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  1. CyberPrimate

    Limbo trolls.

    His abilities are Recastable. Dont need to wait for them to run out. And yes, Im thinking about him from a perspective of a higher level content. As I said before - you dont need defensive frames in starchart like at all. In a map like Hydron ill dislike Frost just as much due to his bubble protecting the enemies way more effectively than he is protecting the defense pod which tbh doesnt need protection with its 30k hp
  2. CyberPrimate

    Limbo trolls.

    Big big difference between him and Frost. His CC is total. No escape, no % chance to get frozen or anything like that. Total control as long as 4 and 2 are up. On maps like Hydron though, I wouldn't use him. But I wouldnt use ANY defensive frame on starchart missions, unless I want to do an endless run. Ive done dozens of Arbitration Excavations with him and I've only lost a few excavators, unlike most Frost players I've seen in Arbitrations that keep loosing excavators left and right as soon as the level scaling kicks in. Some are really good, but most are not. With a long duration build, while his 4 and 2 are active that entire area is on a total lockdown.
  3. CyberPrimate

    Limbo trolls.

    You get no revives in Arbitrations. And what do you mean by "dodgable"? Theres no sound que or anything. You're standing there then you're dead. The fact that you said you havent met a single Limbo player that knows what he is doing makes me doubt your statement. Whats quite likely is that you didnt quite understand what was going on. He is the Mobile Defense king. Very useful in Arbitration Excavations aswell. Decent for 3rd sortie Rescue, as he can banish the Rescue target and just stroll through the entire map unbothered. Decent for defense aswell. Both the regular one and the Operative one. His biggest problem is squad members who dont understand his kit and unskilled players, who play him, without knowing how to do it properly. Ive gotten plenty of people shouting rubbish at me, when its them that dont understand what going on.
  4. Spawned some lvl 125 Heavy Gunners to mess around with the augment. A single slam attack destroys all of the mirrors. Me : Her 3 is in such contrast to the rest of her abilities which can scale nicely. It is worthless in higher levels where you would ACTUALLY NEED IT. Dear DE, she has 90% DR, we dont need a CC ability that will only work on low levels due to its poor health and poor reflect damage due to armor scaling. We need it to work on high level enemies, because then its actually useful since Gara has 90% DR and not an invulnerability so some damage gets through at high leves AND how incredibly energy hungry she is. Nerf its duration, whilst making it duration based instead of it having a health pool. Thats when people will start using it. Now - who need it? You get 90% DR and you can wipe out entire rooms of lower levels, we dont need a CC ability that works only on those low levels, we just dont. But when we do need it, its unusable due to how poorly it scales.
  5. When I downloaded this game, I tried to register as CyberApe. Was denied. So I guess you cant name yourself things like : Grape, Scrape, Drape - you get the idea.
  6. CyberPrimate

    MR+ 20 Players have become a plague

    Ive met quite a few leeches in Fortuna bounties and just as the OP I too have mostly seen high MR players doing this. I think there is couple of reasons. 1. Bored of the game 2. High standing capacity. They are trying to max Solaris/Vox Solaris/Vent kids standings. So while rest of us are doing the bounty, these people grind their vent kids standing, mine/fish or farm for Toroids. 3. Lack of fear for punishment. Because in order to report a leech you need some good proof. Like a video with time stamps or simply well edited, which 99% of players are not gonna go through. Im one of those players. Ill just go and do another missions. 4. And just good ol being a scumbag thing. This one is self explanatory. Some missions dont need 4 squad members. Some do. Kill x enemies/reinforcements, Capture the caches (this one fails alot with 1 or 2 leeches in a squad, so you get no bonus reward at the end), collect x amount of credits, find hidden caches for example. Other missions however dont need all 4 people, if at least 2 of the remaining ones are properly geared. Worst cases Ive seen were when a guy chooses and starts the bounty, then loads into map as a host and goes straight to mining/fishing. So everyone who joins cluelessly go to do the objectives without realizing that the host is chilling in the cave. When i confronted him and said this is not OK his response was - I wasnt feeling like doing the bounty at that time, I was gonna do it later. LOL "do it later". In a public squad. He meant to say "Ill let the others do it while I chill". I got plenty of screenshots and even couple of unedited vids of 20+mr players leeching. I just cant be bothered to edit them so I could report those players properly as the images are not enough. One of the giveaways in the first month were when they just beeline for The Pearl. Im like - oh another vent kids leech, I better restart the mision.
  7. CyberPrimate

