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  1. Neith7

    Copies of sigils

    Yep still happening
  2. This is incorrect, sigils are not stacking.
  3. Hopefully with their proper prime accessories, I've been wanting Prime Loading Screen since I first saw it.
  4. Crafting the Hostile Merger Trophy does not seem to grant clan affinity despite saying it will.
  5. I'm having the same problem, I was hoping the recent hotfix would take care of it 😞
  6. Adaptive Exposure (I think) darkening the screen for several seconds. Most noticeable on Hydron with a lot of enemies being hit. I tried messing around with various settings and adaptive exposure is the only one that seems to be causing this.
  7. I first read this as a nerf to the Chesa augment, now I realize this is a nerf to all farming groups. RIP every clan that hasn't farmed the Hema yet. You realize no one is going to want to join a clan that doesn't have the Hema researched yet right? You've managed to make the worst grind in the entire game even worse.
  8. This makes Chesa pretty much useless. The Nekros nerf I can understand but there's no reason it shouldn't stack with Hydroid/Khora. Considering the massive delay between retrieves it's only useful with another looting frame. Back to stasis she goes, I guess that will teach me to waste forma on kubrows.
  9. Will the level of these artifacts scale or will we reach a point where enemies will simply one-shot them like excavators? Hopefully more than just one, seeing as how that mask of his has a 2.00% drop chance. Hopefully buffing the Blazing Step's abysmal 1.01% drop chance. Hopefully with some method to address the issues that happened last time and will inevitably happen this time as well.
  10. Or a better idea if you wanted to remove permadeath is have the points drop everytime a drone is killed, not cause a debuff, you can only hold 5 and for 5 points you get a revive. I know this is not going to happen and I plan on avoiding Arbitrations from now on. You're now punishing solo players by adding faster enemy scaling to compensate for a "benefit" that's only "useful" in teamplay.
  11. RIP all those people (like me) sitting on arcane BPs, I still have 40 Plague Star arcane blueprints 😭
  12. Hopefully you changed the riven challenge that requires Incursions.
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