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  1. Still having issue when accepting relic mission, it asks to start without a relic. On xbox one.
  2. DE we need an end game! So many people are getting bored and leaving. Most of my friends are not even coming back for the last few update. 1. Endgame 2. Better rewards for arbitration 3. Fix enemy scaling and AI 4. Scaling rewards . Ect. Kuva survival. (hate doing hour runs for 3-5 rolls on a riven) Everything else you guys been putting out is great(except arbitration revival towers) and i know everyone is working hard but we need these core parts of the game fixed! If you need ideas for endgame content. The community and warframe partners will be more then happy to help.
  3. 1. The respawn tower is not good. I won't use it because it takes a hit on my survivability . It will only make players saltly when no one picks them up. 2. Rotations are long can't we shorten them to 5 or 7 waves in defense(5mins or 7 mins survival). Can we do 5 waves for A. & B rotations then C. Rotations are 10waves. 3. The rewards are not bad but can improve. Remove the sortie sculpture and put in arbitration since we have a 4000 endo reward in sorties (A) Kuva can be a good reward from arbitrations. (B) sentinel weapon rivens would be good for arbitration. 4. I play arbitration for hard content and to push my builds and loadouts. 5. Lower the drone spawn count. They don't make the mode harder just annoying. 6. Increase solo enemy spawn count. 7. Normal enemy scaling will be a great fix. Scaling now is too slow DE . The whole team does amazing work just need improvements sometimes. Can't wait to see how you fix up the arbitration game mode.
  4. Enemy A.I & spawning rework please Survival missions can be much better if enemy spawn close by like fissor missio. Thank you for your hard work everyone at DE! Happy holidays
  5. Great stream lady's, even though got no drop. I still enjoyed.
  6. Congratulations on Fortuna release DE ! I'm on console so i'm eager to get the update. I know it's only been a week but maybe some info on console release window. I like the arbitration game mode, but i would really enjoy a survival that starts at enemy level 100 at least. A new planet/area with all types of mission that start at enemy level 100. Keep up the great work DE.
  7. Awesome. Can't wait to try out everything. keep up great work DE
  8. I am looking forward to elite alerts, can't wait to see what you got lady's....See you tonight! Keep up the great work DE
  9. sweet can't wait t see what you got planned. i'm very excited for Elite alerts when? & please can we speed up the time between console update were getting revenant today on console and yesterday you released a better version of him on pc.
  10. sweet can't wait for it to come out. DE once a month for console updates is too long & were not even getting all the updates up to the build your releasing. i love you DE Keep up the great work.
  11. Can't wait!! 1. Console update when?? 2. Elite alerts when?? See you tonight.
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