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  1. 105 times and i have 3 frost step, wonder wtf is going on with this RNG bullS#&$ then, i wanted the shock step, you want the freezing step, make you wonder tho right, how this loot drop actually works, and in all this time sinse the wolf came out, i have seen him 3 times, how is that even possible? if others have wolf sledge hammer sets, yes SETS plural( meaning more than 3 sets, to sell?, nightwave says he is on jupiter, stalking corpus?, well he is NOT, tell nora she got fed the wrong info on where this S#&$ wolf is, tired of running mission after mission HOPING to see this thing, where others just see him so TOO much and get so many weapon drops from it to sell it
  2. So she heats herself up and cools her self down? again what is the canisters for then?, and if you have not noticed if 1, ONLY 1 cooler spider hits her its got a INSTANT cooling affect on her, by that logic the HEAT canisters should have the same affect too, so why the #*!% am i there for then? if you read what i said, 5 canisters DONT DO S#&$!, its not heating it up, gradually or instantly, it DO NOT WORK, so if i just hang in the air and ONLY shoot the cooler spiders and she heats up(by her self), what is the skill or mechanics for this fight even worth then? nothing, i saw this from the start of this boss, its a waiting game, if you wait long enough it will heat up by itself making canisters a waste of time
  3. same thing here, i gather 5 canisters and throw them all at once and nothing happens, temp is still staying in one place, if i go into archwing and shoot all cooler spiders before they reach her, the heat goes up by it self (throwing no canisters at it), but this only work for first 2 vents, on the third you have to throw canisters at it or it wont heat up enough, so then they work kinda, but also not enough to say the least, and when she humps the ground all your effort is lost dont see why exploiter is calling for her children (coolent spiders) to come to her to cool her off, if she can just get horny enough and hump the ground and cool her self off lol, why cant we have used heat element on our weapons to heat her up? least that way it would feel like a fight and not canister trowing skill competition lol
  4. you can switch orbiter radio off, then you wont hear her talk all the time, its in the nightwave screen
  5. not entirely true, you can take any mastery rank player to the index to make millions, hell i took a MR0 into index yesterday lol, and as long as he got the ephemeras he can keep it till he can craft it, so again its more luck based on getting it than it is skill, or a reward for someone that played the game for a long time that worked for his or her skills, my problem is not with low MR's getting that stuff, my problem is i have to carry them, and yes i know if i join public anyone can join me, but if it was mastery locked or like profit taker, people who must reach a certain level in fortuna or have a archwing gun launcher, then it would make sense
  6. ok you need to tone down hildryns sound, it is annoying and loud! ok i like melee 2.999999999997, whatever it might be, its smooth transition between weapons is awesome, now here is the problem with what i have, if you do not have a secondary weapon equiped and you pick up a key or canister, old way it had the melee equiped with the key in hand cause no secondary, then you could aim glide with no problem, it still do equip melee if no secondary BUT, now when i try to aim glide it swops to main weapon and drops the thing in my hand, this is not the way it was and it is a pain to loose the key half way to the mobile objective to get there and find the key is not in hand anymore, please just make your main weapon inactive or not able to swop to it when you pick up something, i do aim glide sometime to feel like superman when i cover large distances lol Please fix that
  7. ok so the first 3 k-drives i paid plat for to get them, i could forma those and i did get the MR xp for them, i saw this new k-drive, ''runway'',(i think it should be called, "runAway'' cause thats what i should have done), and im like ill build this one cause i have a lot of standing just sitting there gathering dust, so i got the bp's, crafted this thing, level it to max rank, GUESS WHAT, I CAN NOT FORMA THIS S#&$, some people say to pay the 15 plat to name it and then you can forma it, #*!% THAT S#&$. i did get the mastery xp for it and it is max rank in my profile to level this thing takes alot of boring hours, i never want to forma the other ones i have cause of this horrible level system they have for it, yes cap the #*!%ing standing on 3000 points for doing tricks, but to cap the leveling of this thing aswell? this ''stop and go'' S#&$ is not working for me anymore, why do i have to stop and redo the trick combo thing over and over, let it atleast accumilate for the leveling of this k-drive, i also read that its a ''BUG'' that we can not name it or guild it, thats why we cant forma it if we did not buy it with plat? then remove the 15 plat S#&$ and replace it with 15 credits if you cant fix the #*!%ing BUG, NO #*!% IT, FIX THIS
  8. 90% of this update is awesome, thank you very much, 10% of it tho i dont like, trade ui is not as easy as before, liked the old way better, will give it a week more to see if it grows on me lol hildryn gets shields from picking up energy orbs right? the shields is her energy, why is she not getting shields from energy restores? energy is energy right? ok and why is there no discription on her 4th ability, like how to control her in the air? just add spacebar go up, control go down love the new cetus time of day display and orb vallis temp, dont need to use 3rd party stuff anymore to see it, thank you very much ok and why in display is my nightwave showing, nightwave: 13/10 weekly acts, does this not mean i have to do 2 more? but i did everything, nothing available to do anymore
