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  1. It's a video game. AM I in a minority, or are people just whining? It's hard to tell.
  2. We have a resource in the game with a handful of blueprints, and then JUST Rivens. Using a resource in a single system is a waste of resources. Just like the waste of resources of permanently adding a new type of Exilus Adapter, when we already had them in existence. "But veterans have a ton!" Don't add something permanent because of a temporary condition, that's stupid.
  3. Nice to see someone that's done the maths..... So now I know exactly WHY I am taking more hits to kill everything. Simple Fix IMO.... Remove Heavy Attacks. Add the damage they represented back into our regular attacks. Stop adding BS to the melee system, because if it's slower and/or more complicated than just shooting something in the face, then we're all going to JUST shoot things in the face. Melee needs to be more damaging than range to compensate for the inherent danger of it, or we'll never use it.... And right now, I'm never using it because it's not damaging enough to kill things in even half the time it takes me to just shoot it.
  4. This strikes way too many cords with way too many things DE has done. They make things, they do a couple balance passes, they blindly abandon them, never to return again.
  5. I hear this a lot.... And it baffles me. I spent about ONE hour on Hydron.... With my brand new Paracesis, and no Affinity Booster. To rank it up for the first time, then Forma it five times. What is this "Hours on Hydron" thing I hear so often? Are you.... Not USING the weapon, for some reason? Cuz actually using it really helps, and it's just Hydron, so you can kill things with just a generic damage mod on, especially if you're using a frame with a damage buff. And even moreso if you use Wukong, and make his clone also use the weapon, so you get affinity for it even faster. I am not a collector, so I imagine it's a struggle for them.... but for me, I ENJOY investing into my weapons. I ENJOY having those green symbols on every slot and still seeing barely any capacity because I pushed my weapons/frames to the max. My biggest issue with Weapon Exilus Adapaters is that the only possible reason to make them is because DE didn't want Veterans with lots of Exilus Adapters actually ENGAGING with the system on Day 1..... Which is specifically the value in BEING an established Veteran of any game, getting to try out the new stuff ASAP with less or no grind to reach it. The Weapon Exilus Adapters should never have existed, and we should just be using Exilus Adapters on all of it. Hell, even the names give away that this was last minute addon because of vets.... "Sexilus"? You really mean to tell me, that the Dev team that makes jokes about a vascectomy on their streams, didn't see any issue with that name? With that name IN THEIR OWN CHAT? Bull. People complaining about the Relics or the Collection feeling exploitative..... THIS is exploitative, this is a last minute change around to try to squeeze out a bunch of 20 plat purchases.
  6. The thing that drew me to Warframe in the first place was that I enjoyed games with heavy customization, and multiple styles of customization that were actually viable, not 'customization' in the D3 style where one or two sets is viable and nothing else. So..... If you take all my mods away..... You just took literally THE thing that brought me to your game in the first place. The entire reason I am here playing the game. Gone. I no longer have any reason to play.
  7. I don't even have to look through this thread to be confident this has been said in some form, so I'll say it myself: This is way too much grind for relatively little. These aren't OP AF, these aren't Kitguns and Zaws.... And the grind to get to them is already unreasonable. Those are BETTER, and I still refuse to deal with the awful grind to get to them. Why would I put up with a worse grind for less? As it stands, I'll do this a few times, at most.... And then do my level best to avoid this system entirely because it's unrewarding and far too slow. Either speed it up, or make it give more than a weapon we eventually won't want. The other issue? Kuva farming. No, not Siphons, not Floods.... The fact that I'm doing it AT ALL. I don't like the Riven system. So I don't use it. Well, it's not an essential gameplay system, it's not needed to use a Riven for any of the game's content..... So that's fine, right? No, apparently it's not, because now, I need to farm Kuva, all the time. Which is only useful, for Rivens. I realize, for thematics, that this has to remain. And I could be okay with that, if between this and the Riven Slivers, it didn't feel like you were screaming in my face "Use Rivens or DE gives zero Fs about you!" Just, IDK, allow us to turn Kuva into Endo somewhere, or Credits, or hell, both. Make some Corpus NPC who does a currency exchange at awful rates, because he's Corpus and thus greedy AF. Let us change Kuva for other 'currencies', Credits, Endo, Ducats, and then you can change the rates he goes by whenever you want to balance out his economic impact. IDK, I just don't like being forced to farm something I've got no real use for, constantly. If we had a real use for Kuva outside of the entirely optional Riven system, it'd be K. Just.... Keep in mind, forcing you to engage in X optional system to engage in Y optional system.... Is not the greatest idea. Fissures, at least, are just missions of all kinds with extra drops, basically. That you can kind of force, because it's effectively making you engage with all the core gameplay again. Rivens aren't the same thing, they aren't core at all, or even all that important. Same with Liches. So linking the two this hard really isn't sorting out too well IMO.
