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  1. I'm gonna follow it up with a link. https://www.pcgamer.com/the-pressure-to-constantly-update-games-is-pushing-the-industry-to-a-breaking-point/ Imo, while Warframe isn't mentioned (its competitor Anthem is), much of what the article states also applies to Warframe. The practice of releasing content, then rushing to fix it with hotfixes is concerning. Though I suppose, as the article mentioned, slowing down on content runs the risk of community hostility, since apparently that's what happened to Anthem. Idk, I never played it. I apologize here and now if my behavior over the arbitration revival system was... less than ideal. I do genuinely believe my complaints and frustration (and not just my own, actually) that came with the revival system could have been prevented had we known about it more than a mere week prior to it releasing. Most of it, anyway. At least we knew the Gas City rework and amalgrams were coming since a month or two ago. I agree with ZeroEpsilon on slowing down content, but I can't really say if we are the minority here. Funny. A couple months ago my clan had a discussion on this too. Now I understood what they meant.
  2. I'm going to be perfectly honest. The vacuum thing and the permanent debuff thing should have not seen the light of day when you were developing the revive system in the first place. I don't really expect you, or any developer for that matter, to be able to literally think of every single way to break your system or something, but these two should have been noticed and caught from the beginning. Everyone uses vacuum (or fetch, if using pets instead of sentinels). You had to have known this given that people have asked for universal vacuum for... years, I think? People lose connection a lot. Host migration remains a constant frustration. You had to have known this based on the countless complaints about host migrations. ... Well, whatever. Thanks for changing it. Also, for those whining about MirageKnight's complaint about speed buff from Volt, the keyword is "spam". Volt casting it once or twice isn't a huge deal. It's when Volt keeps mashing the 2 key for constant speed buff that some people get irritated, because having to backflip constantly just to get rid of it... does get annoying after more than like 2 times. I for one don't want it on Titania because I crash into walls alot with it, though it is funny to see Titania blitz through the skies like a jet fighter. That being said, idk how DE can change this. Probably the best you could do is suggest that Volt players not have any range for the speed buff or something *shrug*
  3. I see we are still restricted to the 90 riven cap. ...... I've already express how I felt about the arbitration's revive system.
  4. Equinox Prime will not be vaulted for about 2 years. In fact, nothing is being vaulted while Loki Prime and Volt Prime are unvaulted. So yes, you will still be able to get the relics for Equinox Prime, Tipedo Prime, and Stradavar Prime from where ever they normally drop. I'm so glad I still haven't bought Volt Prime Neuroptics yet~
  5. If you die, it's 100% your fault. This has been true throughout online gaming as a whole, or at least in mmorpgs. I even bring Oberon with Phoenix Renewal because I've always enjoyed playing as a healer in mmorpgs and the accomplishment of being able to keep the whole team alive even despite near impossible odds, sometimes even proving that wizards, likely the most fragile class in any mmorpg, can tank bosses, live, and simultaneously surprise even them (I could do without dps players dying like idiots and blaming the healer for not stopping them from their own stupidity though). My personal favorite arbitration run was almost 3hrs in an excavation run with Frost, Limbo, and... I think Chroma, clearing 50 excavations against an upward of lv255 infested mobs (which is actually the worst faction for me because Parasitics and Ancient Disrupters). Casualties? A kavat. Rest in peace. Oh, and we got Seeding Step Ephemera too, which we were actually hoping for. This is a completely random team, btw. Not premade. But this... revive system in arbitrations... I'm sorry, but this will encourage more reckless gameplay, while punishing those who are adequately prepared for the game mode. I bring Oberon to give my teammates a second chance in case of those instances where they get oneshotted despite doing everything correctly, which includes being adequately prepared, thoroughly knowing their frames and tools, and not being forced to use Inaros or something. If people die even under Phoenix Renewal, especially if they keep falling off the map or walk into a nullifier bubble, or even refuse to walk over to my waypoint to pick it up, then why should I be punished and burdened with the task of saving them while increasing the risk of my own death? On the other hand, if they actually survived long enough but die due to one of those cheap shots (like getting oneshotted by a nullifier's sniper rifle even despite Renewal active, because I REALLY hate it when that happens) or because they slipped up (because sitting in arbitrations for a while does dull your attentiveness and sense of caution), then yes I will accept the burden and risk to save them. But