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  1. Guess who's back back back Back again gain gain Rhino's back Nyx is back Ash and Trin when?
  2. Are there any plans to give vaulted relics in current player's inventories an additional icon (as other players have asked for)? A "V" symbol in the top right corner should be enough. Would be nice if that was also displayed on vaulted rewards too.
  3. I'm liking the changes to Wukong so far, but there are a few issues that were brought up by other users in the Dev Workshop that are valid concerns with his kit. The first one being that defy is only capped at 1500 armor (83% damage reduction). I believe that cap should be increased to 2700 armor (90% damage reduction). I understand that the reason why the cap is at 1500 is because Wukong has healing with another ability where other frames with 90% damage reduction (like Gara) don't have that ability. There are 2 counterpoints to the reason you provided: 1. Squad Health Restore gear items can be used as a substitute for healing. These allow frames with 90% DR frames (like Gara) to heal like Wukong, Therefore, they have the ability to heal without needing it in their kit. 2. Wukong's Defy requires the player to use skill and understanding of the game to get the maximum the DR benefit instead of just being a simple ability (like Gara). When frames can achieve more DR with a single button press than an ability that requires positioning and casting it at the right moment, why use the second option? The second issue is with his passive. With a limited number of revives, he is outclassed by frames that have the ability that can regain their ability to revive (like Nidus) or frames that have a cool down on their revives (like Oberon). Some form of regaining his immortality should be added. Also, his Monkey Luck doesn't seem to fit with the rest of his passive. Extra loot options are nice, but it's not an ability we can rely on (like Nekros, Hydroid, or Khora). Another surviving tactic or damage buff would be more appreciated. The final issue is adding slash to his staff. This feels more like a band-aid fix since impact damage and status feels completely useless in the current game. I would rather you focus on fixing the damage system then applying these temporary fixes to a frame and/or weapon.
  4. The indoor index map is actually a Jupiter conclave map, so it makes sense as to why it was updated. Can agree it is a bit dark though
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