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  1. No you only get the mission from the planet you got the Zealot from, well that is what the message says.
  2. It says do more outbreak missions in the UI.
  3. I did 9 invasions and only got one Zealot, I did the assassination and after I was unable to do it again even though it said 9\3. I did three more invasion and still I didn't get a Zealot even though it then said 12\3.
  4. Was doing the Sortie mission and we triggered the alarms on all three vaults, after which we had to kill enemies, but there was no counter. It wasn't just a UI bug either, we went to each red waypoint and killed all the enemies. Eventually we ended up at extraction where it still told us to kill enemies but the waypoint was green since there were no enemies on the map. Some would spawn nearby, the waypoint would change to red, we would kill them and that would just repeat. After a few minutes I left.
  5. I think you misunderstand, they are the ones that couldn't get past fives minutes and were not doing any of the Kuva.
  6. That would be fine in a normal mission, but Kuva survival is for Kuva, so when you have a nightwave mission that put players in missions who are not there for that reason then you just end up screwing everyone who is genuinely playing that mission over.
  7. Its not about having to use recruiting, the issue is that because of Nightwave there are a lot of people there that are simply nor capable of being there.
  8. I got a booster from login, so I went to do Kuva survival, all I am getting is people who are trying (and failing) to do the Nightwave missions. That or they will just leave at 30 minutes before rotation C. If you want to have survival mission in Nightwave, please set it to 40 minutes so people who are after rotation C are not screwed over. Or better yet don't have Nightwave missions on missions that people use for farming etc...
  9. Was doing the new node on Lua, the host left and got a host migration. The host migration animation slowed down and then the game froze, after a few minutes I got a message saying that the mission can't be entered since there was a new version of the game. Thanks DE, more time wasted because of the lack of proper servers.
  10. It also makes transitions stop and removed waypoints, but dying solves the issue.
  11. Yes good point, everything seems to have a capacity cost of 5. A noggle, an Ayatan both full and empty, a Floof and a vacuum all have the same cost.
  12. I have around 100 unused Floofs, tones of Ayatans and a bunch of other things and would really like to actually use them. Also, anyone care to rate my Orbiter?
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