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  1. Considered god tier rivens now that people can test it, will go way higher if it ever happens. so, It will be actually on your disadvantege. and one gear worse than the god tier will still go higher so, prob the ''mediocre'' rivens for popular guns will be somewhat affordable for your casual john. I mean, I too want to have a more sandbox-y simu but like i said it doesnt benefit to the DE. So, I doubt they will ever do it ''waste'' on rivens are debatable. They consider the trading free estate. You may sell everything for the price you want as long as you have a buyer for that item. and as far as it goes nobody forcing anyone to buy the x item. Well, no. DE, did give us a chart about avrg prices and stuff Link. but since all those prices are determined by the buyer there are still no fix prices and prob will never be. I mean, it isnt even the DE that being unethical here. Its the players selling mediocre rivens with the title '' GOOD '' or '' GODLY '' or '' GREAT '' for absurd prices. Like i said DE didnt put any price on trading its just consumers and suppliers, determining the price. and most of the poor riven transactions arent even scam to start with. You're not really scamming anybody, noone is forcing nobody to buy that item. Both parties are agreeing on buying an item for the determined price for the determined item. Sure, It might be that the riven you bought isnt good but is it really anybody's fault? Its a common sense that you dont buy rivens with; -fire rate, +ips, +reload speed, +cold/heat etc... I mean, there's not even much to learn to rivens. its just that there is not a proper guide to what to not buy, or not knowing what some special guns need. aka redeemer which if its not for eidolon doesnt need crit and only needs +2 -1 (+status chance +attack speed -harmless neg) to be considered ''godly''. But this isnt the popular knowledge because the community considers +3 -1 rivens to be godly(and they are not wrong but redeemer is an exception) but in redeemer's case higher your attack speed is, better for you. So, having only 2 positive will increase your overall DPS more than having a +3 good stats with a neg. also, Its not only a DPS increase but a QoL increase to Redeemer. Having your attack speed high as way up as possible is really good because how stupidly slow redeemer became. And... status chance because after you pass +120sc(again, hard to achieve with 3 positives) on your riven, you are freeing up 2 mod slots on your modding. Which also giving you more slots to work with and you can really min max your redeemer. just an example. Anyway, I am repeating myself here but there's no waste on plat. It is the plat sink that would get narrowed by the playerbase. Which hurts the DE eventually. and there's no scam because noone is forcing anybody. Sandbox-y Simu is nice but I just dont see them doing it. maybe not yet.
  2. wont happen simply it would mean less trade for rivens which also would mean the plat sink wouldnt spread across people (instead of 1 dude buying forma bundle, maybe 3 different people who had traded that plat will buy forma(1 player needs less than 3 players)) which also mean that DE would get hurt Also, you dont need to test to see which one is better. After some time you will know what affects the most and what not. Oh, it also means that some rivens will go way up price wise because they will be the ultimate roll. and possibly it will hurt ''casual'' traders Anyway, those are mostly estimations. But I do believe that it is what would be.
  3. they will drop 2 hydroid neuroptics instead of one ISNT THAT ENOUGH!
  4. Well, even your saying is wrong. so, I dont even need to see a chart to say that you're incorrect. Kuva Kohm has worse ammo efficiency therefore it has better TTK than normal kohm. so, you are changing some factors in your story. you can keep the chart. like i said, I dont need it now that you ve been more clear.
  5. So, there's a thing called rakta cernos which gives you energy. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Rakta_Cernos
  6. why is it even your concern, how I waste my time on online? I can... and I will waste my time however i please it to be. Want to find a logic? there's none. Also, I dont care about warframe as in I dont care if warframe dies or not. Which you would actually get your answer and you wouldnt need me to answer you if you read like 2 more sentences instead of being so nitpicky. gawd... some people... also, for your information, Im not even here. Im looking for things or updates or some threads and leaving the forum after some time. but still I fail to understand why tf it is your responsibility to check why I am playing or being here like im some sort of unwanted guest or something. like, do you feel responsible that I am here? so dumb that someone wants to question others being like they are some sort of lord of the forum. and the assumption too like.. lol. this isnt sherlock holmes. You're not a detective. Your assumptions about people on the internet is just laughable. '' hmmm... he says that he dont care about warframe but hes still here... he still must like this game hmmm... ''
  7. I can see kuva sculps being a thing in the future tbh
  8. I dont know about Aksomati but I need a chart comparing the damages to believe that Kuva Kohm of yours is worse than your normal Kohm. because It is pretty much fallacy imo
  9. Its because I dont care about warframe anymore. It's not like this game will die either. My actions have no effect overall to the game. I dont care if a newb player cant do everything the day they started playing the game. We all have been there. We, as veterans didnt get a special treatment. We have waited for items and farmed them. This isnt your classic CS GO match where you join a game and after 3 rounds you buy AWP. This is a collection game and everything takes time. If you simply cant handle the await, warframe isnt the type of game for that player. This isnt being toxic. It is being very realistic. Some people cant handle the reality. Also, ''boo hoo... someone I saw is talking roood this game very toxiiiiicccc'' This isnt even the game itself. How do you came up with the idea of game being '' toxic '' just because someone on the forums talked in a way that you are not happy with?
  10. I dont care about new players or how they feel or how boring the game is because they are limited. they knew what they were buying(playing) we all have been there I dont care if the x mission isnt newbie friendly. simply, git gud. I dont see nothing wrong.
  11. because DE dont make sense. just like their lore related items that we get from NW just like the absolute inconsistency in the lore just like the way they update and adapt their game then forgetting about other stuff.
  12. Im pretty sure archwings are already smaller in space
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