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  1. Segui todas as dicas e tiraram nada mais nada menos que 8.700 platinas da minha conta.
  2. Finally some decent change.
  3. Exergis need improvements, and please take a look on Dryad bow skin.
  4. No sound for bow dryad skin and wrong placement of the rope on Lenz.
  5. @[DE]Megan Spectrosiphon don't drop energy for team, just for Gara.
  6. Still no fix for magus repair not working in client side? and no fix for dryad bow skin with lenz?
  7. Nerf by popularity is a dumb idea, snipers aren't "popular", the developers force you to use sniper on Eidolon, you should discard the use of weapons in open worlds, poor mechanics forces you to use this type of weapon. Disposition of riven does not bring any benefit just harm, is something that should not even exist, all rivens should be 1.0, want to change something? do it directly on the weapon, if you continue with this dumb system all the interesting weapons will take nerf because this is the reality, you have not balanced anything you are only spoiling the little good content that has. Soma prime low disposition? bring it to 1, done. But nerf disposition of snipers because they are of obligatory use in Eidolons is very stupid. I will say no more, you have feedback, if you do not want to apply the problem is yours, one hour we will have some game competitor, we will see if you will have the courage to play with other people's money just like now.
  8. The chart is stuck again i think.
  9. Pay attention to Lenz with Dryad bow please... by fashionframe!
  10. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1040600-bow-dryad-skin-is-completely-bugged-with-lenz/
  11. https://www.warframe.com/tennobaum bar seems stuck.
  12. @[DE]Megan in the profit taker-phase 1 when we catch a fish the mission doesn't update.
  13. I expected new arcanes for Warframes. Thx anyway.
  14. @[DE]Megan please take a look on this, adaptation is not working after the last fix.
  15. Thx For me is permaban to everyone, exploit abuse is violation of EULA.
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