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  1. I want to dream of being a lie.
  2. What if everyone in this entire thread is a lie?
  3. banned for being intolerant of those who are potentially being excessively tolerant of the the intolerant.
  4. Banned because all this talk about dread and hate is causing me despair.
  5. Well that sucks. I actually really loved the emissive energy thing and enjoyed using it to make all kinds of cool energy color combinations. Would it be possible to make it an option in customization so that those who liked it can still have it? Seriously. Hearing about this actually ruined my day. Plz DE.
  6. The only problem I have with this so far is the fact that gliding automatically switches me back to guns. It's a bit annoying zooming in when I don't intend to shoot anything as it makes it harder to see where I'm trying to land. Other than that, I like it. Until this update, I only ever took out my guns when I absolutely had to because I didn't feel like switching back and forth just to shoot that one enemy I can't reach. Now I just shoot it and go right back to punching things. I'm loving the aimed slams too.
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