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  1. This map easily doubles required time to finish 5 waves of any other defence map. Even speed Nova is unable to make it doable in reasonable time. People have been complaining about it for a while now and it does not seem like there will be any change.
  2. But I WANT for it to be more challenging, I want to worry about life support and KPS. I want to get rotation rewards. Its my preference, I dont want to do captures/sabotage missions. Again equating ones preference to intelligence. And yes I know that once I've captured a target there is no timer, but I still need to kill enough enemies to trigger an Acolyte spawn, right? I came back to the game few months ago after more than 2 year break and im out of the loop, but as far as I know, you cant just capture a target and the sit and wait in Ivara's prowl for next acolyte to spawn, am I right? So what are you talking about then? Is someone choosing to do a more difficult content dumb, just because someone else chooses not to?
  3. Im talking from my experience, everyone that I know who used this method, mainly did Survival missions. I might be wrong here in assuming that everyone does it this way, but so are you by calling it "rubbish" unless you have actual data that would prove otherwise. Calling people that mainly do survival "not very smart" only shows how rude you are. If there is no difference in Acolyte spawn timer between mission types, I might as well do a mission type that I prefer, which in this case is survival. I dont want to do Sabotage/Capture or whatnot, running around and trying to find enough enemies to trigger Acolyte spawns consistently enough (AND not getting any sort of rotation completion loot, since there no rotations in such missions). You're equating a personal preference in mission types to ones intelligence, which is quite odd. If the spawns werent broken in Disruption, that would be the only game mode where I would farm SE. Would that make me "not very smart" as well?
  4. No, you dont need a specific frame, no you dont need a specific mission, no you dont need a specific tile, It will work in ANY mission that has respawning enemies (you need to kill enemies for Acolytes to spawn. As long as enemies spawn consistently enough to spawn acolytes every 4-7min its good. Any tileset will work too. Any frame that can control the Acolytes and kill them fast from distance will work. If you're doing survival you only need to worry about sustaining life support, thats it. I've done this farm with Khora, Ivara, Octavia, Nekros, Zephyr, Mesa, Nezha, Protea and could do other frames too if I wanted to. Many people are calling this a "AFK farm" which only shows that not only they have never done this farm, but even fail to understand the conditions that need to be met for the Acolyte to spawn in the first place. Most people do this kind of farm in Survival missions. You need to 1. sustain life support (Either very high kill rate or using frames with additional loot abilities), 2. Pick up everything so you dont reach loot cap, 3. Kill enough enemies to trigger Acolyte spawns, 4. Be able to control and burst acolytes quickly, 5. Keep your Smeeta alive, 6. Have enough patience or desire to even do that in the first place. This farm is almost always done in solo, and main reason people that use this method to farm SE is to get Kuva. Why are so many people against me being able to farm 1k kuva per minute as opposed to 500 kuva per minute is beyond me. This method does not trickle into public groups, no one is being forced to do it, theres no griefing involved or anything like that. So any of you that oppose this method, please tell me why I shouldnt be able to farm with this method and how it affects you, personally. Anyone that will respond and call this method an "AFK farm" I wont reply, thats beyond ignorant, unless I dont know something (I came back to the game after a 2 year break couple months ago, so maybe there are legit AFK farm exploits that im completely unaware of, however if thats the case, then these people should get banned). If you know how to spawn Acolytes without killing enemies, please do tell me.
  5. Are there any plans of changing how Earth looks on star chart to be more in line with Megan's beliefs?
  6. Still happening. Going into operator mode fixed it for me in my past 2 runs.
  7. I had the same issue. I just clicked on "Join Random Crew" when clicking on Neptune and now after finishing that initial mission with random people I have Neptune unlocked and visible.
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