shoot through doors, still weird tho, thanks for reply, will do some testing on it
  4. is the kuva bramma suppose to shoot through doors, walkways and enemies? projectiles go through a door and explode when it hits something like a wall or the floor on the other side, they also do not explode on contact with enemies, it cant be just my bow that is broken? or do i have a magic bow? useless magic bow if it is one lol
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