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  1. 5 days ago I had the opportunity to have 2 warframe partners appear in my squad while I was playing plague and they were standing at the front door of the cetus all the time. They probably streamed and laughed with their audience to me and another player while we did all the work for them. Sadly some players have game privileges over others, so they are protected and nothing can be done against them. 🙄
  2. This word can be vulgar 'assigns' 🤔
  3. My clan friend who studies and occasionally plays Warframe has decided to write a book, so on this occasion I would like to present to you his work that is still not over to all fans of the saga. If you find the content interesting, please leave your comments on its author page. Thank you. 🥰 Click on the link below to read. The Evernon Saga - The Journey of Ascension, A Struggle for Godhood.
  4. Thats happening when all players already have everything, and Railjack is become bored to them, they dont have any new content, and new challenges, adn the game is the end. Same is with me, I already have all stuff, so for me is bored to play always same shiit over and over, I dont see point in that. So if u like that then play solo, noone can stops u, try to enjoy if u see yourself in that! Good luck. 😉
  5. i was play. pass all missions all planets, got everything and the game is become bored, solo is easy on earth. if u dont have good content for RJ the game becomes really annoyed. i dont play anymore cuz i dont have any new challenges which can attract me to play.
  6. She will announced tonight new location named "Rebbeca Proxima" 😂
  7. There is no have any melee without heavy attack, I was experience same issue and also other one too with Dual Kamas Prime where stance mods with their combos can easely reset your combo effect. This is the sucks and worst thing which we already have on melee 3.0 I was talk about this many many time but DE don't want to listening.
  8. Well, idk what's happening, but after last update each time when i go to play, or visiting dojo and returning to my orbiter the game freezes for awhile (for a couple of seconds). Is not about me, my PC is updated, all drivers and other stuff, so don't tell me did u check this or that, is about the game. This wasn't happened before last update.
  9. If that's happened then maybe u are accidentaly delete msg which u are got from him, try to speak with that warlord and first that he expel your clan from pending list then to send u again inv for the clan, btu then try to be carefull. Good luck.
  10. A screenshot of yours conversation probably form chat, but he didn't sent u inv to alliance for sure. If u didn't part of any alliance or not have own, then after u join in alliance you will see it new chat icon called "Alliance" for chatting. Are u on PC or PS4? If u are on PC I can send u inv and u will see it that u will got notification in your inbox and u will joined in alliance.
  11. I don't suggest u anything, test by yourself which archgun is good then choose that one which u mostly like it.
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