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  1. Definitely Vauban. He is a bloody relic that has little value in the current game.
  2. Come on, just make cautious shot prevent 100% self damage.
  3. Unfortunately, this has been brought up time and time again yet no change. Not sure if DE has actually paid attention to this problem or they just don't care to change it.
  4. That is on you buddy. Rivens since they were put into the game DE said would change in strength based off popularity, they now are just being consistent in changing the disposition. If you want to spend your plat on rivens you take the risk. Furthermore, rivens are not needed at all to get through any content in this game.
  5. Make Rivens untradeable and then I'll agree with people wanting the dispositions not to change. It is great DE is finally having consistent time frames in changing dispositions. Rivens were just a bad idea overall in my opinion but removing them isn't feasible at this point. Fact is they are not needed whatsoever to get through any of the content so people freaking out about the nerfs is pretty funny.
  6. Vauban is spoiled milk. He has aged extremely poorly and it is far too late for little nerfs like this to make him relevant. He needs a considerable buff or rather a complete overhaul.
  7. Two things: Wolf credits needs to be distributed in a more frequent fashion, perhaps every standing level or have them drop from the Wolf and his minions. For the sake of new players this needs to happen because as it stands them being able to get the items is now going to take longer than it did before with RNG alerts. Second thing is the Wolf needs to spawn more frequently or become a guaranteed spawn perhaps after capturing a certain amount of his underlings. I have not had him spawn once after quite a few hours of play.
  8. BUG: Baruuk's slam with desert wind is broken. It does no damage at all, not even damage numbers pop up. It also doesn't have particle effects either.
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