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  1. I've been getting this bug too, it seems to happen when you try to to the ledge climb animation while in the ball (not the wall jump but the little climb when you get to a ledge while wall jumping) the camera shifts a bit and then you're unable to jump or use abilities until you run out of energy. I'm guessing it happens because the animation is usually unable to be cancelled but if your a ball you can't finish it either because you bounce off, so you're stuck.
  2. After more time, experimentation, and some already good changes my opinions have changed a bit. Regurgitate and Pulverize are in a better spot right now that they were before and honestly don't really need anything else. Nourish still lacks good feedback on the buff that you're getting since the ability icon is still nice but not enough, and the common suggestion of being able to cycle through the buffs in Grendel's gut with UI like Ivara, Vauban, or Wisp is something I would also love to see, with numbers next to the icons to indicate how many enemies you have that give that buff and the icon grayed out when you don't have any fuel for that buff (though with how common the suggestion is there's probably something similar on it's way but UI takes longer than some numbers changes) Speaking of numbers changes, something needs to change with Feast's energy drain. Like I said in my first post it still doesn't feel worth it to hold enough enemies for a decent armour buff from Grendel's passive. The drain is too harsh, especially when just 1 enemy prevents almost every other source of energy from giving energy except for RNG energy orb drops, other frames' abilities, and syndicate procs, so that channel needs more benefits to hold onto instead of just ignoring the passive and using enemies as quickly as possible (especially when other channeled abilities have the same restrictions on energy gain for much more powerful effects like all exalted weapons or Equinox's 3 and 4). At a bare minimum the drain should be reduced and shouldn't have any hidden ramp up or fullness mechanics making the already not worth it channeling even more costly. If at all possible the drain could be replaced with a rising cost per enemy eaten (e.x. at base it's 25 energy but the second enemy is 30, the 3rd is 40, the 4th is 55, etc.). It still takes energy to eat and costs more with more in your gut but you can actually benefit from your nourish energy buff. If the drain must remain then maybe lower it's base value and definitely remove any additional hidden costs, if my build is at 1 energy per second and i have 6 enemies it should just be 6 energy per second not anything more as it seems to be now. In addition I would like the reintroduction of the CC immunity Grendel apparently had before his launch that was mentioned in the preview video by Grind Hard Squad when you have enemies in your gut so that the channeled effect is brought closer to the power of other channels (note: without mods the armor buff renewal can give is 200 and it costs 2 energy per second to maintain, plus it gives a heal over time when damaged, for Grendel to get that same armor buff it costs him 6 energy a second, triple the cost and also more costly that Renewal's active energy cost of 5 energy per second or in short: Renewal gives 200 flat armor and a 40 health per second for 5 energy per second while Grendel's passive give the same amount of armor and nothing else for 6 energy per second). If that CC immunity was moved to the Masseter passive then just give the sword a new passive, like the ability to rip health and maybe energy orbs out of enemies.
  3. Grendel feels close to being on par with other frames but I feel like he falls short in a few ways, mainly his lack of scaling damage, lack of clarity for his nourish buffs, and how holding enemies in his stomach is not worth the energy drain. While Grendel isn't really meant to be a damage dealing frame like Saryn or Mesa, regurgitate at this point feels less like a damage ability using enemies as ammo and more like a way to cycle through the enemies in his gut. While this functionality is pretty useful I think that the ability should be able to do some decent damage. Pulverize is in an even worst spot, being more of a gimmick that any decent way to deal with enemy crowds. I think the solution to both of these issues is somewhat obvious, let both of these abilities scale based on the level of the enemies used for the abilities, similar to how frames like Nyx, Octavia, and the newly reworked Vauban naturally get stronger as their enemies do since their abilities somehow use their enemy's stats to calculate damage (Nyx just uses an enemy, Octavia's mallet deals more damage the more damage it takes so more damaging enemies get more damage thrown back at them, Vauban's new 3 deals more damage the stronger the enemies it targets are). I believe that Regurgitate should take a percentage of the health of the enemy getting shot out and add it to it's currently existing base damage, while Pulverize can take a smaller percentage of all currently swallowed enemies' health and add it to its damage. Not only would this make regurgitate a decent fireball-type ability, especially if you use heavier enemies as ammunition, these buffs would also make it more worthwhile to eat a large amount of enemies before pulverizing, since the more enemies inside Grendel's gut the more enemies it has to scale off of. Maybe this scaling damage could be the corrosive or gas damage many people are suggesting be added to Pulverize could be this scaling damage, while the base damage is impact. For Nourish, the fix is much simpler, I believe it's main issue is just one of clarity and convenience. Adding a UI element that is easier to see (The ability icon changing is nice, but it is small and gets covered by the duration timer) to indicate the buff nourish will give could make the ability a whole lot easier to manage on its own. However, along with that new UI, a possible change could be to add a "tap to change hold to cast" system like Ivara or Wisp. The UI could show all 3 buffs (maybe even colour-code them) along with a number indicating how many enemies of that buff are currently stored in the gut, maybe even fade out the buffs that have no fuel and let you chose the buff by tapping 2 and cast it by holding it. Though to be honest that system may make things more clunky so just the UI without the functionality might be best. For passive, I think it should give more than just armor, since it's technically a channeled ability and those tend to be extremely powerful to make up for the disabling of most sources of energy regeneration (Exalted weapons, Equinox's 3 and 4, Hildryn's 4, etc). The armor bonus should stay, but I think (re)adding an immunity to knockdowns (or maybe even all statuses?) as well as maybe a small health regen (aura) per enemy as well as perhaps a lowering of the drain overall. The immunity to knockdowns (and maybe all statuses) idea mainly came from the fact that Grind Hard Squad's video on Grendel mentioned it but it doesn't seem to be a part of the passive (I think it's bugged and I already mentioned it in the bug report forum), while the health regen idea comes from the fact that many others have said that the health recovery from Nourish is too low, so instead of just increasing that this passive regen could help supplement his recovery. The regen and CC immunity would make him similar to Oberon, which makes sense since both seem to fill to role of a support-tank hybrid type frame, and if his regen was an aura, similar to Chroma's buffs, it would play even more into Grendel's supportive nature, but just the regen itself (per enemy of course) as well as the CC immunity and the pre-existing armour would make it much more worthwhile to hold onto enemies for longer. If the idea of the health regen aura is too similar to Oberon (tho I think it's somewhat unique, allies only need to be near Oberon when he casts renewal to get it's healing while my proposed Gluttony healing would only apply when allies are close, like a mobile Garuda blood fountain), then a simple cut to the cost along with the CC immunity and the armor would work well. (If the CC immunity was moved to the Masseter heavy attack passive then it should move back to Grendel and the Masseter should have a different passive with Grendel, like maybe let it make enemies drop health and energy orbs like the Broken staff, but only on heavy attacks) TL;DR I believe Regurgitate and Pulverize should scale off of enemy HP, Nourish needs a UI element and maybe a way to switch the queued up buff, and Gluttony should have CC immunity and they should either also give it a small health regen (maybe an aura for very close team mates) or reduce its energy drain
  4. I was playing around with Grendel in the simulacrum and noticed that, despite videos (mainly the one from Grind Hard Squad) saying that Grendel is immune to CC statuses (staggers and knockdowns) when he has enemies in his stomach, I was still getting knocked down after eating them. Was this feature removed at some late stage or is it bugged and not working? (hopefully it's bugged because otherwise holding enemies in your gut is not worth the energy drain) I've also heard that other abilities with that kind of effect like iron skin or negation swarm are also not working.
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