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  1. I wish your chatbox would be more visible if you are in a mission. I never hear or see people say stuff when im in one. My only wish for chat is the ability for the damn game to remember how I have my chat box stretched. Instead of having to manually stretch it out EVERY time i log in.
  2. I already have saryn prime but around the first time I was able to get those relics I also tried to go after normal saryn to master her first. I lost interest for whatever reason... and built her prime and moved on to other stuff since then. Tonight I tried to do a little bit of farming for her. Had some points built up from trying to help others. I must have 6 chassis and 4-5 nueros. I can NOT get the stupid systems to drop =(. I even got a medi-ray mod tonight lol.(now I dont feel like a cheater for buying one from dog days heh). This is just bad luck????
  3. I clicked on a song after a mission.. I could see the screen, I could close the mission result screen and chat box but it was like I had the menu open because I was stuck moving the cursor all over the screen. Had to close app and fire it up again.
  4. I did everything in that video except the melee lol. I dont usually fight stuff that high level. My nidus has a Lesion staff... I need to make some more infested weapons for him! But in low level stuff the phantasm will nuke most stuff lol. I didnt talk about the self damage but that is very real lol. I've killed myself several times already lmao. Usually some stupid stray enemy that didnt get sucked up by 2 rushes you and is in your face as you are charging up your grenades and then....BLAM. Now I fire a few quick grenade volleys without charge and then follow that up with charged shots.
  5. I only recently got nidus. Didnt even get him after his phryke skin came out. Anyways he was a pain in the butt to get but he was so totally worth it. He is super fun to play and just great at murdering stuff. His 2 pull abillity works killer with melee/guns/or abilities. Yours or anyone elses lol. I decided to make some dojo weapons the other day to work on my MR. I built revenants primary gun the phantisma?? Its a beam weapon or a charged grenade launcher. Beam weapon is kinda meh.. But that grenade launcher is pretty dope. But man letting nidus use an explosive type weapon with #2 and its like a bad guy/loot fireworks show. Enemies just go flying when they are killed while being pulled, meanwhile there is loot piled up at the spot you pulled everything to. I havent teamed up with a nekro user but that has to be insane. khora/hydroid prob wouldnt work... But man if you dont have Nidus you should try very hard to get him (gotta do dumb index missions, then c rotation runs at eris for parts) If you do have nidus then you really need to give him big fat explosive type weapons. The phantisma uses shotgun mods?? I started working on it a little bit and I just added [vicious spread] and now it fires several grenades at a time....so awesome.. AND beam combustion so there is even more explosions lol. Sorry Revenant but your primary just got JACKED by nidus hehe.
  6. I wouldnt destroy decorated rooms yet bro.. I think they are trying to make it so you can like snap a blueprint of your room and all its decorations and then share it. Maybe you can use that to easily reform your rooms..
  7. Dont let this mode become a giant turd. Its really fun when it is working. -make tracks more visible or get rid of them and just show us where the call spots are. But the big deal is animal AI. Critters are getting more and more busted by the patch.... -Some animals can spawn right on top of you (stovers/kubrows). Some stovers also spawn already alerted and pissed off and come running to the call spot. -Sawgaws are completely broken. They only sit for a second before trying to take off again and when they do try to take off they slide around on the surface they are on before going straight up. Hits are not registering. -The latest victim to patch updates are Horrasques. I dont know if they are bugged or if they were bugged already and this is how they are suppose to act. If they were "fixed" this would be infuriating because what fixed them?? Did you guys waste time making these guys harder to catch while leaving stovers/saws broken?? Anyways to the point. NOW (and not previously) any near miss and some actual hits cause Horrasque to turn and burn. You have to tranq these guys twice...and before they would NEVER run unless they saw you or something which never happened to me. Now they bug out all the time. I also got a second shot in on one the other night as he ran but he still escaped.. -You have poop piles that do not activate. You walk up, interact with them, no tracks or search area. -You have poop locations where there is no poop. Well these are usually caves/stovers. The entrance will be marked and then when you go into the cave there is no marker and sometimes no poop. Sometimes the poop was suppose to be at the entrance and is not. (the poop is not on top of the cave system either) -It feels like animal eyesight range has been increased also... 30 meters used to be plenty of room to not spook animals but last night I was 40 meters away from a Bola and the damn thing spotted me. -I have a silenced tranq gun, the pobbers never see me.... I shoot the pobber furthest in back first = perfect, I shoot the middle pobber = perfect, no matter what though the 3rd pobber is always alerted and is never perfect, just good?? How??? I pick off the first two little mofo's before they even get to the call spot. The third one gets there alone. But what the hell is spooking him?? Being lonely? lol. He shouldnt be hearing anything, he doesnt see anthing because its all happening behind him... so wtf... I like to hunt to farm standing for Fortuna and I also like to take others on hunts to get them tags/standing but im running out of stuff that actually works right...
