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  1. It is doable since doing weekly challanges lights up 1 light for the rest of the week 🙂 I say it as someone who did it multiple times, last time 2 mounths ago I think. Doing 20 matches is very easy, wining 6 matches is much harder but doable if you do it in team deadmatch during weekends. With this 2 flames up for whole week you only need to do 2 easiest daily to have full lights. i hope I helped. 🙂
  2. Nightwave cosmetics, baro cosmetics, normal SYNDICATES cosmetics, log-in, PvE events/missions/gifts of the Lotus cosmetics. Btw. you can just do PvE like say open relics (Axi preferably) and sell stuff for tons of plat then buy for that plat every other skin..... jeeeezzzz wtf. By the way every Syndicate has Syandana that lights up when you do coresponding activities, so why Conclave and Celestia Syandana should be different. I agree that it is hard to get all flames on it lighted but.... well... Wanting something that shows your dedication to PvP, be obtained without dedication... is kind of sell denying
  3. Mastery Rank 27 players ... most of them at least, are terribly crap at PvP and division by MR wouldn't be as effective but maybe would help a bit. I think that Stalker Mode should be made in some other way, not normal Stalker in hands of player, like adding special abilities to him hp gateing etc. and % hp damage. In more controlled enviroment (like say "boss" fight vs Greneer Queen at the end of "War Within" etc.) can be ballanced, however it would be very hard for DE to make and limiting to players. Of course I have heard about Operator vs Operator PvP whitch could work but many would cry "where are my warframes, i need them in PvP". Some players will always complain, some will say that there is no challange some will say Wolf, Stalker Mode etc. is too hard some will want PvP some won't. DE wants to improve Warframe and they have done great job so far, maybe instead of calling everything they make blessing or curse try to add some constructive feedback and tell them how should they change Stalker Mode. What it should look like, maybe what minor tweaks should be made to his abilities etc. DE decided that they want to work a bit on side project like Stalker Mode and maybe just maybe it will improve the game.
  4. @Aldain @Kontrollo @(PS4)BenHeisennberg @MJ12 Thanks for acctually addressing topic guys. Stalker Mode was confirmed opt out/in btw. @(PS4)Stealth_Cobra I agree, DE shouldn't make half ready 5 modes, but should focus on 1 or 2 more balanced forms of "fun" PvP like Opticor Variant. Btw. a lot people complain about lack of acctual challange in game and "bullet spoonges" yet they cry when they hear Stalker Invasions? WTF
  5. Finaly someone GETs it! But Warframe was vegan restaurant in 2011 now it is normal restaurant with very VERY disguesting one meat meal... it is not purely PvE, vegan game. Solar Rails, Conclave events? Now Stalker Mode?
  6. I love how exacly the same 5 players hate all PvP related content on this forum... someone pays you? Or it is some childhood related PvP trauma?
  7. Aramil999

    Volt's speed

    Is this joke topic? It "hinders" anyones gameplay experience XD? It is big reason someone plays solo!? Guys where do you live? In basements? WTF
  8. Yet many players want it anyways. Like say ... i don't know... 57 players out of 60 i asked on region chat, all people who I know irl who play warframe, most of my clanmates (mountain clan Dolmari), all my friends who doesn't play warframe YET.... I have no idea who might want this gamemode.
  9. This is just lie, back when Conclave had updates it was 2 DE employees who did job after hours. Now not a single DE member works on Conclave, there was no patch for it in few mounths.
  10. Well but DE wants to work on it. Besides Stalker Mode is almost ready for like few YEARS now...
  11. Im sure that you can get fish parts much more easly (even if we ignore killing this bumpers). Back when there where only blueprints you had to farm fish 1 to craft bait for fish 2 to get parts to craft bait 3 to get parts to craft bait for fish 4.... you never had so many resources to just throw as many baits as you wanted.... now you can just buy needed bait. Or farm parts from bumpers. It is much easier now. However I agree that DE shouldn't remove it from shop.
  12. Guys... Warframe misses this whole lot of potential PvP funs. Look at hard statistics: Online players right now: Dota2 582 000 PUBG 538 000 CS:GO 352 000 Rainbow Six Siege 59 000 Warframe 54 000 ...... League of Legends and Fortnite has many MANY more than DOTA2, there are littyeraly millions of players who love pure PvP and/or PvE games with good PvP content. Stop that "Warframe doesn't need PvP" bullsh*** mentality. It is dumb. DE does everything to make better game and get more players. PvP such as Stalker Mode (which is very much Confirmed) maybe will bring some of them.
  13. You can not know that. (besides im talking about new players or people who think about playing Warframe and are not yet "players" only small portion of veterans leave because of this reasons). Facts that we can say for sure are: -the most popular online games (most daily players) are League of Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, DOTA2 etc. almost all of them are pure PvP games. So most of online games audience likes/preferes PvP. Now for Fact we know how many players play Warframe for it's PvP. It's almost non (well ok few houndreds every mounth but it is very very tiny population). So in such big game Where are all this PvP fun? Most likely answer: They left or simply didn't get interested in Warframe in the first place. That means lost players, potential players and money for DE.
  14. There is the problem. You are not alone. There is a lot of players like you. They do PvE, then they have nothing more to do in it SO they go for PvP. However when you (or any player) will finaly get bored with endless farming or simply get everything and go for PvP you will get: -no players to play agains (there is like maybe 10 pvp players in game per day, only during certein hours), -no info about anything, guns, warframe abilities, stats, loadouts etc. work different than in PvE, -if you even manage to play few matches you will get destroyed like you wouldn't belive. Even when i played like say 2 hours a day every day i was one of the worst players out there AND i still could anihilate noobs even if i was alone versus 4, no chance to play and train only to get killed At this point, bored with PvE ans unable to play PvP player will simply leave the game.
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