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  1. I keep seeing everyone complaining about the DX/10 min, and flash back to a couple? of years ago when ESO changed it specs to x64/DX11 - that's 11 - so honestly, for a big, successful MMO, DE is being very very nice. I do really wish that devs collectively would do Linux ports OR just straight up base Linux support - I resent having to buy a new POS OS from MS just for gaming - WinX is, nor will it likely be, in my future - ever. Win7 works on and with all things - PTL 🤣 And in a closing note: MS working on making WinX/Win.XX a subscription based "service model", where you pay to play every year to use the OS - W T A F - how (rhetorically speaking) can that NOT make Linux/OSS-OS a more desirable option?!
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