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  1. i went under all my filters and couldn't find them still
  2. im trying to Transmutate my old defiled Requiem mods after hunting a few litches. but when i go to the mods menu all the mods with charges show up for transmutation but all the defiled ones disapear. however when I go to my Parazon menu all 7 of my defiled mods appear. so i am highly confused. I've asked around and it looks like it might just be me but i was hoping to find out if I'm not alone in this issue.
  3. Derak_Torga

    Requiem mods

    i'm not sure if i am the only one or not. but when i go to transmutate my defiled requiem mods. but when i go into the mods menu they don't even show up at all. am i the only one facing this bug?
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