  8. Why cant we trade alloys??? Why cant we stack fish??? Why cant we stack gemstones??? Obviously there is a freaking stack mechanic because you trade for platinum and you arent stuck trading 6 platinum at a time lol. So why the hell isnt that applied to other things that stack??? And what the hell is with the ban on alloys???
  9. Syndicates marks, toroids, sentient cores.... you all have to hand in click by freaking click.... Just give us a damn turn in all button. or a button on each type of turn in item to donate all up to our standing capacity limit. This crap has been left untouched for YEARS. DO SOMETHING!!!
  10. WE ARE NOT A F ING PC USER!!!!! Stop putting double clicks into the freaking UI!!!!!! Arcanes and now Loadout Slots. PS: I absolutely hate the loadout slot UI. Before we had a nice super clean linear line of warframes that were easy to remember. Now you have change it to the stupid grid system with colorless icons so everything looks the same..... and we have to double click on crap just to change. This is the OPPOSITE of an improvement. You made it harder to swap loadout slots. WTF...
  11. Mine is built for spectrorage aug. A ton of range. I love that it pretty much makes everyone near the mirrors immune from the enemy lol. I dont know if they changed the AI behavior in the mirrors or if its because of the size of my mirrors but the enemy doesnt just pick a mirror and stand there beating on it.... They run all over attacking different mirros. Thats kind of super annoying. But man it makes massive piles of energy orbs lol. I could power cetus+fortuna in a survival mission. I forget why I stopped using her.. I dont really have any favorite weapons to use on her and I tend to revert back to using my warframes that have focus lens's on them so I can gain focus while I fight.
  12. Supra Vandal or Prisma Gorgon. I havent tried Arca Plasmor but Im sure that would be dope. Do secondaries work if you dont have primaries??? Rattleguts, spira, catchmoon, twin gremlins, akstiletto?? The prisma gorgon is my fav all purpose gun. My wukong twin rips the crap out of stuff with that thing while im nun-chucking stuff to death. My SPECTRE I let use supra vandal cuz it lets me see what its shooting at.
  13. When they drop railjack they totally need to also launch a dojo construction revamp. Let us move rooms around at will. I laid mine out pretty good but Railjack is starting to mess with my symmetry.
  14. Lega = flamethrower Cantic = Burston Rahn = Braton All those pretty much suck versus eidolon. I just rebuilt all my amps using the fortuna Certus brace that has best crit chance. I have like 3 fun amps and 1 amp using the x27. I settled on... Lega+bounce blade. Bounce blade is an awesome killing machine and even does ok at vorma if you aim close enough. Lega is just like ignis wraith. It has great range and just awesome at melting face. Not so good vs vorma. I even use Lega to fight terralyst because this is the amp I always have on lol. bounce blade doesnt do good at eidolons. Rahn+Pencha. Machine gun + charge beam. This is kinda fun but Rahn sucks up to much energy or doesnt have enough damage. I'd rather it be more effecient so you can fire more. I basicly use the pench beam to do most of the killing with this amp lol. Shwakk+Klebrik. Arca Plasmor+homing laser. Love this combo. Shwaak is probably best shield breaker after the t2 scaffold... I wish the homing laser wouldnt lock onto the stupid eidolon otherwise it would be prety damn sweet for crushing the hell out of vorma. T7+T2. T7 prism is a super short range "beam". It looks like a energy ball in front of you. It does super low damage and super high energy consumption but has high crit chance... This thing could be pretty awesome for everything if they tweaked it. A little more damage, but alot nicer energy consumption would make it insanely op lol? As is its like Shwaak and a kinda nice substitute for taking out shields(well this would absolutely suck for like void strike because it does a ton of tiny hits). The T2 scaffolf everyone says to use on eido's was kinda of lackluster...it is awesome at normal enemies. But it definately has a range limit. I dont kow I havent used it a ton.. Pencha should be alot more awesome but despite its stats it just doesnt hit as hard. Or Shrak is only good cuz of the splash. But I kinda screwed up this amp lol. The T7 prism isnt a nice general use amp part.
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