  8. My thoughts for now, after my own testing and the melee alerts: The new stance system being standard-ish, I love. Not having to memorize individual combos, hold and release nonsense.... This is simple and effective and I like it. It FEELS better to use, and that was clearly your point. Keeping it to three buttons definitely helps. Some of the new stances are a little.... Odd, in animations. High Noon on my Redeemer Prime sends me into some weird flip thing? I'm not even clear how I did that. Void MacGuffin explaining that, I guess? Whatever. I seem to have lost damage on non-Heavy attacks. I don't like this at all. Because of how many changes there are and my refusal to do the damage, I have no idea where that damage was lost, I just know it's taking more swings than it used to to kill things. Heavy Attacks themselves seem.... Unrewarding. I need to melee to build combo, then do a fairly slow animation, then do.... Not all that much more damage, really. Or, I could just shoot them in the face from across the room, as it's both faster, and safer, and won't put me in Nullifier bubbles. It doesn't help that the Heavy Attack animations seems significantly slower than just the basic attacks. I'll be honest, maybe at 12X Combo those are worth it, but in practice, I don't think I've ever seen more than 4X combo in a mission, even when I've been melee only. That was before the update.... After the update, I've only seen 3X. If the Heavy Attacks don't seem worth it NOW.... I can only imagine that wasting more time and effort building more combo..... If anything is still alive by then, then it should be almost dead and totally not worth wasting that built up combo ON. The major, IE only, use I've found for Heavy Attacks, is with Initial Combo Counter and the Heavy Slam.... Because if your attack speed is just so, you can Heavy Slam, Lift everything, and jump into the air to Heavy Slam again, and have that Initial Combo Counter back up before you contact the ground. So, smaller Rhino Stomp, for everyone, for free...... I now have even more reasons to use Nezha over Rhino. If I can sort through the mods that have changed and maybe find one that "Increases Lifted Status Duration" or some such, it'll be even better. Games in general struggle to make melee a THING, when ranged is available and good. Generally, games either give melee inherent defenses, which Warframe can't really do, or they make melee damaging enough to be worth the added risk.... Which Warframe was doing a wonderful job of, and now.... Isn't. Or at least it doesn't seem to be on the basic attacks, just the heavies. My major conclusion? Remove Heavy Attacks. Balance damage around JUST the base melee system you added. Leave it be. As the saying goes, K.I.S.S., Keep It Simple S-. This "Rage Mode" you're thinking about adding? Don't. This isn't Devil May Cry, or Bayonetta..... While you've got us doing fancy moves, we're getting shot and killed. I've already gotten nuked because of where the Parazon finishers put me. You made a horde shooter game. Spectacle Fighter mechanics have no place here, and never really will, because they're about being showy and dramatic rather than actually fighting, about cool moves rather than just killing the enemy. If I "Bayonetta-d" every Infested in an Exterminate, I'd be at it for over an hour. Or I could shoot them all, and take a few minutes. No mattter how "fun" or "cool" you make it.... Players need a reason to use melee over just shooting things. Making it slower, or more complicated, is specifically fighting your end goal. The basic attacks feel great. Keep them, use them. Then STOP f-ing with it, you're done. No new additions, no fancy alternate modes.... Simple, clean, and if you get the damage right, a competitive option against ranged weaponry.
