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  1. https://www.runescape.com/solomons-store So next in the line is Pets or Animations?
  2. I'm just trying to be honest with everyone. And you can always just camp trade chat and snipe manually anyway, no need for 3rd party tools. And yes, I still stick to my point of wanting TP to receive some sort of at least warning from DE. He did honestly spread misinformation due to his carelessness, and up to now he still does not care to fix his mistake. He literally ignores everything and bans anyone from his discord or twitch that says his video is wrong.. Is that the ignorant attitude you want in a Warframe Partner? I sure don't. I don't mind his other content, just that this was a big oopsie and he refuses to admit it. The new site, by the way, which is https://10o.io/rivenpricer/ , is completely worthless. I can tell you as a semi-experienced Riven trader. 99% of the time it will just mislead you by showing "similar" rivens which can be completely different in terms of usefulness. Prices there are completely off and can be easily manipulated.
  3. Casual players would never be able to buy a good/god riven, because people with the app would completely own them. All it would take is a few people and honestly all of them would go through the hands of a riven reseller. So long story short - more expensive, completely monopolized.
  4. Here we go again. Faceless wanted to shut down RivenHunter. Not Semlar as a whole. DE chose to shut down Semlars site. How many times must I repeat this.. I have no idea what you mean with most of those sentences, sorry. Disprove what? Photoshop era? What can DE track real time? Yeah, because he didn't want to expose the real reason Semlar was down just to let Semlar and DE deal with RivenHunter privately, so he knew the community would be on his ass due to misinformation and not knowing why this is even happening. He was okay with the people coming down on his ass, but attacking the clan and riven traders in general was not needed or expected..
  5. Thank you for the insightful comment.. At this point I am starting to lose hope. I've given a valid and argumented explanation for almost everything. Even proof. Noone seems to care and you just keep spewing the same comments again and again. I was talking about the chat screenshots of the fake facelessdealer from in-game. Thank you for the name calling, that's obviously an important part of a good discussion. Noone was against the bots that exist, they can stay up and everyone needs them. We were always only against RivenHunter. I've said this about 4 times now. I also agree that rivens have a somewhat established price. If thats what youre trying to say.
  6. I care so much, because it's a Warframe partner that's being irresponsible and absolutely misinforming all his viewers with 0 #*!%s given. If you try to sell rivens in trade chat now, random people just PM you and tell you to #*!% yourself and insult you. Not even riven dealers at this point. Anyone whose prices they don't like. Think that's cool? I'll agree it's a bit chaotic, but I wrote it while watching TPs video, so the comments there follow what he says in the video. Semlar did make himself the victim, he left out the following part of the conversation so it looks like Faceless just wanted to take down his website not RivenHunter. If you're talking about mass reporting, he didn't mass report anyone. He sent in a support ticket in French explaining the issue at hand to DE and they banned the bots. How could he even know the tracking bots names, think logically.
  7. I guess this is directed towards me. I am not defending the "price gougers" , I'm telling people why this is a witch-hunt led by complete misinformation. And now because the misinformation was at the foundation of ALL this semlar drama, it has snowballed and basically turned away from the actual problem or RivenHunter to simply attacking people that have a hobby of dealing in rivens. We have become the scapegoat for every issue that's ever happened related to rivens. Aaaand again. The guy that called you insects was an impostor. You're just showing how little you know and care to think about it again. And again. And again. P.S. Price gouging wouldn't be the correct term here, rather profiteering. Price gouging refers to spiking a price of basic survival necessities, most commonly after a shock in supply. I don't think Rivens are a basic survival necessity.
  8. Well, I, personally, think there is honestly nothing you can really do against people monopolizing that stuff. As Reb said herself, discussions for prices will still take place. I mean, at best they will give us more background data on trades for rivens. Maybe an average price this specific riven (regarding stats) was traded at? That still won't solve it. I buy something for 2k and sell it for 4k. Average is 3k, i can still negotiate down to 2k-2.5k and sell it for 4k. But I'm just speculating. Either way - I am looking forward to see how this plays out. I don't mind a better system to help players. I'm more focused on seeing that Tactical Potato gets some backlash from DE at least, as I have realised the community doesn't care or want to understand the situation.
