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  1. I'd honestly agree and support that.
  2. Hopefully it's not released today because there'll be no time for bug fixes. Should be delayed till next week or the week after to be honest.
  3. Never said to separate them, inclusion, remember?
  4. I actually can't believe the bigotry here, I'm speechless. People are deflecting the topic by calling it political? It's not political, it's the inclusion of all genders, races and sexual orientations. Separating any of those groups would make it political. I thought gaming was inclusive, clearly a lot of don't seem to think so, I know DE at least agrees.
  5. That's lies. I know tons of straight people that attend and are welcomed, Can't believe the opinions on this place. I thought there'd be more progressives like myself on here. Maybe DE will still agree with me and others.
  6. Not intentionally no, but some representation would be nice, we all have Pride friends, right? Also pride isn't just about the homosexual community, it's everyone.
  7. Is there a political pride party? Because I've never heard of them. Pride is an entire community combined. Also I'm not amused people claim pride is just 'gay'. It's an inclusive event, cmon.
  8. I'm sorry but what does Pride have to do with politics? Are we all really this uptight about being inclusive and celebrating everyone?
  9. Independence has nothing to do with Pride at all, the complete opposite of an exclusive celebration such as that actually.
  10. Seriously, why is this not a thing in Warframe yet? We could have colorful displays in an exclusive relay dedicated to pride and even pride themed missions that would award something like rainbow colored skins or syandanas or palettes. I want to celebrate pride like I do every year IRL, I'm sure I speak for the vast majority of the Warframe community in wanting more inclusive events in Warframe, what do you all think?
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