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  1. Shoutout to everyone who wasted months farming duplicate Lich weapons. Melee Heavy Attacks are no longer able to be triggered by holding 'E', they again live exclusively on Alt-Fire. Epic
  2. Can we just get the 10 thralls for anyone in a squad trying to kill his lich back? This grind is already tedious enough as is, was the only reason keeping a lot of people going. Everyone's just tired of it now. Pubs are more toxic than fun at the moment with everyone yelling "stab yours i need mine to spawn".
  3. Is there really any reason for us to be able to keep these? Might as well just give the 500 endo right away. On the note of Requiem mods, can we get a mechanic to just get rid of our Lich completely while getting nothing to save time? At the moment getting the last few kuva weapons is next to impossible with RNG stacked on RNG on RNG, out of 9 Liches I've vanquished, 5 were duplicates of weapons I don't even care to infuse. As well as that, can you make Requiem mods with 1 or 2 charges untradeable to prevent scamming? If a person vanquishes his Lich in a mission, no more thralls or liches spawn for anyone, is this intended? Is there any way to make this more manageable? Right now it feels like I'm digging through the trash. "Oh this is 2 charge, this is 1 charge, this is 3 charge but not stacked, wheres the one i just used." An easy fix, but very important to some is that the Simulacrum is currently very buggy. Enemies spawn all over the place, as well as the amount of enemies you spawn changes based on how many you just killed. A lot of people are completely stuck on unkillable Liches. Here's an example. Eidolons are even more broken now. Projectile weapons practically don't hit them. Hitboxes are completely broken.
  4. Well RIP. That was fun while it lasted. Can we have the system where we can exchange Kuva Weapons with Clan mates? Damaging a Lich during the mercy animation freezes and bugs out the UI. Also, is there anything you can do about lazy people ignoring their Lich, thus preventing others from getting theirs? As well as that, if someone Vanquishes/Converts his lich in a mission, no more Thralls spawn for the rest of it. I mean this is not really a 5% chance for Requiem Relic, but I'll take it, they just straight up drop the mods now. Also, this is really not different than stealing the relic.
  5. Thanks. Also it seems like I'm gonna have to run like 40 missions to fill out one Requiem bar? Seems a bit much.
  6. Please change the default roll back to Sprint/Roll on Shift key. Controller seems to be unusable on PC anymore. Can't exit Archwing with a quick melee anymore. Please 😞 Quick attacks with a high attack speed melee seems to bug out and cancels animations unless you spam it very fast. Can I have my old 45 second Zenistar back. Pretty please?
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