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  1. "Almost" nothing. It's exactly the same as last time.
  2. This is ALL I care about at the moment! Oh dear lord! Why are you giving us this? It is broke as hell. Did no one test this before going live? Yeah, maybe if you actually elaborated on what's actually going on, we might not be so annoyed (mostly).
  3. That's great. Now can you fix the relic drop errors? I lost a Stradavar part because of this. (Is this happening on ps4 or switch too?)
  4. I want to kiss whoever it was that decided to use these references. You, sir/madam, are my hero.
  5. Can't comment on any others, but not on Nidus Phryke, you didn't. Hands were right through his thighs.
  6. Why do you keep breaking up the tennogen releases? It's not like you haven't had enough time to make sure it's compatible or whatever.
  7. Would this be possible? https://youtu.be/mN84To5ndw0?t=1m59s Thank you
  8. I thought the main point of changing it was to make it so it wouldn't take so long to mods/equipment. Letting us pick what we get is fine and all, but it will still take the same amount of time to collect everything.
  9. Is anyone else getting these white lines on the Nidus/Kubrow skins and armor? Edit: nvm. I guess it's supposed to look like that. If I'd known it looks like that with dark colors, I'd never have bought it. Oh well.
  10. Update finally coming: Doesn't include things I wanted: Went and got me all excited for nothing.
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