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  1. Hello, community! I'm trying to gather data from Warframe players who have an idea or two about what they would like to occur next year. I have already posted a similar survey in a different forum section, but I am trying to capture a different pool of voluntary respondents. If you would like to help me with this data extraction, feel free to fill out the forum below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1m2WpVn8Gyv-NvncINlt9MQGvMAF1PLq4FzbEL0mwQpc/prefill My intention is to take this data and present to DE in an 'open letter' format that clearly lists out what Warframe consumers would like to happen this year using data excavated from as large as possible. However, I will be unable to complete this task by myself. If you would like to help me in this endeavor, feel free to respond to this topic. If you have any critiques to my strategy of data gathering, please respond as well! Disclaimer: This survey is to gather the opinion of Warframe customers. This is, by no means, a perfect survey as this practice of data collection holds a voluntary response bias. Therefore, do not assume the resulting data to be the 'truth'. Thank you very much for reading, and let us make a better Warframe game together!
  2. Thank you for your criticism. I will go ahead and place the disclaimer in this thread.
  3. Hello, Community! I'm trying to start a data research on what the players of Warframe wants to come from DE in the coming year. I was inspired by Rahetalius' video explaining that he would like the next year to be 'a year of rework'. However, it got me curious to see what each individual player believes is worth DE's time for 2020. Once the data is gathered, I'll create a letter to DE that will list what the community would like to happen next year! I'm attaching a link to a Google Forum where you can put your responses on what you would like to be done next year. Please read the description of the forum before you answer as it pertains instructions to the survey. Thank you! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf3PHH5oax1dnbrGTy62igMAtwZRzYgxUZOJRSzQMMGCuX4bA/viewform?usp=pp_url Disclaimer: This survey is to gather the opinion of Warframe customers. This is, by no means, a perfect survey as this practice of data collection holds a voluntary response bias. Therefore, do not assume the resulting data to be the 'truth'. If you are interested in helping me with the endeavor, feel free to shoot me a message. More people means more reliable data means a better letter to DE!
  4. Everyday when it reaches 7pm in my city, Warframe's daily loot reward drops in. I'm always ecstatic when it turns out to be a booster because that means I get to either work on Mastery Rank, farm a large load of Endo or Credits, or enjoy a larger surplus of resources. It saddens me, however, when the reality is that I can't use all of those hours supplied in the booster. For example, I got a 13hr Affinity Booster a couple days ago. My bed time is at 12am. Assuming that I obtained the reward at exactly 7 o'clock and I continue to play until bed-time, the math is such: 12 - 7 is 5 hours between then and bed-time, and 13 - 5 = 8 hours wasted. That means that every booster that I receive, 8 hours of it potentially goes to waste. I can't decide to activate this booster in the morning where I can maximize as much of the 13 hours a possible by dedicating at least 8 hours available to play Warframe on a single day because these boosters are activated immediately the moment we receive them. Could we obtain boosters as an item that can be activated upon our decision?
  5. Indeed. My Imperator Vandal, Velocitus, Corvas, and Larkspur are practically useless because they're falling short of their ranged projectiles. With the melee, I do agree the lock-on should return. I hardly feel that I have a archmelee in Empyrean missions. Could you inform me what arch-gun damage nerf are you referring to? It can't be the one against crew ships, can it?
  6. I don't know, man. Harrow and Ivara are much worse than those.
  7. I can run Warframe on my donut laptop, but not Destiny 2. How is that possible? Both of them I set to the lowest possible settings.
  8. Why do we we keep playing Warframe despite the rough year 2019 has been with NW issues that still remain, low amount of content, and Kuva Lich's fusion of RNG and Grind? My Answer: Hope. What's yours?
  9. Not a bad a idea This would work, but first DE needs to start working efficiently.
  10. AAA Developer: How about we make the player's house look incredibly ugly and put micro-transactions so the player can clean their house up? That's a great idea! DE: Yeah... no.
  11. DE could try a side approach with the Codex by putting a Mods Tutorial Module in it, and hint through the new tutorial to refer to the Codex for help on technical items like that.
  12. Tennocon 2019 was the last message we received about the rework of tutorials and introducing newbies to Warframe. We haven't heard about what it is going on with the small team working on it. Could we get an update on how the team is faring? How much progress has the team made? Is the team stuck on something that we can provide suggestions on?
  13. Wouldn't the lack of hype also discourage them from hurrying up?
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