most likely with this system I'll only get 2 scenarios: having to save people constantly before the first C rotation, or people who survive long enough that I will likely not need to worry in the first place. You want to encourage team play and teamwork. This is a noble goal. However, the end does not justify the means. This is also a personal insult to me, because by doing this you are basically saying healers are irrelevant and unneeded and only dps are allowed to exist (though truth be told that has felt that way for quite a while given Trinity's nerfs, Vazarin's Protective Dash, and the existence of Magus Repair). Death in any other mode merely means a loss of affinity, which means nothing if you're not specifically leveling anything. And because there are little to no repercussions when dying and being revived in any other game mode, healers are unnecessary and only asked for very specific situations, like eidolons to keep lures alive or ESO for quick energy. Arbitrations made death meaningful in the sense that people have to actually have some situational awareness to succeed and can't yolo recklessly like they do in other game modes. The only people who has a problem with arbitration's 1 life system are those who probably shouldn't even be in arbitrations to begin with. Does your revive system also drain energy when afflicted with the burden? If so, this is a major problem and an even more unjustified punishment as a lot of frames rely on that very energy to keep themselves alive or even function. I will definitely not risk Oberon's energy pool with the revive system unless the one who died TRULY deserves to be revived. Your video cuts off your energy pool, so I cannot tell. Please rethink this. Please thoroughly read the feedback on this very thread. A lot of good reactions are posted here. We're not posting them out of spite or maliciousness (though no doubt some are frustrated and angry); we are posting them because we do not want to see Warframe ultimately die off because of bad decision making and player unfriendly mechanics. If you die, it's 100% your fault. This is not toxic behavior. This is not elitism. This is reality. This will remain true no matter where you go or what you do. If you don't like being a liability, don't be a liability. If I die in arbitrations, I do not want my team to risk their own deaths in an attempt to save me. Then again, if I die as Oberon, the run is pretty much finished because they realize that I am their last line of defense against certain death, so they might actually risk their own lives to save me, and thus themselves >_> Oh, and regarding archgun rivens... why? You knew the riven system only ended up further enhancing very specific weapons instead of making more weapons viable. Why would you think archgun rivens will make all archguns viable now? Why repeat your past mistake? I sincerely doubt people will suddenly want to use Dual Decurion or Phaedra over Larkspur or Fluctus when given a riven for any of them. Or are you saying that the situation will be different because of the upcoming Railjack content, because it probably won't be? ...Whatever. At the very least, please increase riven cap past 90.
  6. May I ask when this datamining occurred?
  7. Will we ever get Warframe floofs? I want a squeezable Trinity plush. What? We have noggles? But... noggles aren't cute 😞
  8. Just in case it hasn't been stated enough. Because I'm pretty sure it hasn't been stated enough. Please consider giving us more riven slots. There are over 360 weapons that can have a riven generated for them across primaries, secondaries, melees, and sentinel weapons, yet we only get about 1/4 that amount in slots. Adding in rivens for 9 archguns without adding slots would be... problematic. I'm pretty much expecting rivens for the 8 archmelees to happen as well, so yeah. Pls gib.
  9. KawaiiIdol48 Age: Eternally 17 Likes: Music, dancing Dislikes: Trinity. Please stop stealing my cuteness desu! Konnichiwa minna-san~ KawaiiIdol48 desu~ My producer-san said that an idol can't be involved in any romance~ But there are so many famous people already in a relationship. Producer-san is so hidoi desu! So, I've decided to create this profile. Totally himitsu! Is there anyone willing to be my #1 fan? P.S I have an account over on YouFrame. Check out all of my songs and press the like and subscribe button! Arigatou minna-san~ Cuteness is Justice! It's the law! To DE: Please do not accept this entry into your contest. It may not look like it, but I believe this actually violates your "original work" rule. The idea behind this was to create someone who has no issues weaponizing cuteness to gain more popularity on the Internet, probably to the point of trying too hard and being annoying. About 3min after posting this, I received an ingame PM from another player, who correctly identified the reference: Sofia from Grand Chase Mobile Version. This entry is actually too similar to how Sofia acts in that game (down to direct Japanese word mixing), which would likely be considered not original work. Therefore, again, please do not consider this entry into your contest. If this entry actually does not violate the original work rule, then should this entry win any prizes, I, Fazel412, will refuse to collect it. Sorry.
