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  1. -The smeeta is ugly Has a guppy head(droopy ears), peacock tail. The energy is a super light shade of pink. I thought it was white at first. Use this smeeta with moonless kavat skin from cetus though and you will have a really killer Smeeta. Moonless skin has the bubbles over the shoulderblades and the the bulbs on the ends of the tail that really show off energy color. 200p and its all yours. pm Abbandon_ in game or on ps4 if you are interested.
  2. NW Challenge = Fill 3 ayatan treasures. I thought this was getting reduced to 1???
  3. What is a "chance" to increase combo counter? Are you talking about just adding to your hit streak or improving the combo multiplier ?? How will Exodia HUNT work with heavy slam attacks??? Can u make a video of that combo?? Hunt pulls stuff within 20meters to you upon a ground slam. Heavy slams lift.... so will we suck things in and then lift or will the pulled enemies get stuck in their tracks and lifted right away or third option will stuff get lifted and then pulled? Would just like to see this in action. I never used catchmoon exclusively, I only started using mine for Profit Taker, Exploiter and disruptions. Anywhere else I rarely equipped. I guess I can still use on PT if I start targeting the legs. I cant speak to how other people have been using it but seriously the catchmoon is who you decide to drop the nerf hammer on?? All those years of Arca Plasmor?? Since you guys are kneecapping its range how about widening the radius of its shots/blasts?? How about buffing Rattleguts,Gaze,Tombfinger ? You left out a big bullet point... grendel getting locked behind arbitration and needing 25 vitas to get a key to get each part(75 vitas total).... You said the average Arbitration player earns 23 vitas a day..... Oh yeah??? What % of the population dont even mess with arbitration?? What % do not mess with Profit Taker, Exploiter, Tridolons, or Sorties???? Im dieing to see those numbers/stats. Now you say I can let my friend buy all the keys for grendal parts and then I can just leech off him ???? Awesome!!! Those high prices really served a purpose!!?? If DE plan is to just continually raise enemy levels for new content this is going to end like every other only game I have played. The player pop will start to vanish, you will have a small group of hardcore supporters who buy everything and keep the game afloat and spend the rest of their time attacking all the people who loved the game but hate how buggy, how difficult, how little content there is with each update. Until DE has fired most of their staff and turns into a 5 man operation... You have been on this path for awhile but now with Req fissures it feels like its seeping into normal gameplay which is horrible. ESO, Arbitrations, Boss Critters were at the extremeties of the game. Kuva Liches will piss off every low to mid level player who cant do req fissures to get the things they need to kill their lich.
  4. -The kuva in store is perfect. Loved the amount / credit ratio. -Have to agree with others, past rewards in current rewards is bad, they belong in the shop. I though that turd amount of endo at rank 2 was the biggest slap in the face reward. -If intermission caps at 60 ranks does that mean it going to be around for as long as season 2?? -Prestige giving 15 creds per rank is bullcrap. If we work that hard to get their we should get a hell of a lot more credits so we can get essentials. You should have forma, kuva, reactors, catalysts all for 50 credits. Each rank of prestige should give 50 credits. Aura/Umbra could be 250 credits or 500 (2 extra if you max out to 60 is not that game breaking). ------------------------------- My intermission opened with the 3 tasks I cant do lol. Sorties, Hydrolyst, and index. I managed to do the index one this time but only because I was the only one guarding the goal, the rest of my pug spent the entire time in offense zone by our goal. Please break the index task into just getting 3 shutout games, WITHOUT doing them in a row. Please add a teralyst fight to the tasks.. Im ready for a ton of more challenges.. kill specific enemies with a specific type of gun with a specific type of element. k-drive, archwing, excavations, pet kills. ------------------------ But im super greatful for all the rewards in intermission. Cant wait to get Arlo's flame. And a 3rd umbra so I can finally agonize over who to give all 3 to lol. Think I was waiting for the new war to see what fighting the Tau mofo's was going to be like.
  5. I dare you to do Orb Vallis Conservation on the stream........
  6. Awesome!! Now change WoF back to what it was just before this retrash and I would be ecstatic!! I would try using Vazerin as primary focus school to double affinity range? That would be so awesome lol. She would rock PoE/OV so hard. I use hunters adrenaline but i mainly use Zenurik to fuel my ember so it would be a hard choice between Zen and Vaz. = good. The damage reduction and armor stripping ARE things i would look forward to. Not that excited her DR will roller coaster but i guess its better than not having any. When frames go through reworks do they have all formo reset and refunded? Cuz mine is hella specific. I cant even fit 8 mods on her right now.
  7. Default is 15 meters. If you are strength based then stuff melts fast and you move on anyways... Setting stuff on fire across the map is only needed if your fire is weak. Her new passive + old WoF would have been pretty dope. (although her passive should be atleast 15 meters and or be affected by range mods) With new Ember when the hell will anyone ever be within 10 meters of her ??
  8. I hate it.... =( -Never use fireball. If anything her new 4 should be this.. -Her 3 should suck enemies IN not knock them back. This would work extremely well after you hit people with your 4 which makes enemies spread fire to other nearby enemies. And 4 causes your heat guage to jump up which means you need to use 3 afterwards.. I guess thats the point... Light em on fire and then send them flying so they light other enemies on fire... But I would rather suck everything together so that its all burning while im beating stuff to death with melee. I really hate losing her old 3. 3 and 4 were everything and we are losing both =( - 4 should be her 1. Losing WoF is a gut punch. Her new 4 is not as cool as her old one. Her new 4 should look almost exactly like Vauban's orbital strike. That was bad ass!!! Embers ultimate = lame. Rebb said her new 4 only affects the crap you see on your screen to so it wont be 360 degree like WoF was?? Her passive should be determined by range mods... start at 10-15 meters. 10 meters period is way to short. And again her 3 that you have to spam all the time so you dont lose your energy will easily knock everything OUT of your 10 meter range.... where as if it sucked enemeies in would actually play into her passive.... ------ I finally got around to using Ember as my main and that lasted for about 1-2 months before you guys go and rework her again. Totally scrapping most of her powers isnt a rework its a reboot. All we need was a more exciting 1, a damage reduction ability, her 3 ad 4 should have done % damage so they scaled with enemies and didnt just stop working after a certain point. Ember is my favorite warframe because of her looks not because of her abilities but she is not going to play ANYTHING like she did previously and I dont see that as a good thing. It just makes me sad. Ember's revamp looks like a rush job or an after thought. =(
  9. -Conservation fixes when??? Add a bug to Cetus/Fortuna so we can bug hunt... something with a lot of legs like a centipede ( would be awesome floof)
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