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    Always enjoy reading those recaps. Looking forward to seeing how 16 plays out tonight.
  2. There really isn't a 'best' when it comes to loadout as already said, but I personally run with Hek, Akbolto and Scindo if I'm in everything's-gonna-die mode. Haven't finalized mods yet, though I'd go so far as to say iron skin, redirection, and rush are mandatory. I fill out the rest with things like streamline, continuity, flow. Vitality and fast deflection couldn't hurt either.
  3. Frost comes from Ceres (25-35 zone). Ash comes from Uranus (10-23 zone). So, Frost would technically be more difficult. Would say Kril is a bit harder than Regor though even if their levels were the same.
  4. Title made me think of Mass Effect for some reason..anyway.. Would be nice to be able to pull things over the short railings.
  5. I imagine some were taken from this thread: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/17356-update-7x-weapon-balance-notes/
  6. Nah the coils around her arms are fixed color. I don't mind the silver actually, but more customization is always nice.
  7. Some nice shots in that thread (including that Ember). But yeah, bit surprised there aren't more shots posted here. The game has a nice art style; I like taking random screenshots. The approach http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/560972542105962854/0B43C68B4629DD09FF279FE14B397573BFB29800/ *dramatic pose* http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/560972542106048037/A5FB621A43A280B8845291B2FFA3F9014E627A76/
  8. ^ I think you misunderstood; OP is asking which of those 4 to sell to make room for Hek. Personally I'd say get rid of Paris, or Boltor. Since you already have Akbolto, Boltor is a little redundant. Never been too fond of Paris, but it's good if you want to play stealthy (I generally don't, hence the dislike).
  9. The range isn't what it used to be if you were stacking multiple +reach% mods pre U7. Still can get decent range now, just not crazy like it was before.
  10. Not sure how I missed this thread. 10/10, would not throw out the airlock. +1 internet for the Rhino fish avatar
  11. Try looking through here if you haven't: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/13981-strict-nat/ Pretty sure the only way you'll be able to join your friends is if you get the issue sorted out. I had the same problem when I started out, but soon as I got it sorted I could join my friends fine.
  12. The actual hologram effect does wear off after a time (sorry dunno an exact time - maybe 25-30 seconds at rank 3). But the enemies will keep going after whatever they have targetted until the target dies, after which it returns to normal.
  13. Exactly this. Everytime you hit 1 you get a full second of this: http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/559844831506657654/CD79700BB3CB1BCAEB12790EB231F2E2F1778BF4/ That's with bloom OFF. It really is bothersome. Only way to avoid it is to do a 180 with the camera away from whatever you're casting on.
  14. I know pre U7 you used to be able to hit through multiple enemies, but now I'm not sure the puncture amount is sufficient. Several meters + then vs .3 meter at max rank now. Admittedly I have not actually used a max rank puncture now since it's a bit expensive to level up and slot. Don't think .3 is enough to pass through an enemy. - correct me if I'm wrong
  15. Could be a result of the mishap they had last week with the stats. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/26324-warframe-player-stats-server-status/ Supposedly just using a weapon with incorrect stats for a run would fix and update the stats display. I do believe Rebecca said your actual rank mastery wasn't affected though. If nothing else, could try submitting a support ticket.
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