  10. 1. Is there any consideration to make Oberon's Renewal not be placed at a particular location, but be centered around Oberon himself? In a lot of cases, deactivating and reactivating Renewal (and Hollowed Ground, for the Iron Renewal buff) is detrimental to the team because then the team would have to move to where Renewal is cast to get the health regen buff. I have had cases where my squadmembers suddenly lose the Renewal buff. In all of these cases, they have not fallen off the map, came in contact with a nullifier or comba, or lost it because I ran out of energy. I do not believe backflips can remove Renewal the same way you can remove Volt's speed buff. This forces me to recast Renewal, meaning the other two squadmembers who still have it will now have to lose it and get it again. I would think Renewal should be centered around Oberon himself, with a fixed 5m radius not affected by ability or affinity range. 2. Will we get komi from The Sacrifice as a playable minigame, either in the dojo/relay or as a conclave game (with some sort of modification to how the game is played, and the rules changed, of course)? Some of us still want to challenge Ordis to a game of komi for his soul, 7 months and counting. What do you mean Ordis doesn't have a soul? 3. Will we get a fix towards Moas/K-Drive/Kitguns not showing up in the equipment tab of our profile? Yes, I know this isn't the first post that asks about this. 4. Is there any consideration to make Titania no longer a target for anti-archwing weapons? If not, then is there a consideration to make her razordrones be the first targets of said anti-archwing weapons, or the same notification that archwings get when they're about to be hit by a projectile missile? As it stands, Titania not only gets targeted by these anti-archwing weapons regardless of whether her razordrones are still alive, but because these weapons also have homing capabilities, evasion does nothing. Titania also has no other defensive capabilities other than relying on her evasion and razordrones, so when she is targeted by anti-archwing weapons she's very likely guaranteed to die, and usually without warning. Amesha, Itzal, and Elytron has methods of stopping or evading these anti-archwing weapons; Titania does not (I don't know if Odonata has any. Maybe that frontal shield). 5. Speaking of Titania, what considerations are made in regards to her Tribute buffs? I did like the fact that you only need to cast it once, grab a soul, then get its full duration rather than the old method of 5 souls for max duration, but as already mentioned in a good number of Titania-related feedback threads, almost all of her buffs are... lacking. 6. Rhino is trash. Pls delete. Trinity is infinitely cuter anyway.
  11. Um... did this hotfix break the elevator on Fortuna, again? Because I'm getting stuck on the elevator when returning to Fortuna from Orb Vallis, the game going into an infinite loading screen, and forcing me to Alt+F4 and restart the game.
  12. *sacrifices numerous Rhinos in hopes that Akjagara Prime has at least 15% crit chance. And maaaaaaaaybe an interesting passive* More archwing stuff is nice. Wish we had more archwing mission content rather than weapons and mods, but I suppose we could keep waiting for Railjack. Especially so since we have little variety in the way of archwing mods, and a good number of them are... inferior... to their non-archwing counterparts, though I suppose you can't really compare them given the, uh, usage difference. Also, thanks for giving Titania an energy boost. @DeMonkey As the honorary representative of the Wukong Faction, we can surely trust that you have already purchased the Wukong Deluxe skin long before DE even showcased it here, yes? Surely you haven't brought shame and dishonor to the Wukong Faction by neglecting to do this, right? *nod nod*
  13. Thank you! Now my insurance company can finally stop harassing me with those blatantly false automobile damage claims and falsely increase my premiums based on their filthy lies. Now those people can finally stop saying that Titania is a terrible, reckless driver. Now that dubious honor goes to Zephyr *nod nod* Also, I agree with the concerning power creep and ever-widening meta gap. Gram with 32% crit AND status, AND still gets to keep its 5 riven disposition?
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