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  1. I really hate the difficulty of the game right now. You cant just use whatever frame and weapons you wanna use you have to play meta frames. Tridolons, then profit taker, was looking forward to trying buried debt but after dropping into vallis with 1k armor and getting completely shredded by lv45 enemies I am over it. I love warframe but you are making it impossible to enjoy, so I have no choice but to look for the next thing to spend all my time on. I really think you better start tracking the amount of active users because I have a feeling its going to start decreasing. Nightwave really incentived people to just log on/log off, combine that with all the cool crap being insanely difficult and casuas are just going to fade away. Casuals I think are the majority, and I feel like once they start to leave even though you can retain your hardcore players until the cows come home atleast a big chunk of those will not like the low population and also bail from the game. Then you have a very smal hardcore base demanding harder stuff, new stuff but your making less money so the dev team shrinks and its just a downward spiral after that. All of that could be avoided. You could make all content cap out at Lv30 and then have elite versions of crap with Lv45-100+ junk (with no better rewards except cosmetic crap). Or you could make enemy HP/armor scale up with level but NOT offense. Being obliterated by enemies in seconds and have no real way to protect yourself is the real problem with high level content(unless you meta). More people playing = healthier your game is and the longer you will be around. Less people playing = sorry employees heres your notice. Your also missing a very huge opportunity to drasticly improve your monthly income to the game. But I wont go into that in public. I have played a ton of free2play games and they always go out like this it is sad. But yea you guys can be the ones o do it different, rampant that difficulty up and watch the active plyer count surge.....*sarcasm*
  2. Next primes are Equinox, Tipeda(melee staff), Stradavari (Primary) and I cant see a prime secondary...... (devstream 125?)
  3. /\ Yeah what he said. Change your glyph in-game. Then come to the forums and log out and log back in and it will reset. It may not look like it resets at first on the forums but it will eventually. When I did it the icon by name changed was instant but my old icon was still down here next to my posts but it got updated shortly after.
  4. You gotta be MR2 to trade. You can only do trades two places in the game.... -Goto Mars and goto the Maroo's Bazaar node. After your in, go find that big center room. When you get there open your gear wheel and you should see a button in the center that says open trade. This brings up the trade slots and allows you to put items up for trade for anyone nearby. Ignore local chat and use trade chat to trade your crap. If anyone is interested you will have to invite them to your maroo bazaar and have them find you, or you can have them summon you to their dojo. -2nd way to trade is to be part of a clan that has a trade post at their dojo(and you have access to the dojo.) OR be invited to someone else's dojo. Then you invite the other person to your dojo or get invited to theirs. Once everyone is loaded in just use the trade post and click on the dudes name you want to trade with to open the trade window. Keep in mind that when you trade for primes unless you meet the MR requirements for that item you will not be allowed to trade for them. If you can pop the relics yourself though I dont think the MR requirements matter? Dont know what MR req on Braton Prime is offhand... (One reason to push hard to get your MR up asap.)
  5. geez use 3 ? thats excessive. I get what your saying and would like to know the same. Like it takes forma to make exilus adapters and greater focus lens's and a bunch of dojo weapons. It would suck to try to do that nightwave challenge by doing that stuff and not get credit. I got tons of gear just laying around not forma'ed though heh.
  6. Is there specific status ailments u get hit with or random? Guess if I dont see a primtime stream of exploiter fight I will look it up on youtube. It was semi helpful to see the profit-taker fight before hand so I atleast knew what to TRY to do. Is exploiter alot easier than Profit ?? I hate profit taker fight. waaaaaay to hard.
  7. So sorry I forgot the name of the dude who stumbed upon this while working on weapon effects visuals, he was mentioned in the last Devstream. You will be the MVP of melee 3.0 if you can bring those two tone energies to weapons/attachments/frames!!!!!!! I know Steve said it might not be possible but that is deinately one of the most impressive things visually that could be done in-game and you guys should REALLY try to make it happen. Anyways im on console so im just patiently waiting for Buried Debt. I dont think this two tone energy made it into that patch did it??? Whats the status of it?
  8. Im not big on all the facial accessories for our operators but that eyewear visor you ca get from Baro Ki'teer was pretty cool looking. But I found it kind of disappointing in two aspects.... -you cant color the actual exterior of the visor that crosses the eyes. (it does the inside of the visor but not the outside??) -it would be super dope if you could adjust the opacity of the visor part so you could almost see through it. I still wanna see my operators eyes.
  9. Really DE? nothing cool done to Conservation?? Oh boy!!!! I can mine rocks silently???!!!! lol. JUST WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!!! -No sniper scope for tranq gun?? -No weak spot detector?? -No auto-equip matching pheremone for whatever lure you are using?? -No pathing AI fixs for Sawgaws? -No animal track visibility uprades/fixes??? Conservation is one of the funnest things you have put in the game please do not neglect it. If you wanna do something for mining, I dont know, add a widget that makes ore spots emit light so they are easier to see, a widget that makes rare gems appear more often in common veins, a widget that adds a little extra width to each node hit spot(mainly rare hitspots). But seriously who the heck decided mining stuff over conservation?
  10. Warframe is already on every console... all we are talking about is copying your "save data" over to another platform. They have already done this in the past.. it was just done for nintendo.... not sure what your point is....
  11. Phase 2 solo is where I went to farm atmo pieces. I had to make a second atmo gun. Then I had to do it some more to get my fortuna amp =(. Hate the entire profit taker mission line =(
  12. Beg the devs to let PC players migrate their accounts to consoles....
  13. hmmmm no other conditions? like do it in a 30+ mission or be wearing a dragon key or use a certain weapon?? Have you tried killing in excess of what you think you need?? I've done the wall cling challenge and it didnt reset for me when I landed after taking out the correct amount of guys. Look for abbandon_ign and I will try to hep you out with it. Im on ps4 like you. If I cant help you pop it then maybe I can.
  14. Besides the above which I've never seen so cant really comment on.... Are you sure you are holding the button for Shatter lash so its like a whip attack? Thats what I use and it works everytime. I think you are also suppose to only ever shatter your wall while standing on the OUTSIDE of it. Not the inside. Im no gara expert but I do alot of Lua defense missions for others as gara and use wall/shatter almost non stop and it shreds stuff pretty good. If you use splinter storm its strength/damage is based on how much broken glass you have absorbed. Shattering your wall with splinter storm already up will majorly jack up the damage of splinter storm. Carasoul also shatters and explodes at the end of its timer but thats probably not going to help because your prob max duration lol and it wont blow up until everything is dead. I dont really bother with splinter storm unless I need to protect something else. I tried to use gara's new healing augment but setting her up is incredibly difficult!! You need so much space for survivability + ability buffs, it doesnt leave room for augments or even things like streamline or flow.
  15. I only fight Terry and I use Oberon to heal peeps and keep my energy lol. Anyone wanna share their Harrow LO for tricaps? I have Harrow and I think I could do that. You do max duration for his 4th ability for both invuln and crit chance buff ?? I have no idea how to keep my energy during eidolon fights, Do you use energy pads as a Harrow user?? I've only tried tridolons once with a pug and only made it to the 2nd guy lol. My Lanka is 98% crit, 12k rad damage though with like x4 crit damage.
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