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  1. would probably spore, kill enemy, then immediately miasma. miasma again as soon as the timer is up to where it wont cancel, then miasma again 5 seconds before affinity is over. dont remember what the timer is because i havent grinded eso in ages.
  2. cant even begin to fathom the thought process behind nerfing the tombfinger as bad as they did
  3. Some kitgun rivens are already selling for that much. Also, all they need to do for primary’s is add more mods like hunter munitions that weapons can be built around.
  4. I almost had a stroke trying to read your post.
  5. I’m okay with that as long as I don’t have to farm level 5 standing for each one of them. Takes 19 years minimum to do so
  6. I know someone who got locked out of their account, because they sold a riven for like 6k, and it ended up being all bad plat. He said he had to buy platinum equal to how much he was negative to get his account back.
  7. I know almost nothing about Volt. I just wanted to say that you chose a really good title for your post.
  8. I think they do. I made a post about a status chance bug that existed for like 9 months, and they finally fixed it 2 days after my post.
  9. It’s one of the better updates for sure. I just wish the kitguns were a little stronger.
  10. just add an augment slot on the warframe.
  11. give it some ties to the actual game so theres some incentive to play it
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