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  1. Send me a message on PlayStation. I’m not really gonna check the comments down below so yeah PSN is the way to go. Thank you https://ibb.co/0M1GR6M Pox 40p https://ibb.co/jRkcNk4 Sybaris 50p https://ibb.co/zfhcQ6y Sicarus. 40p https://ibb.co/dfPLr4f Dera. 15p https://ibb.co/8N3S5GF Veldt. 80p https://ibb.co/2yjZRtH Kulstar. 50p https://ibb.co/Qj5Xz9W Dragon nikana. Sold https://ibb.co/YWbq3dr Zenith 450p https://ibb.co/Bw9rPvP
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