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  1. Eh, every time I hope there would be a "true" accessory pack. No plat, no extractors no boosters. There is a way to buy that stuff outside of Vaults. If i needed it, Id buy it. Its like going to a car dealership and trying to buy a car, but they will also include a motorcycle, roller skates and and a Pogo stick in the offer and of course charge you for it. I dont need that stuff, and if I did, id just get it. All I want from you is the car. All I need is a Syndana, but 14£ for a single cape in the game... Its the price of a cool Indie game. For the same amount of money one can buy 3 Tennogen Syndanas. Thats a waaay better deal. Its not that I cant afford it or anything. Its just feels really wrong to pay 14£ for a single cosmetic item that wont even fit every single frame. Spending that money for 3 Tennogen syndanas will give u more versatility and choice. But I guess enough people are buying them so that DE doesnt feel the need to adjust anything. I wonder what are their sales fro this stuff in countries where average salary is like 500-800 euros. Because thats probably a pretty big playerbase.
  2. Only way I could fix that issue was going Fulscreen Borderless. If i know im not gonna be alt+tab'ing for a while, I go fullscreen.
  3. Geez if not getting some freebies is all it takes for you to start disliking the game you got a bigger problem. I get it, its annoying, but being unable to enjoy a game because nO fReE StuFf is weird. Arent there usually plenty of adult themes in these prime time videos anyway?
  4. 1. Keep updating the dispositions on a regular basis in small increments 2. Identify weapons that are very powerful (Staticor, Tiberon Prim, Strun Wraith) and give them a hard-set disposition value 3. Before releasing a powerful Prime version to a weak and unused weapon, tweak the disposition 4. Reconsider if different versions of a weapon should have different dispositions from regular versions. (Tiberon - Tiberon Prime; Strun - Strun Wraith; Supra - Supra Vandal) They get to keep the same riven, just the % values change between the different versions of a weapon. Not sure if that possible though. But there is no way you can compare Strun to Strun Wraith. Or tiberon to a prime version. I think these 4 steps would be a good start to fixing this stuff.
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