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  1. And why you need more advantage? crit is the most powerful build now, you can kill any kind of mobs, eidolons, etc...
  2. Yes i know, but not in every weapon, you will prefer slash on high crit/dmg weapons. Btw, try the hema with heavy caliber + primed shred, crit mods and take a sentinel with the 4x vigilante mods, use corrosive or gas.
  3. Stop following the train of "a good weapon must have slash", my Hema can melt heavy gunner 165 without primed bane, viral + corrosive is powerful enough. To do the same with burston you need a -impact god riven, and slash procs means nothing if the base damage is low.
  4. Its very good, you're lucky.
  5. Like 3% of your max health for a full magazine, is that so much? sentinels can drop a lot of health orbs and companions can heal by a lot too, and you heal 10% of damage dealt on headshots, about the damage is pretty decent, if you want to buff something start by the burston prime.
  6. Hema is strong, don't need any kind of buff/rework, is just underrated.
  7. This is not about powerful weapon, this is about turn amazing weapons into trash/free of rivens while ignore bad weapons.
  8. Zhuge: 1.25->1.15 Slow Clap
  9. apparently that's what they want
  10. You players know they split the threads because they will ignore the comments here, right?
  11. Where is the disposition changes?
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