  9. You don't agree the app was something he could monetize, yet I saw a 5$ fee to use it. And if you're talking about Semlars site being shut down - I'll say it again and again - we didn't want the Semlar site to go down. DE was informed of the harm of RivenHunter, the fact they nuked his bots is DE's action. Faceless simply informed them of the situation and its possible harm. I struggle to understand your point there, but it's the persons fault for cracking under "pressure", I also get offered low prices. There's no pressure, don't like the offer, say "No thanks, bye". And yeah, a lot of people do sit trade chat more than play the game, because there is absolutely nothing to do in the game. I started this when I was MR26 and I seriously can't find a single thing to do anymore. For over half a year now.. Idk about the auction house, I heard it ruined some games economy and it helped some. That I really have no idea about. I guess it would be good? I'm down for it. And again, you keep missing my point and the whole point behind the Semlar ban. Censoring what data? I keep telling you all we don't want Semlars site to go down. Faceless didn't intend that to happen. We wanted to kill RivenHunter. I don't even understand what you're trying to say with half of those sentences. And again, the tool didn't threaten sniping rivens. It would make the process a 100 times easier and would give massive power to Riven traders that used it. You should be thankful it's down now. If it wasnt banned and we started abusing it, you realise that not a single good/perfect riven would get by the "sharks".. Yes, Faceless instantly changed his name because he knew the mob would come at him without even knowing the full picture, so he had already went off the radar. I do realise it sounds stupid, but theres so much stuff wrong with all thats happening, it's just one of the things people don't care to think about. I lost? I didn't know you see this as you're winning something. I'm just trying to tell you the truth. If you consider following the misinformed and ignorant herd a win, so be it. P.S. Faceless is MR26 and the impostor had only 2k hours. I don't know how else to prove it anymore..
  10. Hello, person straight from youtube and reddit. Yes, I am actually here to control the damage - damage created by misinformed people blindly targeting us without having the right information. A lot of smart words there, but it seems you're trying to say Semlar should and ought to exist to prevent large sum trades from happening and to keep people better informed on how to price rivens? Correct me if I misunderstood you there. And yeah, I agree. I actually can't wait for the Semlar site to go back up to how it was before. Hopefully even improved now, I am as eager as you are to see the difference and new possibilites. Our goal of preventing RivenHunter from existing worked, and thats the only thing we were ever against. I don't want to keep the environment naive, I'm glad for Semlar coming back. And I explained before how the trading works for us. You can sell it to me instantly or take a month to find someone who will buy your riven for a bigger sum. Is it a scam if the person doesn't care to wait and wants to sell it to me quickly and just get his plat? What practice are you talking about? The RivenHunter app? It was out for what, barely two weeks? None of us even knew it existed. Faceless just caught it first and instantly went ahead and reported it. Most, I daresay all the people from Riven Dealers didn't even get to use or maybe even know about the RivenHunter app before it got shut down. Next. I will keep honestly and calmly answering these till you guys realise how deeply misinformed you are. If you want to talk to me personally, feel free to PM me too and I can keep explaining there. Otherwise we will continue the essay rodeo.
  11. I'm not really a PR for the "Riven Mafia" (which I still think is a funny name, but what can I do), I am, however, trying to explain that the players from the Riven Dealers clan had nothing to do with this Faceless drama. He took it all upon himself, as well as the consequences. Yet what happens now is players from the clan - ones that didn't even know what had happened - get harassed, and even some of them were sent insults and had to basically leave the clan just to stop this. What do you mean with the change? As of now I don't know what change will come, so I can't say. I can say I am happy with RivenHunter not seeing the light of day though. That's definitely good news for everyone. For now it seems Semlar might return back to the way it was, just using a more reliable tracker, which sounds great. I'm all for it, I miss it myself. I really don't want war. I'm trying to peacefully and calmly explain to the best of my ability what's going on, yet people read my post and laugh at it. Trust me, it's hard to be the one fish that is swimming against the tide. I would, however, appreciate if DE looked at this situation with Tactical Potato, because up to now his content was good and helpful for the community of newer players. Yet what he did now is definitely unacceptable, I expected much more responsibility from a Warframe partner. I mean he is even wrong in the simplest reason, and what this is ALL about - he showed the RivenHunter app and straight up called it the Riven Dealers discord.. Like, really. How little effort did he put into that, and led by that lack of research he just launched all his viewers with pitchforks at the Riven Dealers clan. See what I'm getting at?
  12. I dont support him. I support the truth behind this situation, which everyone seems to be missing as they blindly follow the TacPotato video and the Reddit post. If it helps ksilisab posted a video on youtube called the real truth behind semlar and faceless drama. He isn't the best with his words, but the idea is there.
  13. I completely agree. I can even tell you the names of people that have done this - buying extra accounts or having multiple accounts just to deal with rivens. I know them too, the biggest fish of them all being the already banned StrainForce, who was also "PlateGuard" and is nikitaGprime right now - we are 99% sure, but don't have concrete proof. It is extremely easy to find these "alt trading accounts", look at Psyxolol, appears completely out of nowhere with good knowledge of rivens and a nice bank. Also an alt for sure, but how can we prove it.
  14. This is a pretty lengthy response to @TheAtrocitys comment earlier. If you take your time to read this, I highly appreciate it. P.S. I would also like to add that it is hard to convince people that don't want to listen and ones that don't care to actually give all of this a chance to look at it from another angle. I'm genuinely trying to explain why the community is misinformed and on an unnecessary witch-hunt. Please, just give this all another look. I gain nothing from this myself, think about it. At this point all I am gaining is a mob at my door too, but I will still try to explain the truth to you to the best of my ability.
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