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  1. buy more forma = more revenue, farming another frame = 0 revenue, think you got it backwards maybe, i think they released the aura for exactly this reason of not having to have 2 frames for 4 different uses, now your aura polarity is inter changeable, my actual solution 2 years ago was that they make it so you can forma config A,B,C separately, but i will gladly take a 1 slot fits all, if thats the best they can come up with
  2. i asked a while back for polarity changes, in the means of having 2 types of builds, speed nova and slow nova as example, the 2 type of builds clash with each other in polarities, i know that you made this change for aura mods, you use 4 forma to make a aura forma, so now it can take any type of polarity, why not do this for the normal forma aswell? making a slot take any polarity will be a huge improvement to builds for all warframes, oh and please can i get the scanner to be able to zoom out and in, something is not right with the view i get when i look through it, either too close to something i want to scan and it is way too sensitive at the zoom it is currently at, zooming out will help alot thanks
  3. when people complain about FREE stuff they get, its time to stop giving FREE stuff lol, and yes the eidolon hunt fights need to be worked on and fixed, charged lures and it still sinks into the ground, spawning somewhere else on map, warframe abilities stop working, jump in water to fix( sometimes) cant go into operator mode, vombs just not spawning, or not enough hit box on limbs still not correct, wisps not dropping from when hitting eidolon, operator gets pushed into water and your warframe loses his abilities and energy? you are not connected at that point, so how? eidolon dies after shooting 4th limb, dropping the shard but not key, and yes with 8 fully charged lures around it not getting rewards when leaving through door shrine wont take the key list goes on, gave up on eidolon hunts so dont care anymore, hear alot of new players having this problems i mentioned as well, and i saw it again in my nightwave challenge, so thanks for the painfull memories again
  4. you fix things that is not broken, but things that are you leave? oh well cant get everything in life right now can we? explain to me what Physique aura mod should do, and then explain to me why it is not doing it please, should get a 90% health increase but i dont, but yes lets fix stuff that is not broken and leave this alone, lets fix noggles and a scarf that clips into stuff, that is more important
  5. please fix wukong's twin, he is dumb as dirt, really, he try to shoot enemies behind walls, like he can see them run around a wall and he will keep on shooting at them even tho he cant see them, aim bot settings on it is broken lol, same with melee, he gets confused in who he should attack first,he just stands there half the time, going who who who, ok attack him, then he turns into an owl again, who who who, just give him an IQ boost or buff, i know he is a monkey but surely monkeys are not that stupid lol even my rank 1 specters dont do that, then again they are not monkeys lol
  6. you are still not thinking of the smaller guys, what if you dont have operator unlocked? why are you making these things so hard on people? first we HAVE to have a friend, then we HAVE to do it with clan mates, now we HAVE to have an operator? i played the other day with a random player and he said he dont like playing with operator, so you are forcing him to do something he do not like, why? you have new players joining daily, but you are making it not possible for them to get that reward just because they dont have an operator? im mastery rank 27, i need only 1 more log in weapon then i have everything so far in this game, so for me i dont really care about this rewards or credits i need to buy from nightwave, but i am thinking and hearing people(new players) complain about how they can not get things like nitain (or enough of it) because they cant get enough credits to buy them, because like previously they dont have a friend to play with or clan mate, hence loosing out on rewards, again i dont need anything so im not complaining, im only thinking of other players getting frustrated, ok from my side i really hope you change or remove the forma thing aswell, i dont need to forma anything anymore, but im forced to forma things, same goes for guilding a weapon, im beyond the point of making and leveling zaws and kitguns, dont want to make a random weapon, level it up and guild it just because i HAVE to, then have to sell it to get my weapon slot back, and all that resources is lost aswell not to mention the time thanks for trying to make something different and good but this needs more thinking, not all is bad but can be better Suggestion, how about making this like a quest, so you got your first 1, wolf of saturn, with all the rewards, you will get your weekly and daily things to do, BUT you make the quest repeatable, so if you hit rank 30, quest ends but you can restart it to get the same rewards again, specially when you look at that umbra and aura forma that we only get once in a lifetime, this will give incentive to the grind horde out there, and not over a 10 week period, thats way too long, there are people that finished the first one in week 8 i think, leaving them with nothing to gain from doing the missions just for some extra credits
  7. 105 times and i have 3 frost step, wonder wtf is going on with this RNG bullS#&$ then, i wanted the shock step, you want the freezing step, make you wonder tho right, how this loot drop actually works, and in all this time sinse the wolf came out, i have seen him 3 times, how is that even possible? if others have wolf sledge hammer sets, yes SETS plural( meaning more than 3 sets, to sell?, nightwave says he is on jupiter, stalking corpus?, well he is NOT, tell nora she got fed the wrong info on where this S#&$ wolf is, tired of running mission after mission HOPING to see this thing, where others just see him so TOO much and get so many weapon drops from it to sell it
  8. So she heats herself up and cools her self down? again what is the canisters for then?, and if you have not noticed if 1, ONLY 1 cooler spider hits her its got a INSTANT cooling affect on her, by that logic the HEAT canisters should have the same affect too, so why the #*!% am i there for then? if you read what i said, 5 canisters DONT DO S#&$!, its not heating it up, gradually or instantly, it DO NOT WORK, so if i just hang in the air and ONLY shoot the cooler spiders and she heats up(by her self), what is the skill or mechanics for this fight even worth then? nothing, i saw this from the start of this boss, its a waiting game, if you wait long enough it will heat up by itself making canisters a waste of time
