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  1. Alright you caught me. I'm just burn out. Too much toxicity made me think this game was going downhill.
  2. Nope. I stopped playing weeks ago. Only came back for Dog Days, but that's it.
  3. Not that it has been, but it starting to look like it. Nightwave is being argued into infinity, criticisms about Dog Days' reward system glutton the recent hotfix, and veterans argue that the game is flawed because of its lack of feasible endgame. Railjack and the New Player Experience are suppose to help fix the game, but with the way DE has handled recent updates such as the Jovian Accord's Disruption, Chimera's Arbitration, and Fortuna's Profit Taker, I'm very skeptical about how these next two updates will be handled. These three updates each had a task to accomplish and fell short of that task - Disruption's rewards, Arbitration's enemy scaling, and Profit Taker's grind. DE has done some great stuff in the past, but I am afraid we have left the Golden Era of Warframe two years ago.
  4. Well at least they could have let us know they're working on it. Make a tab called "Known Problems" and list the price issue, for example.
  5. Why can't they just do that? Release a platform-wide hotfix?
  6. I give this event a 6/10. Initially, it is a wonderful event that gives Warframe a new flavor of gameplay. The gameplay is pretty solid with the Soaktron mechanics being realistic to how a real-life squirt gun would work, the artwork of the map is beautiful, the little gimmicks such as Warframes wearing tubes is cute, and Kela De Thaym's drug-like voice acting nails this event into a grand immersion! At a first glance and first few playthrough, this event is spectacular. I say "at a first glance" Dog Days is great; however, the longer you participate in the event, the worse it gets. Pearls are the new currency types earned in this event, and they are fixed by the mission difficulty, not by the amount of kills gained in each mission. This gives players the incentive to not be engaged in the event and find ways to reduce the amount of work load on their end. This can be done by gaining a single kill, then head to certain spots on the map that would render the player safe from enemy harm such as trees, buoys, and Grineer vaults. In addition to the reward system, the prizes of the event that can be obtained through Nakak, from Cetus, are quite high. The Captura costs 1,000 pearls, Beach Ball Floofs - though they are a spectacular cosmetic - range from 300 to 500 pearls in terms of pricing, and the Dog Days Sigil costs 600 pearls. These are just a few of the many prizes with inconveniently high prices. The fixed rewards and the high prices subtract about 4 points from my rating. Should these problems have not existed in the first place, this event would have easily been a 9.5/10 in my books.
  7. Indeed. For an event as small as this, a grind lasting 1-3hrs is fine, but a grind lasting 6-12hrs for most people is a bad thing. Very, very bad thing considering the reward cannot be directly determined by the players themselves. Edit: By rewards, I meant the pearls earned at the end of each Dog Days round.
  8. Yes, Red Text. You will see a correlation right now.
  9. No you won't cause I'm still going to AFK on a tree and buoy.
  10. When the bug becomes a feature, but its a bad one.
  11. Yeah. The Grind is pretty bad for this event.
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