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  1. As someone who has to deal with birds on a daily basis, I disagree. Most creatures with wings like that are jerks, and I know of at least a few who would absolutely mass-murder if given the ability to do so. Wouldn't mind seeing a toggle to turn them off for people who don't want to see them though, as long as we also get a toggle to turn off the fading thing so that those of us who do want to see them actually can outside of our orbiters.
  2. Yes please! Seems like I rarely ever get to see mine outside of my orbiter because there's always something nearby that makes them vanish.
  3. I know they go invisible/transparent to make aiming easier, but if I can't see them 90% of the time outside of my orbiter what's the point in wearing them? It would be even better if they could just fold instead of vanish, like wing syandanas do.
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