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  1. It sounds like this was written from the perspective of a solo which is not what was intended. It’s kind of annoying that it’s so hard to solo from the start but it’s better than not having it at all I guess.
  2. It's a side grade that takes away the weapons identity
  3. LoneWolveYoutube


    It's one of my favorite weapons. It's kinda meh in terms of damage, but it's really smooth. You're hired.
  4. The second one looks amazing. 0.0 Ty for the chart at the very bottom. I'm gonna screenshot that for later use.
  5. I hope you live alone. If anyone heard you recording this they might call the police.
  6. That looks, disgusting. but I guess it's nidus we're talking about, so I think that means it's good.
  7. This is really good. Good job 😄
  8. This is amazing holy ****. I'm making this my desktop.
  9. It kinda sucks yeah, but tennogen was made by freelance artists, so it's a little different. They're also only cosmetic, so it's not too big of a deal.
  10. Try clicking both mouse buttons. My trade chat will do this sometimes, not usually my mouse, but double clicking usually fixes it.
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