    Map Clearing Frames in PUBs

    Im not gonna tell you to go Solo but instead answer the actual question you asked unlike some people here. Reasons people do that in public : 1. More affinity 2. More loot 3. More Life support capsules in survivals 4. Shared relic drops 5. Flexing (yes, some are like that) 6. Not caring if its public or solo, just rushing through it without thinking about your squad members because you just dont care anymore These are a couple of reasons from the top of my head. First 4 make sense. Last two, not so much but eh... what can you do. Biggest problem is not having a good LFG system. Considering how much content and grinding there is out there, a good LFG/Matching system is really needed in this game.
  8. No mate. If those people that we are talking about had other 3 squad members just like them, they would barely be able to capture a Teralyst. Like today for example, I tried to do another run 18min til daylight. Got an Excalibur and and MR6 joining. Checked their Profile and one had 1x tera capture and the other 3x tera KILL. No, they should not have access to a triple capture PUB. Simple as that. It would be fine. Some crappy players will fall through cracks, if they lets say - leech 10-15 teralyst captures to get acces to triple capture. It would be a minority. However the way it is now, its free for all. Just have some rudimentary requirements, YES they can be bypassed, but who cares? Even if they leeched those 10-15 captures, at least they learned something. Learned some of the sound ques, some movement ques etc. Maybe read the chat and learned something. I mean its very weird right now. A player might not have access to the entire star chart, yet Triple Eidolon capture bounty - well yes, why not.
  9. You can still invite anyone you want. Most of us are talking about pubs. I meant 3 eidolons per night, not 3x3. Maybe I dont know the terminology that well. Ive just had my first 3x3 myself. You need a crafted amp for that. Its what I did. I farmed Teralyst until I could get a better amp, which I did. Then progressed to all 3 eidolons per night. Why this sounds so preposterous to some I dont know. 1. Crafted Amp 2. X amount of successful Teralyst captures Simple.
  10. I captured Teralyst about 30 times before I started doing Tridolons. Anyone who jumps into triple captures after they've done terry once or twice is a leech. Ive also tagged along experienced players when doing my first 5-10 triple caps. So for the most part I was carried. But that wasnt a pub, those were premade groups. Now, I usually do pub runs and the amounts of Excalibur Umbras, Inaros, Mesa etc showing up with Arca Plasmor/Dread/Corinth and all kinds of other nonsense and doing 0%dmg at the end of the hunt is quite high. Like seriously - how does one end up doing 0% damage. All i'd want from players accepting a Tridolon bounty is : 1. Crafted Amp 2. X amount of successful Teralyst captures These 2 things just sound like a no brainer to me. To anyone who thinks those two requirements for a successful triple capture are too much, then go and do a triple cap with 4x mote amps and people with weapons like Arca Plasmor and frame like Nekros or Inaros lol
  11. CyberPrimate

    Mecha Set marked enemy barely visible

  12. CyberPrimate

    Build Share -- Set Mod Synergies ft. Equinox and a Kubrow

    Ive tried this with multiple frames. My favourites were Inaros, Loki and Ivara. One of the main reasons for those is the survive-ability they offer to the Kubrow. Heres a vid of me showing how it can work on Ivara for example : EDIT : I have made a feedback topic in the Fortuna feedback forums about the poor visibility of the "Mark" if you can call it that. Would be nice if others who use Mecha set would add something to the feedback topic. As of now the mark is poorly visible and the Kubrow can mark enemies in behind walls etc. Need a more noticeable mark, otherwise its quite unreliable.
  13. CyberPrimate

    WTB Specific Pox Riven

    Im looking for Pox riven with these stats Multishot, Ammo Max, Status Chance, Status Duration. If at least 2 of the 4 mentioned stats are on your riven PM me. Example : +Ammo Max and +Status duration, or +Multishot and +Status chance etc. If any of the mentioned stats are a Negative, then Im not interested. PM here or in game. IGN is the same as the forum name. Ideal riven would be [+Multi, +Ammo Max, +Status Duration OR Status chance and a negative]. Id pay 300p for something like that. If its only 2 of the stats im looking for, we are looking at 50p-120p depending on the stats. 50p for something like [Ammo Max + Status Duration or Status Chance]. And 120p being [Multishot + Status Chance/Duration] or [Multi + Ammo Max with a good negative]. Prices can be negotiable depending on combinations of stats and a negative.
  14. CyberPrimate

    Magus Firewall Vs Magus Husk

    This one is a bad arcane. Since the duration is 40s per particle, by the time you reach max value, you get 75% DR for only 22 seconds. Then with every 3sec a stack will disappear. Thats just sounds unsustainable. Someone in forums complained that there is no cooldown for the destruction of particles. So if you are shot at with rapid fire weapons, or standing in Eidolons AoE spells, the stacks disappear. Each stack should have some sort of cooldown, considering that the only way to obtain the stack is to passively sit in void mode, and the fact that the penalties for dying as operator are minor, this arcane is NOT worth using in Eidolon fights (also the only place once would actually care about increasing Operators ability to survive). But I havent tested it myself, as mine is too low of a rank to be tested reliably. And after reading the feedback, this one goes to the bottom of my list. As a matter of fact, ill probably not even gonna bother with it. Similar to couple of arcanes in PoE. Like the one that lets your operator avoid falling damage. LIKE WHAT? An entire arcane to avoid falling damage in operator mode? 😆😆 How disconnected one must be from the game to create something like that.
  15. CyberPrimate

    Magus Anomaly Arcane Needs Adjusting

    This one is not too far away unless the p2p connection is flawless. A shame really. This is a really fun arcane.