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  1. DE has many more pressing issues to rework/fix than Armor and dmg reductiond. So most likely this topic will get ignored. Healing Return with high armor valkyr is very viable option in no energy nightmares or low energy sorties. I think that it should be left as it is. But, many warframes lack ANY form of defense mechanic and this frames are simply bad for very high level missions (but they can be good in lower levels like Ember for examle or in teams). This makes choice of build and warframe MATTERS. If every warframe had similar ehp then you could go with any frame to any mission and choice would not matter at all. Btw. even if you have glass frame you still can do very high level stuff with pure skill, good gear, proper mods and build. It is very hard to take down profit taker with say Banshee BUT it is still possible, even solo, this means at least for me, that ehp changes/balance is not needed.
  2. First of all Conclave needs SMALL, quality of life fixes: 1. Match/server browser, so players could see how many Recruit and Veteran matches going with how many players, 2. Node on Starchart, most players have no idea there even is PvP in Warframe, 3. New players have equiped only melee in Conclave arsenal, they should start with fully equiped primaries and pistol, I have seen way too many players runing with only Skanas...., 4. Tutorial/Starting quest, more info about Conclave warframe abilities etc. 5. Conclave skins for newer weapons not only for like 4 years old stuff, 6. Increased resources and Credits, most matches are very hard and take up 10 minutes, but you get far, FAR less resources than from ANY missions (even level 1 Earth), so players who dive into PvP fall far behind grind that is the main goal of Warframe, 7. PvP Alarms, with normal rewards like 10k credits or some Mode, for loseing and winning team, but winners get standard more standing and credits, to make AFKing less likely, After this small fixes and tweaks DE could start making Conclave better, like: -Stalker Mode, with all anty bulling/anty trolling restrictions (Stalker can't attack objectives, set alarms and have limited time to kill player etc.), -Solar Rails with Conclave arsenal, -Dark Sectors?
  3. Aramil999

    Make Conclave Great Again ! : Solutions

    New year kills such Threads, rip us PvP lovers. Conclave needs changes, new Solar Rail or Dark Sactor, Stalker Mode, UI Starchart changes. Conclave skins for newer weapons, skins stoped on guns that were new like 2 or 3 years ago....
  4. Aramil999

    Remove Conclave from orbiter

    Real changes that can improve Conclave coming from playing it for 1 year and talking about it with many players (PvE and PvP) on this forum: Conclave fixes: 1. Add Conclave node to Starchart, new players don't know there is PvP in Warframe, 2. Full Conclave loadouts for new players, too many noobs runing with Skanas, 3. Add more resources as rewards for match, Warframe is Grind, and playing PvP just puts new players behing in this Grind-fest, 4. Add normal alarms (like 10k credits) for Conclave matches (for losing team and winning), 5. Add match browser so players can see how many full matches there are and where they can join. After this easy fixes Stalker Mode, Solar Rails etc. could be added.
  5. Aramil999

    So 2v2 PvP... what was it like?

    That sounds terrible, at least now we got higher Time To Kill with balanced Conclave weapons. However Conclave still needs some quality of life changes like Node on Starchart, Fully equiped loadouts for new players, maybe some tutorial or info about how everything works in PvP than in PvE.
  6. Aramil999

    We need solar rail conflicts back (clan wars)

    Just use Conclave arsenal. How can you even try to balanve all PvE mods with Rivens etc. for PvP use? It fixes all the problems you were trying to point out (with much difficulties).
  7. Aramil999

    PvP in Warframe, fixes, problems, future StalkerMode?

    Because: 1. Conclave is very badly implemented, it is fun but: Match browsing, finding it, starting to play it, knowing anything about how does it work etc. is as bad as possible. That could be EASLY fixed, mostly simple UI changes. It is bad but doesn't have to be terrible and annoying at that. 2. Stalker Mode is very possible to come, maybe even this year. There are many problems in Stalker PvP and I wanted to disscuss it. 3. There are no PvP players in Warframe not because only PvE players play it but because PvP here is so bad that all this PvP+PvE players left already. Which is quite few.
  8. Aramil999

    PvP in Warframe, fixes, problems, future StalkerMode?

    I am not saying that PvP like Stalker Mode or Conclave should be only endgame content of Warframe, but it should be one of thing that is there to look forward and GET something from it. Now most players have no idea there is PvP in Warframe, even if they know and tried they leave it forever because it is made to be as unforgiving, bad and misleading for new players as it is possible. Better matchmaking (with server browser where players could see if match has Recruit ON or OFF cnd can choose to play vs Veterans if there are no other matches or fight with noobs only), better rewards maybe meaningful at higher ranks and useable in normal game (PvE) even if mods are weak (but it could be fun to see Mirage with her 4 above head in normal missions etc.), better rewards could included: Forma, New skins (not only ones older than most warframes and guns now), maybe Landing Craft skins? Earning resources useful in PvE in decent amounts. All that could lead to PvP+PvE game modes where players or Clans could compete vs on another with full PvE loadouts (operators, auras all mods, Rivens etc.) and fight vs stronger and stronger enemies for limited time and see who kills more etc. Many modifications could be put onto such modes like bosses, nulifiers zones, special sprtie enviroments etc. and make such thing unlike ESO and SO where we see always same Saryn, Volt combo and the likes. Maybe Stalker Mode where players with full power of PvE loadout fight Stalker Player with very strong kit, could be great way to test strenght of your Gear, Rivens, Builds and of course Skill vs something more alive than, AI as stupid as office calculator.
  9. Aramil999

    PvP in Warframe, fixes, problems, future StalkerMode?

