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  1. Again, you miss the point. I'll explain a bit more: Railjack isn't finished and won't be fixed/finished for years to come most likely. The New War isn't finished. Deimos is a cookie-cutter of the other open worlds. Xaku's mechanics were broken. There is unfinished lore in the game. They have pushed back major updates in the game affecting story and gameplay. This isn't about who the game caters to, or being "entertained." If you don't understand what I'm saying, that's fine, but you keep acting like my comment is just someone unhappy with the game, inste
  2. You miss the point, and you seem to think the only aspect of "gameplay" is how hard a mission is. Other aspects of gameplay are mechanics and objectives in the game, what you can do with your Warframe. The open worlds and Railjack, in addition to other unfinished content (like the New War) and storylines, are symptoms of issues with the game in terms of their ambition to add content and the bloat of the game. It is simply TOO MUCH TO MANAGE EFFECTIVELY!!!!! You can ignore various aspects of the game that need improvement, yet you seem to also ignore the decline in play from people who have lef
  3. I have zero sympathy for your difficulties this year. This has been the most unsatisfying year dealing with Warframe. Warframe is pretty to look at now, but crap to play. it is too bloated, without focus on why people play...to kick ass as a WF! I only come back to the game because I'm a casual player, and it fills time when I'm bored from watching paint dry. The FOCUS for 2021 needs to be GAMEPLAY and making it blend more with the World of Warframe. Listen to the people talking about how to make the gameplay better, and get off Twitch. Anyone who is just into fashion frame, fine take the
  4. I'm seeing all the updates to PC. Realizing we are not getting an update to consoles for a long while, lol. These LATE updates (and extensively delayed fixes) make me hate playing on console. I play for a week, then I just lose interest for like 2 months because it takes that long for a meaningful console update to play satisfactorily again. I wish DE would just fix all the problems with their game and then not update content until they know their stuff is at least 98% finished, and what is left is fixing some script errors or minor issues with graphics. Yeah...I know it is a dream, so I'll ju
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