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  1. Neith7

    Aura mod organization

    It was before the Fortuna update that they changed this, and it seems like positive drain is no longer being considered when organizing mods.
  2. Neith7

    Fortuna Somachord Fragments

    I do agree this is ridiculous to have to search from one end of the map to the other for one fragment per session. The main thing I'm worried about is that the longer this goes on without change the more likely DE is to not fix it under the excuse that it would devalue the effort those players that did find them all.
  3. Neith7

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #231!

    Yeah, unless the ducats were added to my inventory with no message, because I don't know the exact number of ducats I had before the stream, I didn't receive the twitch drop this time. I'm assuming there is a message because people are saying they got the twitch drop. This is the first time, when it's not bugged at least, that I haven't gotten a drop so everything should be working. I just didn't get anything.
  4. Neith7

    Hesperon Drop rate is ridiculously low

    It does not drop from containers, to everyone suggesting that. Hesperon is a stupidly rare resource that you need a stupidly large amount of. Check the blueprints requiring Hespazym Check the blueprints requiring Auroxium
  5. Neith7

    Ambulas Sortie is too hard...

    Had the same thing happen to me but I was familiar enough with the tilesets to have a rough idea where to go. Just make sure to drop a waypoint for anyone lagging behind since those sometimes work properly.
  6. Yeah it seems DE accidently vaulted the receivers. They’ll probably patch it sometime this week. I should have some relics I can give you if you’re on PC.
  7. Neith7

    Hesperon Shortage?

    Please buff the drop rate or add it to Smokefinger's inventory, the drop rate versus the amount needed is ridiculous.
  8. make sure you master the mote amp before selling it!
  9. Neith7

    Question on the new Operator Arcanes

    Do the damage arcanes work on Eidolons after their shields are taken out? Yes, but not that well. Do the damage arcanes work on Eidolons to still take out their shields? No, you need void damage to take out the shields.
  10. Neith7

    Inaccessible Datum

    This Datum on the Infested Eris tile set is impossible to grab:
  11. I've been running the second Heist bounty and I noticed that the guns on the dropships seem to ignore Mesa's Shatter Shield.
  12. It's a gear wheel item, so you have to select from there.
  13. Has anyone tried one of these yet? I'm wondering if it changes the status proc along with the damage type.
  14. Neith7

    All Room Water Textures in Dojo Broken

    Do you have local reflections turned off? I had the same problem until I turned it on.
  15. it wouldn't be so bad if these items weren't also needed for the new amps, as well as the clan research. I normally like the grind in Warframe but this is ridiculous. I'm dreading the farm for the Repeller systems since I've yet to get any so far.