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  1. Is not that point, I dont want to play for rewards, I want to play for fun, for my satisfaction.
  2. I dont want rewards, cuz they are sucks all of them, I just want more quests and more hardcore missions to play, all that craps about rewards u can find around, but not any good challenges which can keep u to play WF more and more.
  3. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ About us: The clan Helion Prime (Mountain) was created in the summer of 2018. Emblem is second image in this thread. Our goal is to create a solid international community where no player will feel different from the others. In principle, we do not think that any player is treated differently from others based on their racial or religious diversity. All of our members are treated equally regardless of whether someone is a lower or higher MR, whether a veteran is in the clan or is a newcomer in the game who needs adequate help to overcome all the obstacles in the game and raise himself to the highest level in the game. In no sense, we do not tolerate offending players against each other regardless of whether it was intentionally or in a joke, all our members are treated with great respect regardless of whether someone was older or younger with us there is no difference in that. In order for a member to be accepted in our community, we are guided by the proverb "Respect Others To Be Respected"! What we offer: We offer all kinds of assistance to any member of our community at any time, this means that you will only get help if you ask for it. Each member will give you advice on how to overcome all obstacles in the best possible way and thus make it easier for you. Of course, all this depends on you how motivated and persistent you are. For players who want to be connected via VOIP, we have a Discord server that is optional for use. Our community also has its own alliance with a limited number of clans. Requirement to be accepted in our community: The new member must be active at least 1-2h every day or be active every 2-3 days. If you are inactive for more than 90 days you will be kicked out of the community without the possibility of returning. There are three clan rules that I did not specify here, and which new members can read when joining, these rules are for the benefit of the entire community, violation of them means automatic kick-out from the clan.
  4. We do not need Hydroid's clone's in the game pal! 🤗
  5. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Asylum alliance provides each kind of help to new clans, in order to progress as soon as possible and develop their own clan. We are limited with the number of clans so we can keep everything under control. The alliance emblem represents the number of clans and alliance membership. All interested clans that have friendly, mature and non-toxic members can apply for membership in our alliance. Clans admitted to the Asylum Alliance must strictly adhere to the rules and guidelines of the Alliance. Each warlord clan is responsible for the consequences of the behavior of their members within their clan. This means that in the event of a conflict between two members of different clans, warlord does not warn his members of abstaining from verbal conflicts, he is obliged to exclude that member from his clan, or follows the expulsion of that clan from alliance membership in order to maintain the peace and stability of our community. Our primary goal is to help other clans in the research process and their players. Socialization and friendship, exchange of experiences in the game, etc. Alliance membership is limited to 20 clans. Membership in an alliance of future clans is expected: If the clan does not have an emblem (Warlord is obliged to create and upload an emblem in the game within 30-60 days); Warlord must join the Alliance's Discord: The clan must have a minimum of 10-20 active players during the day; Warlord is obligated to exclude players who are inactive for more than 90 days from their clan. Membership application: Warlord Founder IGN (In Game Name); Full Clan Name; Clan Tier; Clan Emblem (link image) if u dont have skip this; If Clan have more than 1 warlord add their names. See you around Tenno!
  6. U have work two weeks just for this? Wooow......that's awesome! 🤗
  7. Read here about them how they works, dont read just couple of words, read all inside that site to learn, just befor eu do any step forward. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Riven_Mods
  8. It's the first thing that my eyes have noticed, a nice design of tits. 🤗
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