  9. "The major (and unique) difference in regards to him though, is the fact that he does not spawn depending on any death marks or faction standing of his target or targets, instead any player has the same, equal chance to be his assassination mark in any mission, with no way to influence his spawn chances positively or negatively" im sorry but this is BULLS#&$, i see people selling this weapon and they have crafted it, meaning they have farmed 2 sets of this weapon!!!, i have played all types of missions non stop since it came out, excluding the ones he wont spawn on, i have done 600 missions now and only saw it 2 times!?!?!?!?, once around 180 missions and yesterday around 450 missions (yes i am counting the missions), clearly those people selling it are doing something to make it spawn, and dont say no, cause if i had equal chance of getting him to spawn, i would have had 1 set by now atleast, i play 8 hours a day warframe, on some weekends 24 hours straight with no sleep, so dont tell me they played more missions than me, If i was someone that did like 2 missions a day, then yes i have no right to *@##$ about this, something is wrong
  10. He is not difficult to kill, the 1 time i saw him it took me 20 seconds to kill him, i used nova, supra vandal and atterax
  11. My problem with this wolf is not me running over 500 missions and seeing him only 1 time, my problem is that there are people already selling the sledge hammer full set after a day that it came out, and if you look at the drop chance for this weapon parts and the chance of the wolf to spawn makes it allmost impossible to think of getting it, how did they get it so fast, and most people will farm and craft a set before they start to sell a second set they get, they either got it in a way that is exploiting something in the game or my RNG is way off, in the 500 runs i killed stalker 8 times, syndicate 15 times, and i saw the 3 capture guys 5 times, and the wolf 1 time, other times nothing spawned, and i wait every mission till 5-6 minutes, not worth doing it any more
  12. why is my daily nightwave missions not ALL ressetting? i got 3 dailies but only 1 is resetting? seen it for the last 2 ways ding that now, why are they called dailies then if i cant do them daily? Daily means everyday, not every 3 days, timer on it is 2d 23h when it resets, ok if you give me 3 days to do them i can understand it, but if i completed it then let it reset the next day, not wait another 3 days, old alerts did not give you 3 days to do them, you had 1 hour or less but more chances to do it in one day, like nitain had 4 drops in 24 hours speaking of nitain, dont think you thought this through, we had nitain every day, 4 times a day, now i can only get nitain if i reach tier 3,6,12,16,20....... leaving no room for a beginner player to get it unless he gets to those tiers, he will be spending all those creds on nitain, if someone tells him that nitain is worth more to buy than a stupid skin or mod, he also must buy vauban with those creds, witch by the way you only get 50 at tier 3, meaning you buy 2 parts of vauban and thats it, cant get nothing else, now wait till tier 6, i help my friend to farm ivara yesterday, she needs 9 nitain, she is still on tier 1 and can not do most the dailies or weeklies cause his MR is too low, he did not unlock sorties yet, so the problems is just piling up for him, best of all the by the time he can get to tier 3, the rewards may change to something else give us more dailies or weeklies or make the wolf creds more?
  13. only thing i like about this new system that is replacing alerts is, you can see what there is, you can choose from it when and what you want, and the tier rewards too, you know what you will get at next tier unlock, i love it the RNG is starting to kill me slowly but surely, hoping to get the 1 item you want from 5 item drop table (relics), or a drop from an enemy with a 0.05%(mod) is really getting too much at this point, i know its to keep you playing and farming i would like to see a mission that i can choose an item i want, that item will drop 100%, but it will be more difficult in that mission for that drop or something, than in a normal RNG hope it will drop mission, like index, if you stay in there for 1 hour that prodman guy will spawn, you will kill it and you will get the drop, poster 100% drop chance, no RNG,or is he gona come or not? those type of things give a guy/girl hope, and a will to be in there for an hour to get the stupid poster lol, like i would never stay in there for an hour if it had RNG determining if it will spawn or not and now with this wolf guy, did over 130 missions so far and have not seen this thing once, meantime other people are selling his weapon parts left and right, like it fell out of the air lol, and a set for 10000 plat, seriously!?!?, yea i know i dont have to buy it, still begs the question how are they getting it if i do the same as them and im not getting it? LUCK? and they get it in like 5-8 missions to my 130 missions so far and still nothing
  14. You are my HERO, thank you so much, was the most annoying thing for me from the beginning playing warframe, no one ever answered me about this problem, till now, thanks again and enjoy your day
  15. for the love of warframe, can we get more riven slots, PLEASE!!! and can you remove the reload weapon when using X to open or pickup things, PLEASE!!! and the new ''wolf'' random enemies that pop up, ''kill,capture 3 enemies'', is broken or bugged, you kill all 3 then you capture 2, then the 3rd guy lay there, but you can't do anything with him
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