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  1. Thats not true. Go switch between standard, christmas and Prime Decoration you see clear changes all around, looking good. The standard prime one pretty dope with that space window at main section. I mean many expected helmith taking over the ship. If thats to much wouldnt be asked too much to have at least some infested parts gere and there but only those to left and right seems kinda lazy. Sure you got more than that. Doesnt mean you gotta accept it just like that. I just see the potential to be something rly cool but thats just not prime. Thats just a waste of a prime Accessoires slot
  2. I just want to ask this: Do you really expect someone to pay money for that? I was so looking for that and it COULD NOT be more boring and cheap. I mean comeone. So much potential there and there are just those 4 things in front. Nothing changes. Nothing special and even only in the front and that suppost to be a prime Accessoire???? Comeone seriosly. Excuse my english. Bad thats just not ok. Even the Nec Skin should be more like in an ingame pack but ok But that decoration is just not ok for that money. Not ok.
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