  9. No? It lost its top end of damage, and gained a much higher and easier to achieve minimum damage. It's a change, but not technically good or bad, outside of hyper efficient people proccing all statuses in hour long endurance runs or something. In practice, CO is really good.... But not anywhere near as good as some pretend it to be. People with math in Impact, Puncture, and Gas procs...... Impact and Puncture buff ONE hit, AFTER you have already hit them, and IF you hit them again fast enough. And Gas isn't on the enemy after you proc it, it's toxin, but people pretend it's both on the enemy. Yes, CO can give stupidly high damage right now.... But it's not as much as people pretend it is, and it's not at all NEEDED. Or have you missed just how much extra damage we have? IMO this is a straight buff to the usability of CO and a straight nerf to Melee Modding as a whole, since this is now actually an auto include on so many Melees. We already lost a slot to Pressure Point, and then we lose slots for Status mods, or we lose slots to Crit and Crit Damage..... A weapon usually wants Fury or Reach, or both..... We only have so much space, what mod do we drop and where? And don't even get me started on the unclear state of things like Berserker, Weeping Wounds, and the Gladiator set.
  10. The combinations will not prevent that in any way. The Stalker is a joke because he's not a threat. If Kuva Liches aren't a threat, then having to faff about with combinations won't make them a threat, it will make them a nuisance, just like the Stalker. But so far, the only threatening solo enemy I've seen was the Wolf, and that was because of terrible design, and actively being immune to the tools we use to kill things. Liches need to be durable enough that they can't be mowed down in an instant, and dangerous enough that they can actually kill you a few times. Putting a combination lock on killing them does neither of those things.
  11. How, exactly DO they bring them up? Catchmoon was great because you could vaguely aim at a pack and apply end game viable damage to everything in that pack with just one click. That's partly because of range, partly because of its projectile type, partly because of punc through, partly because of its stats..... That's a lot of different reasons coming together in one really good weapon. You can't give that to everything, it would destroy everything unique about them. If the flat player numbers bear out what they're implying poorly with those MR percentages, then Catchmoon does indeed deserve some nerfs, because there are a LOT of end game viable secondaries, that just aren't being used because Catchmoon is just easier. It's for the lazy, boring, meta players who care only about getting things done the fastest, not having fun while doing so. And because Catchmoon exists, they have that one weapon that's an easy no brainer to pick.
  12. A) No, not at all, since you can use any damage type, some are just more effective. Also, lots more to modding than just damage types. B) I realize that. But there's a difference between 100 possibilites, and 8. 100 would be god awful. 8 would be bad, but tolerable if the system is actually worth engaging with at all. C) No, that's most all missions, actually. What do you do in Survivals? Kill things. Exterminate? Kill things. Defense? Oo, this one is special, you defend a point or operative..... By killing things. Wait, no, that's the same thing. Get the point? D) Not forced to involve myself? You sure? Because I haven't heard anything saying that yet. Indeed, from the sounds of it, it's quite the opposite, because the Lich will start stealing my farm.
  13. TBH, the ONLY good thing to go for with Titania is pressing 4, shooting enemies, and nothing else. Her other abilites aren't worth the energy, and Diwata, as you said, is garbage. Also not clear how Diwata will use this new slam thing they're adding. The thing is.... She doesn't need a rework. She needs number tweaks, she needs her abilities to work in a sensible fashion, and then she'll be fine. Razorflies doing damage is a waste. Nobody cares about the damage, nobody ever will unless you make it OP. So don't make them do damage. Make them be unkillable distractions and pick up her Tribute buffs and maybe make them her Vacuum instead of the three meter nonsense. Make the Lantern target hold STILL. Make the buffs actually meaningful.... Or just make it ONE buff and have that be great. Either works. Her kit HAS strong bones, but your end result of those strong bones is just..... One ability, and one of two weapons, and nothing else.
  14. This is not a puzzle game mate. I don't want to be figuring out which one of a hundred different combinations I need to kill something. I just want to kill the thing. I enjoy the complex and diverse customization of Warframe. I don't enjoy the thought of having complex and diverse puzzles to solve so I can actually the aforementioned customization to kill things. When I hop into a mission, I JUST want to kill things. Keep the weird puzzles and nonsense OUTSIDE the missions, please, and to a minimum.
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