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  1. Never mind I found it. Please delete this.
  2. This is happening in the Vail as well. Really bumbed. I bought a booster for the 3 days I'm off this week and I can finish a mission without it glitching. Waste of 40p. DE please give me my 40p back so I can buy a booster after this bug is patched.
  3. Clan Name: Bloodgulch Outpost Alpha Clan Tier: Ghost Clan - rank 10 Clan Platfore: Xbox One Clan Role: Founding warlord Orokin Garden Tunnel Prospect Pass (Trade, Vaults and Clan Rank Celebrations) Navigation Astroid Cabin in the Woods (Frame Fighter inside) Timeless Square (A massive display case with lots of goodies)
  4. A pirate's life for me! This mustache completes Hydroid perfectly. It will remain a permanent part of my Hydroid's fashion frame.
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