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  1. (PS4)IIIDevoidIII

    Vacuum: Discussions Post Devstream #80

    To me, it is a proposition that'd be better to get rid of Vacuum entirely (although, unfortunately, that cannot be done). Our precious mod slots, Carrier needs less to run well than the other Sentinels. Boasting the tankiest and hardest hitting in its Prime state, and only being used by me as a way of keeping my shields up with some additonal CC, the Vacuum being an added bonus, I don't think we'll be seeing too much of a statistical change with Vacuum being a mod. I'd rather propose a preset toggle between the three types of Vacuums in the Loadout menu.
  2. (PS4)IIIDevoidIII

    Hotfix 18.13.1

    Hardly. The forums have been operating beneath the advocacy of constructive criticism since its inception.
  3. (PS4)IIIDevoidIII

    Can you find them all?

    These have different names- will probably be made something else. Syndicates Focus Emoticons Conclave Emoticons Faction Emoticons Dank Cash Money Some Hands Whole Bunch of Faces And Some Extras
  4. (PS4)IIIDevoidIII

    Forum Migration Feedback & Bugs

    Drew asked that should you still not have DC access after it being 'fixed' to contact him.
  5. (PS4)IIIDevoidIII

    Forum Migration Feedback & Bugs

    Been messing with them a lot, and it doesn't seem you can. I added it to my wishlist.
  6. (PS4)IIIDevoidIII

    Forum Migration Feedback & Bugs

    I'd assume, that with the new editor, this isn't found to be a necessary feature with IPS. This is simple formatting. Use Shift+Enter to make single-space line breaks. A lot of the previous code was sort of jury-rigged into the old architecture and is incompatible with the new. A lot of these issues are being worked on to be rectified as I type. In what way? I am using it now, and have been since the new forums released. Aesthetic changes by IPS, for the most part. These can be changed down the line, as needed, once functionality is restored. Added to personal wishlist. Doesn't seem you can do this yourself using Search. Being worked on. This is the default favicon for IPS. Aesthetic changes after functionality, again.
  7. (PS4)IIIDevoidIII

    Psa: Upcoming Forum Migration & Upgrade

    Cookie forum badge confirmed.
  8. (PS4)IIIDevoidIII

    Psa: Upcoming Forum Migration & Upgrade

    This is more likely than not a setting in your browser that's requesting the mobile site. Depending on your browser, you can usually toggle this feature off. This site may help you - http://www.howtogeek.com/176932/how-to-disable-the-mobile-version-of-a-website-on-your-phone/ Else, it's best to browse around your browser settings. Maybe, maybe not. The features going to be included remain to be decided.
  9. Mine downloads directly to my hard drive. Cloud storage is not unlimited. The download is large and takes a fair amount of time. The download doesn't start and install properly while in Rest mode.
  10. (PS4)IIIDevoidIII

    Void Trader 22/01/2016 + Feedback And Suggestions [Megathread]

    Thread cleaned of rude and off topic posts. Feedback can be made in a manner that is respectful and constructive, whether it be positive or negative. Please put this into practice in the future.
  11. (PS4)IIIDevoidIII

    Guides Of The Lotus Recruitment [15/01/2016 - 22/01/2016]

    Not related to Guides, at least not directly. Everything on the Guides' end is done manually, so no rogue automatic messages regarding it would appear. Besides, I don't believe the GotL Sigil arrives via Inbox.
  12. Warframe automatically downloads while the PS4 is turned on but does not automatically download or install while in rest mode. My suspicion is that this has to do a lot with how downloads are handled on Warframe. Warframe is the only game I know that must queue in the existing file content to download the rest of the content available in most recent updates. It may be a license verification fault of some kind that blocks the download. That, or the amount of content is just too large in the exisiting game files to work properly.
  13. (PS4)IIIDevoidIII

    Report Center: FAQ

    Made an update to the FAQ: "Q: Do I need to create more than one report for different posts in the same thread, or for multiple threads I'd like to have removed? A: No, this is not required. The Forum Staff is given a direct link to the thread in question. We usually look through the posts to make sure every effect of the reported posts is removed if need be. If the thread is particularly large, and offending posts are pages and pages away, feel free to create more than one for the convenience of the staff. For multiple threads seeking removal, reporting one of those threads and linking the other threads in that Report is perfect. That way, clutter in the Report Center is kept down, and there is a lot more convenient way for the forum staff to take care of the threads in question." Should you have multiple threads you'd like removed, i.e. 36 of them, reporting them into one giant Report is much appreciated.
  14. (PS4)IIIDevoidIII

    Guides Of The Lotus Recruitment [15/01/2016 - 22/01/2016]

    I'm just about 99% certain that AFK would kick in and stop counting time.