    Why pvp is bad form of endgame? As of now only real "endgame" we got in Warframe are: Arbitrations, Tridolons, Orb Mother, Endurence? Non of this is realy hard once you get proper gear and only challange is doing more Hydrolist captures per night and faster Profit-Taker.......... that is almost insulting to the power of PvE loadouts, operators, amps, all way-bounds, rivens etc. since you can do many of this things with your starting warframes and base operators.... it will simply take longer. PvE will NEVER be real challange if players will have access to all of the overpowered options. PvP with Conclave arsenal and balance could become such thing. Many good games had PvE as main aspect of game and still had super dedicated PvP players and good PvP modes. Like World of Warcraft, Destiny etc.
  10. Aramil999

    PvP in Warframe, fixes, problems, future StalkerMode?

    PvP in Warframe, GOOD PvP, is easy way to make fun Endgame where players will not simply farm everything in first week. Besides we still have Conclave and some quality of life changes are so easy to implement and would improve this gamemode so much that it is just sad. (like adding full loadout to new players, not only melee, making Conclave a node on Starchart, increasing resource gain from matches). Besides, how can players care for PvP if they don't even know there is PvP? Quest to discover Conclave, Node on Starchart, trening matches vs AI (yes that would be hard to make, maybe at least traning room/test to shoot at prepered spectre that moves along preset patch). Most people don't even consider Stalker Mode a PvP mode, just call it "improved Stalker AI", then everyone would jump! Because yay better AI, but player as Stalker = Nope
  11. I strongly belive that good PvP in Warframe could only improve game and bring new players in. I played for more than 1 year Conclave and most (if not all) of PvE content in game, making MR 24, doing last raids, tridolons, 1h+ survivals, profit takers etc. But PvE can get boring if you did everything multiple times, best way to make endless endgame is good PvP. However Conclave as of now is very unfriendly, unpopular and not updated place. So this are my best thoughts on the topic: First of all Conclave needs quality of live changes: -matchmaking where you can do other things and wait for match, -server/matches list where you can see how many active matches are now, how many players are in said match and decide to join one, this should eliminate long wait times, -PvP/Conclave Node visible on Starchart, many new players don't know it exists, -Guns included into starting loadout of new players, i have seen way too many players with only Skana, -better match rewards, like add 5k credits and duble resources from normal matches (so 600 ferrite for example) so new players CAN acctually farm something there instead of 300 ferrite which you could earn by doing 5 minute easy no brain super low lvl mission.... and you would get credits too... so if someone decides to do some PvP one day, god forbide, he gets litteraly no credits and no resources which is very important to new players. -- AFTER this changes are made, we can think about something bigger for PvP, like Stalker Mode, new Solar Rails etc. -- Stalker Mode -- Stalker Mode first of all should not be forced onto players, at least not into normal missions. I have made 2 threads about Stalker Mode and both quickly devolved into "stalker mode MUST be opt out/in" and mostly people disscused how bad forced PvP is. My solution to this problem is new Stalker Location on Starchart, maybe whole "planet/ship" with many nodes, maybe one "Stalker Node" per every planet. Players would be able to farm Stalker specific resource there to build Cosmetics/Decorations/Lyset Skins/Formas maybe other things too and other players would be able invade only in this Stalker Location/Locations. Many many people pointed out the possibility of kill trading, griefing in Stalker Mode, so this are my ideas to prevent it: - Stalker can NOT choose who he invades, it is random, - Stalker has limited time to kill Tenno, so he can't just run from them and be annoying, - Tenno can not run from stalker, Room Lockdown, - Tenno don't know if they are invaded by Stalker AI or Player, invasion will be always in Stalker Nodes, - Stalker will be unable to hurt mission Objectives, VERY IMPORTANT one, - Stalkers abilities should be able to nulify, remove, put on cooldown, maybe drain energy from Operators Void Mode so players can't just harass him from Invincibility, - Stalker should be able to somehow fight Atlas 1st ability spam, since it is instant cast he can't disspell it like other forms of invincibility, maybe he could put it on low cooldown with his skill??? - Rewards should be high for both sides no matter if Stalker kills his target or Tenno kill stalker, maybe 1000 stalker points/reputation for win and 500 or 750 for lose? So players will not get negative but will simply want to play again. I hope that Stalker Mode will be implemented and it will be made good. 😉
  12. I have seen aimboter Mag with starting gear 2 or 3 days ago, instant kills accrosse the map with Lato, only standing in the center of the map................ i have played for more than 1 year in Conclave and I have seen maybe 3 100% no doubt hackers in my 1000+ matches. That Mag was hacking for sure. i reported him.... but it was new account, so he loses nothing
  13. Aramil999

    We need solar rail conflicts back (clan wars)

    You are not the only one. I just LOVE Warframe but it's PvP is so forgoten, underpopulated and .... i might just leave. Stupid AI is not enough for me too.
  14. Aramil999

    Zaws in conclave

    @mario410 I will try this today (with HDR on),if this works I love you!!! God bless good people of internet 🙂 Ignis without it's blinding effect was wayyyyyy easier to fight, but still cancer. Besides I encountered NEW retarded way of wining in Conclave ... maybe I will post it on new topic, but I might forget so: Night Equinox uses sleep > unload full clip of Zaktti (u get 0 damage because speep makes u immune), > wake up > Zaktti bolta exploade on you and you are dead, rolling might save you if you have enough HP but mostly instant kill XD, that is nerf material, (at least PC, on consoles melee is way more useful).
  15. Go to any infested mission and use ONLY Lex/Aklex (possibly prime). Works wonders if you train like that for few weeks. Also tone down your mouse speed in game options (or increase, but lowering will probably help).