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  1. If possible, please make the damage ramp up cap a soft cap instead, for example, ramp up is 2 per enemy for the first 10 enemies, then 1 per enemy afterwards. That way we can get around 1800 damage per second (by infecting 30 enemies, which is rare by the way) within the first 45 seconds, which is a lot more workable for Saryn in ESO. Note that this will still likely mean dropping a range mod for strength, which allows for players to choose between greater spread (for larger tiles), or faster ramp up (for smaller tiles), rather than forcing Saryn into building for high strength as the proposed changes would require.
  2. A quick note: within the first 45 seconds of an ESO round (when you get more focus for kills), you can only get up to 900 damage per second with her spores (with max power range and around 100% power strength). This effectively ruins Saryn for ESO runs.
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