  9. same thing here, i gather 5 canisters and throw them all at once and nothing happens, temp is still staying in one place, if i go into archwing and shoot all cooler spiders before they reach her, the heat goes up by it self (throwing no canisters at it), but this only work for first 2 vents, on the third you have to throw canisters at it or it wont heat up enough, so then they work kinda, but also not enough to say the least, and when she humps the ground all your effort is lost dont see why exploiter is calling for her children (coolent spiders) to come to her to cool her off, if she can just get horny enough and hump the ground and cool her self off lol, why cant we have used heat element on our weapons to heat her up? least that way it would feel like a fight and not canister trowing skill competition lol
  10. you can switch orbiter radio off, then you wont hear her talk all the time, its in the nightwave screen
  11. not entirely true, you can take any mastery rank player to the index to make millions, hell i took a MR0 into index yesterday lol, and as long as he got the ephemeras he can keep it till he can craft it, so again its more luck based on getting it than it is skill, or a reward for someone that played the game for a long time that worked for his or her skills, my problem is not with low MR's getting that stuff, my problem is i have to carry them, and yes i know if i join public anyone can join me, but if it was mastery locked or like profit taker, people who must reach a certain level in fortuna or have a archwing gun launcher, then it would make sense
  12. ok you need to tone down hildryns sound, it is annoying and loud! ok i like melee 2.999999999997, whatever it might be, its smooth transition between weapons is awesome, now here is the problem with what i have, if you do not have a secondary weapon equiped and you pick up a key or canister, old way it had the melee equiped with the key in hand cause no secondary, then you could aim glide with no problem, it still do equip melee if no secondary BUT, now when i try to aim glide it swops to main weapon and drops the thing in my hand, this is not the way it was and it is a pain to loose the key half way to the mobile objective to get there and find the key is not in hand anymore, please just make your main weapon inactive or not able to swop to it when you pick up something, i do aim glide sometime to feel like superman when i cover large distances lol Please fix that
  13. 90% of this update is awesome, thank you very much, 10% of it tho i dont like, trade ui is not as easy as before, liked the old way better, will give it a week more to see if it grows on me lol hildryn gets shields from picking up energy orbs right? the shields is her energy, why is she not getting shields from energy restores? energy is energy right? ok and why is there no discription on her 4th ability, like how to control her in the air? just add spacebar go up, control go down love the new cetus time of day display and orb vallis temp, dont need to use 3rd party stuff anymore to see it, thank you very much ok and why in display is my nightwave showing, nightwave: 13/10 weekly acts, does this not mean i have to do 2 more? but i did everything, nothing available to do anymore
  14. why is my daily nightwave missions not ALL ressetting? i got 3 dailies but only 1 is resetting? seen it for the last 2 ways ding that now, why are they called dailies then if i cant do them daily? Daily means everyday, not every 3 days, timer on it is 2d 23h when it resets, ok if you give me 3 days to do them i can understand it, but if i completed it then let it reset the next day, not wait another 3 days, old alerts did not give you 3 days to do them, you had 1 hour or less but more chances to do it in one day, like nitain had 4 drops in 24 hours speaking of nitain, dont think you thought this through, we had nitain every day, 4 times a day, now i can only get nitain if i reach tier 3,6,12,16,20....... leaving no room for a beginner player to get it unless he gets to those tiers, he will be spending all those creds on nitain, if someone tells him that nitain is worth more to buy than a stupid skin or mod, he also must buy vauban with those creds, witch by the way you only get 50 at tier 3, meaning you buy 2 parts of vauban and thats it, cant get nothing else, now wait till tier 6, i help my friend to farm ivara yesterday, she needs 9 nitain, she is still on tier 1 and can not do most the dailies or weeklies cause his MR is too low, he did not unlock sorties yet, so the problems is just piling up for him, best of all the by the time he can get to tier 3, the rewards may change to something else give us more dailies or weeklies or make the wolf creds more?
  15. only thing i like about this new system that is replacing alerts is, you can see what there is, you can choose from it when and what you want, and the tier rewards too, you know what you will get at next tier unlock, i love it the RNG is starting to kill me slowly but surely, hoping to get the 1 item you want from 5 item drop table (relics), or a drop from an enemy with a 0.05%(mod) is really getting too much at this point, i know its to keep you playing and farming i would like to see a mission that i can choose an item i want, that item will drop 100%, but it will be more difficult in that mission for that drop or something, than in a normal RNG hope it will drop mission, like index, if you stay in there for 1 hour that prodman guy will spawn, you will kill it and you will get the drop, poster 100% drop chance, no RNG,or is he gona come or not? those type of things give a guy/girl hope, and a will to be in there for an hour to get the stupid poster lol, like i would never stay in there for an hour if it had RNG determining if it will spawn or not and now with this wolf guy, did over 130 missions so far and have not seen this thing once, meantime other people are selling his weapon parts left and right, like it fell out of the air lol, and a set for 10000 plat, seriously!?!?, yea i know i dont have to buy it, still begs the question how are they getting it if i do the same as them and im not getting it? LUCK? and they get it in like 5-8 missions to my 130 missions so far and still nothing
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