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  1. Since you already have Chakkhurr, I would convert it. That way you get the ephemera, and you can trade the lich to someone who wants the ephemera (and the gun) and walk away with plat or something. The only reason you wouldn't in this scenario is if your Chakkhurr isn't at 60% heat or something, but that depends on whether you care to minmax stuff. Also to your original question, always assume RNGesus is plotting against you. If it looks like RNGesus is being nice to you, they're just setting you up for the eventual downfall. #cynical
  2. If you end up on a crew with the host having Void Hole (which in my case is almost always given pubs), destroying the crewship by reactor then gunfire to the engines is faster, because you will end the mission quicker. Assuming you let the pilot and gunners take care of the fighters while you handle the crewships, you can clear the mission within 5~7 min, which means in the longer run you get more intristics simply by virtue of more mission runs in a specific timeframe. Moreover, there are people trying to get a decent to godly Vidar Reactor (or a Vidar Reactor at all) or whatever else is from that mission end drop table, so it is actually in everyone's interest to end the mission faster because that 2% drop rate is ridiculous. Of course, then you come across certain crews that prefer killing crewships with their forward artillery... (and you "along" with it lol)
  3. And now the true endgame begins: Naming your railjack. Attention all Tenno: Any railjacks named Space Battleship Yamato will be shot down. Only one Yamato may exist, and it'll be MINE 😠
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