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  1. Peter

    My disapointment and changes for Nyx

    That's why I'm attending less the Forum, I realized that it's a waste of time, it's no use asking for feedback if they do not implement it. If I list all the ignored feedbacks it will seem like flooding.
  2. Peter

    Volt Speed constant recasts need to be elminated

    Already want to ruin Volt? lol. Like Limbo, if you do not like then create a closed group, at least Volt is useful. Just no.
  3. Peter

    My disapointment and changes for Nyx

    I would not call it rework, it remains horrible as before (not about your suggestion, about the rework that the DE did).
  4. Peter

    Saryn's synergy between Spore and Miasma

    I rarely use Miasma in my Saryn, I'm glad that people have not yet realized their true potential, so continue to spamm the 4 guys Btw, they could switch skill 4 to something less "press the button to explode the map".
  5. Peter

    i do not understand DE

    I feel that they have learned to ask for feedback in some tutorial but have forgotten the most important detail: to apply the feedbacks. From the beginning did they go like this, bugs? only fix if it is injurious, feedbacks? only when they feel like it. To this day I have not seen them apply the syndicate mods feedback (Hello Harrow). If I were to evaluate their organization I would say it is close to 0.
  6. Peter

    Revenant surprised me

    Heh, no.
  7. Peter

    Magus Repair restore too much

    And why would that be too much? just because you play Inaros? nothing is balanced with Inaros. Magus repair is balanced for any thing below 2000 health.
  8. Peter

    Soma Prime screen shake making me feel ill

    There are a lot of guns that I do not use because of this, I will not go blind because of the developer.
  9. Peter

    more ammo resupply for mk1-paris

    Yes, I'm explaining in a simple way, he's new to the game.
  10. Peter

    Revenant surprised me

    I'm talking about nukers like Saryn, Volt, Equinox... Revenant 4 can't through walls. Actually 4 is my last used skill, even Gara can kill more.
  11. I can not imagine this weapon as being the signature of Garuda, his passive is redundant and forced, 2 seconds of recharge for 9 shots of a weapon that never hitkill (in addition to contradicting the design of the weapon), and the primary shot seems to have been made purposely as semi-auto for being without ideas and wanting to give a "secondary" to the weapon, I bring here my suggestions and ideas on how to make this weapon really the signature of Garuda: You forced a slow recharge to give a "passive", 2 secs for 9 shots, rly? Rubico has 5 but at least can one hit xd The passive in addition to not being creative goes against the design of the weapon, we are talking about a weapon of chance of status with the main slash damage. Use the second fire or don't use the weapon lol. The secondary shot is awkward, the recoil is high. What could be done to improve: Replace the passive to: Every 3 hits the target is marked with the Garuda mark for X seconds. Reduce recharge time to 1.3 seconds. Remove the secondary shot, increase the magazine to 20, and make the primary shot automatic (not necessarily with the same speed as the secondary shot).
  12. Peter

    Revenant surprised me

    Revenant is very good, but players prefer Warframes that explode the map on a button.
  13. "When they complain about lack of endgame but extract on wave 5 or in the first 10 minutes of Arbitration"
  14. Peter

    is the ignis wraith any good?

    Yes, keep shooting without aim and kill everything.