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  1. AvPCelticPredator

    So about them Repeller Systems

    So you tell me why then we need fortuna gems, fishes and other resources? For which purpose we need them!! If DEVS want that, then they can do same thing for Cetus arcanes too.
  2. AvPCelticPredator

    So about them Repeller Systems

    @[DE]Rebecca I hope so that you will change method of building arcanes from Little Duck, once when players buy Blueprints, they need to build them similar to arcanes from Quill that they can craft and upgrade. Remember why you guys are make gems and fishes in fortuna, so what is the point to buy with standing already builded arcanes!?
  3. AvPCelticPredator

    So about them Repeller Systems

    Once u fully rank up your syndicate you will quit to play Profit-Taker bounties and you will only farm Torids for standings, that's all. Becaus what u will got from Profit-Taker to be usefull for you? Actually nothing exept stuff for your archgun (mods), fortuna bonds (which u can buy for CR in fortuna) and 1 toroid which u can also farmed in orb vallis. So can somebody tell me is there anything usefull? Actually nothing! Just play and dont lose your hope til you rank up your syndicate. I was spend 2 weeks to get stuff for sacrifice and now I dont play Profit-Taker anymore, just farming toroids! I hope so that DEVS will add in Profit-Taker mods which is really usefull and worth to farm (Mods for weapons, frames and pets, or new arcanes), they are make mistake by adding to many arcanes for buying from Little Duck.
  4. AvPCelticPredator

    Zaw and Kitguns need more customized

    Blades without elemental dmg is better cuz u can have two options to build only passive or elemental dmg (Thats two choices and two combinations depends of players wishes). The problem is with Zaws who have already 1 elemental dmg in this case Plague Kripath where u cannot removed base element to have only passive dmg, u no have choices to do that and u need to deal with that. With Plague Kripath u can make even 2 elemental dmg and from my opinion thats sucks. The reason why I'm telling this that I'm using Zaw (Mewan) and I can always uses Passive or Elemental dmg depends what missions I'm playing. In this case I'm using Zaw without elements for my Nekros cuz of his Desecrate where passive Slash dmg can cut enemies on 2 pieces, but if I have base elemental dmg I cannot cut enemies cuz elements always going first before passive and elements just killing enemies, they cannot cut them. With Plague Kripath this is impossible, but with all other Zaw's blade it is. Adding elemental dmg on any part of zaw's will screw up all this and u wont be able to chose what u want to have on your build. That's the reason why I cannot support that idea. They can add more different parts for zaws, but dont touch current. Have a great day!
  5. AvPCelticPredator

    Zaw and Kitguns need more customized

    Really? U dont have any elemental mod for them, and how they can be focused on physic if you can make elements with standard mods!?
  6. AvPCelticPredator

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    Really, and u still cannot fixed Surface snapping option for decorations inside Dojo's guys, cuz we still cannot add decorations on walls!? Is this intentional skipping to fix? 🤔
  7. AvPCelticPredator

    Limbo causing players stress

    I didnt say banished enemies, I was say is work when Limbo uses his 4th ability it works melee and your squad mate abilities u can use it too, but not with Primary and Secondary.
  8. AvPCelticPredator

    New player looking for helpful Clan [PC]

    As I said, people on the other hand can interpret humor differently, and now you differently interpret my words that I wrote in the previous post. Do not think that I have some malicious thoughts towards you, I do not have them. Now, you have said that you have changed a few clans that says enough about something that was unacceptable either on one side or the other, I will not discuss it because I'm not interested, it's your personal thing. The last thing is that you have set the conditions for the clans who want to recruit you, in other words the clan must adapt to your requirements. If you want a clan to accept you then you will have to exclude it from your requests and adapt to the requirements of the clans they offer. When you get an offer, it is up to you to always accept or decline if the conditions are acceptable to you or not. I hope that you will see where you are wrong, all the best in the search for a clan.😉
  9. AvPCelticPredator

    New player looking for helpful Clan [PC]

    lol man, for someone whos 23 years old is best to stick with kids in some clan who have bunch of childrens. U need to understand that clans who have mature people who have families wont accept person like you, no offense mate but humor whatever it is people from other side can interpret on many ways. So if you want to enter in clan you need to adapt yourself to clan, not clan to you and your requirements if you understand what I'm talking to you. Have a great day!
  10. AvPCelticPredator

    Voodoo warframe

    Everything is good, but you missed your 3D model concept pal, if u dont know to make them then try to draw something and present how that character will looks like with your vision and your idea!?
  11. AvPCelticPredator

    Voodoo warframe

  12. AvPCelticPredator

    Void strike question

    In Tridolon hunt, noone here I mean only on PRO hunters uses Primary AMP fire, cuz they uses only Secondary, reason is that secondary deals huge dmg against bosses shields to take them down so quick. So if u go on hunt, try to avoid spending your Void Strike charges on killing vomvalysts.
  13. AvPCelticPredator

    Limbo causing players stress

    I can use abilities and melee no doubt, but I cant use my Primary and Secondary weapon. 😉
  14. AvPCelticPredator

    Limbo causing players stress

    I wish that enemies are not invulnerable when Limbo uses his abilities, but unfortunately other players cannot enjoyed when he uses abilities. Tbh always when I see Limbo in my squad I immediately abort mission. 😐
  15. AvPCelticPredator

    Warframe Slot/s help

    Start to working hardly mate, focus yourself first to clear whole solar system (unlocking all planets and finishing all missions), then during that time finish all quests. Join in some clans if u can they can helps u alot with advices, hard missions etc. And most important thing, increase your MR much more if u can cuz you will need it, and you will find out why when u gain more exp in this game. EDIT: Platinum u will earned later easy! Have great day!