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  1. i got mind in less than 1 week. well the grind isnt that hard you just need to kill some infested aoe weapon and stuff. the only problem i had was mining.. just because of RNG. getting the crafting part isn't that hard.
  2. question, if i'm at work and have the stream running on my pc until i'm back home can i still click the claim button or it will be expired if i doesn't claim it during the stream ?
  3. You can actually take other player names is they haven't login long enough and have low playtime source: trust me bro // well it not actually "take" but reset their name. you can as support to free that name but you can't ask them to set your name to new name. .. i think ? atleast that what happen to me i ask my name to bet changed to dishonored but instead they free that name and i had to manually change my name in my account profile. so if someone took take name before you get it.. i guess the name is gone
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