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  1. Are stances still going to be used in Melee 3.0? I'd love to keep Cleaving Whirlwind's spin attack combo to chop up everyone around me.
  2. So... I'm looking at this Atlas 'rework', and so far I'm liking it a lot. But, I have one question: How will Ore Gaze work in this scenario rework? Will it be like Hydroid and Pilfering Swarm where his passive also gives extra loot? If so, this might make Atlas a viable farming warframe to contest Nekros, Hydroid, and Ivara, as now he will be able to be more offensive with petrify, allowing him to essentially get loot rapidly. Hope you guys keep stuff like this up. :)
  3. Welp, crap. I was really hyped about that.
  4. Thx. Could you make the day/night change every hour? xD
  5. Yeah, not much of news for me to be honest. Otherwise good job!
  6. My first thought: HUH?!?! Still, I only understood 25% of it. :|
  7. THIS AIN'T STALKERS!!! THIS IS CORPUS!!! OUR KIND IS IN BIGGER DANGER THAN BEFORE!!! D:< This might also mean that we can still destroy them and their plans. o3o
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