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  1. I already said, I'll talk again, no theme of fortune has given as much subject as the nerf in the rivens, I always heard that (DE) heard the community, so I ask her now? Just look at comments over 70%, or more than this felt hurt.
  2. as I already said who I enjoyed a good rivens are people who want to test their limits within the game, now who comes here is crying why they killed less than other players these people in the opinion, are children who do not spend a cent in the game, a lot no build, then when you get a player who really invested in the game, and goes on a mission makes a devastation, that lazy player that does not even form the weapon or the warframe then that same comes here in the forum cries for the Nerf the guns and warframes Sorry for the mistakes, but I speak Portuguese.
  3. nor the launching of fortune gave as much repercussion, as that unfortunate choice that DE did of spoils our rivens. this topic has more posts than fortune, where does the DE say that I heard the community ???
  4. Feeling I have, I'm screaming but no one's listening, their silence from DE. This topic had more repercussion than the topic of fortune, question I ask, in a game of pve that problem generates status of my Riven to another player?
  5. Destiny 2 had its worst performance in dlc in that renegades, is not selling reason is discouraged of the players with nerfs, I see it happens even here now, in destiny to all new content released (DLC) you lost what you had conquered, you lowered your equipment that had conquered, very annoying it, here with the new content nerfs in the rivens, exits the destiny for this and was when friend presented me with warframe and I confess spectacular game, when I got acquainted with the rivens of ours, I was more delighted with the game that freedom, can I can customize your fire power of your equipment, but in my case 1% more or less makes a difference, if I can improve something even if I say 5 of force in a warframe will spend 2 or 3 forms because I spend and improve, I am mr25 I have everything in the game 356 days of login I only lost 4 days, which was now after Nerf of the rivens, I buy all packages that DE launches, because I like the game too much, another reason to buy so many platinas it was the rivets I collect, my injury to this nerf is gigantic, out of discouragement, and uncertainty of can buy other rivens with these nerfs now, well I think this, some will think it's crying, but it's an outburst, I'm sorry English It's not my language.
  6. For these people, who think it's cool to see people who invested time and money in rivens, are the same people who spend helping to bring new content, spending real money. When it takes to get out new content do not complain, I'm sure everyone who spent real money to buy rivens, today are thinking differently in regards to continuing to invest in the game. Excuse my English, not my language.
  7. good people stay a lesson for anyone who wants to put platinum to invest in riven, we can not trust. I learned, and I leave the tip.
  8. my friend is not drama, your time being thrown away and money real, lost a lot of money and time with this Nerf, as I said I am collector rivens perfect. after this Nerf game lost sense to me.
  9. but I only buy perfect, incalculable my loss of hours and money, I wonder that, this game is not focused on PvP, what trust we have continues to play and spending our money. People who do not care, just say something DE keeps game with people who spend real money on it. I was one of those people who enjoyed the game, but after that I'm done.
  10. I took months to get 2 perfect rivens, Lanka and rubico both crita-satitis, Ms + cc + cd-zoom, yesterday I see the modified statuses, this take me attitude of stop playing, I want to understand what goes on in the head of a company in spoils fun of many people.
  11. Parei com esse jogo, DE sabe do meu histórico de compra de platinas essas compras era só por causa dos rivens. É triste.
  12. Isso desanima jogar gastei dias e horas para conseguir os rivens da rubico e da lanka com + ms + cc + cd-zoom, pra isso que são os nerfados brincadeira isso, o que você tem e não é um pouco, colecionei rivens e agora Eu quero que você não tenha mais sorte, eu estou arrependendo de ter comprado tanta plantina nesse jogo.
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